Naypyidaw Offers to ‘Hand Over’ Rohingyas to UN

Thousands of people are currently sheltering in makeshift camps in Arakan State. (Photo: Reuters)

Burma’s presidential office released a statement on Wednesday saying that it wants to hand over responsibility for the Rohingya minority to the UN’s refugee agency in Arakan State, adding that it is also “willing to send the Rohingyas to any third country that will accept them.”

The presidential office said that “it is impossible for Burma to accept people who are not ethnic to the country and who have entered illegally.”

In its statement, the Burmese government said it wanted “to hand over Rohingya people” to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) which would provide shelter in the form of refugee camps, as well as food and aid.

The president’s office also offered its version of historical events, saying that the Rohingyas were brought into Burma by British colonialists to work in agriculture. After independence in 1948, many of the migrants settled down in Arakan State and did not return home, it said, adding that many others entered Burma illegally after 1948.

It went on to say that the Rohingya migration was a “threat to national stability and peace.” However, the government “will handle the problem seriously and be responsible for the ethnic people,” it said.

The statement comes after Burmese President Thein Sein on Wednesday held talks with UNHCR head Antonio Guterres in Naypyidaw where they discussed plans for bilateral cooperation in handling the affairs of Burmese refugees at the Thai-Burma border, Kachin war refugees in northern Burma, and the issue of Rohingya Muslims in western Burma’s Arakan State.

The UNHCR estimates that 91,000 people have been affected by sectarian violence since it erupted in Arakan State last month. Eighty-two temporary camps have been set up to accommodate the displaced, according to Kitty McKinsey, the regional spokesperson for the UNHCR in Asia.

Speaking with The Irrawaddy on Thursday from Bangkok, McKinsey said that the UNHCR has distributed blankets, kitchen sets, pots and pans, plastic sheeting and mosquito nets to those at the shelters, both Rohingya Muslims and Arakanese Buddhists.

“We are working with the whole UN team to help the people who are displaced,” she said. “We distributed this aid only on the basis of needs. We do not look at the background or national origin. We do not distinguish one group from another. We only look at them as human beings.”

Asked about Naypyidaw’s offer to resettle Rohingyas in third countries, McKinsey said, “These people are displaced in their home country and are not UN-recognized refugees. Therefore, they are not eligible for resettlement in a third country.

“What the UNHCR is doing is to get better conditions for these stateless people,” she added.

The recent violence in Arakan State began with the rape and murder in May of a Buddhist Arakanese girl, allegedly by three Rohingya Muslims. In response, a Buddhist mob killed 10 Muslims on June 3, leading to intense violence between Rohingyas and Arakanese.

The violence escalated in Maungdaw Township in Arakan State on June 8 when a mob of 1,000 Muslims went on a rampage and had to be restrained by Burmese armed troops.

43 Responses to Naypyidaw Offers to ‘Hand Over’ Rohingyas to UN

  1. Good arrangement. Let them to have somewhere to live in with human dignity.

    • The idea of the UN building 5 Brand New Cities on the Arakan Coast to shelter and train these refugees is fantastic. This really is the dawn of a new age. The market is going to be highly competitive with large multinational corporations competing for contracts. The World Bank and IMF is seeking US$15 Billion to initiate the project. These refugee hubs are expected to be gateways where the refugees can learn skills enabling them to be resettled at a later date in countries like Australia. A major emphasis is likely to initially on the hospitality industry. Starwood Hotels and The Hilton group are both reported to be interested.

  2. we are human beings, no arguments for that phrase, but i have something what i think right to express, all beings have limitation for their settlement. please rethink about the undone domestic conflicts in Burma what we are fighting each other to get freedom for our people for several decades until now.It’s done yet. If we say yes to accept that minority, what the problems will happen in future, but Burmese, no body know.
    For instance, Most of Burmese people are working in singapore,thailand and malaysia illegally,is its governments recognize them as human beings
    and set them free to work.

    • Dear Ko Thet Paing,
      Unfortunately there are less than 1% of Burmese population could see your concern. I am worried that Burma is heading to another dark age in the near future.

  3. President Thein Sein’s words are as sharp as thousands of knives to just cut 3.5 millions of total Rohingya population without actually knowing the true facts and just listening to whatever our enemies are saying. How coward and injustice is it? Does junta means people practiced to kill only and never heard of a word justice in their dictionary?
    First of all, British are not as dull as junta thinks when they brought farmhands into Arakan without keeping a mechanism to distinguish them when needed. In British time, locals were vaccinated in the left hands and farmhands (of Bangladesh) in the right. Junta government used this identification method at all the times in Arakan.
    Secondly they were brought as seasonal workers only to go back once the season is over. And as Muslim culture only man came as farmhands. Assume, for the sake of argument, that some did not go back. Then they must get married to local women only and Burmese law says that all children are citizens if one of the parents is local citizen. Again the existence of Muslims in Arakan is not after the British occupation of Arakan. History tells that Muslims existed in Arakan time immemorial and ruled the independent Arakan Kingdom as you can still find even in today’s books. Also it has to be noted that before British came to Arakan, Burman destroyed and colonized the flourishing Muslims civilization of Arakan Kingdom and pushed many Muslims and Rakhines to Chittagong and many Muslims armies were taken as POW into central Burma.
    How shameful and easy it is just to say to handover Rohingya to UNHCR? I hope still, the world is not blind and justice is not forgotten and power is not in the wicked hands only. I know and believe that Thein Sein wants peace and Unity over Diversity and has a dream to build a peaceful world. What is more enjoyment in heart and minds than making a peaceful world? European Union is an example to take a lesson from.

    • Same old lies… It doesn’t works for sure. We, Burmese, know out history well.

    • “…History tells that Muslims existed in Arakan time immemorial and ruled the independent Arakan Kingdom as you can still find even in today’s books. Also it has to be noted that before British came to Arakan, Burman destroyed and colonized the flourishing Muslims civilization of Arakan Kingdom and pushed many Muslims and Rakhines to Chittagong..”
      There lies the national security threat;

    • “Assume, for the sake of argument, that some did not go back. Then they must get married to local women only”
      When there were waves of ongoing Bengali migrations, how pathetic to think like that – ones who didn’t go back have to get married to local women. As Jacques Leider put it diplomatically, Rakhine people dislike Bengalis. They expressed a very strong emotional reaction. I don’t think I need to put it bluntly.

  4. The UN needs to be able to develop a substantial refugee camp with proper plumbing and schools. 5 Camps are sufficient and they can be built high rise on a small footprints of land on the coast. The refugees are going to require training so they can then be places in other countries. In addition to developing their construction skills Hotels need to be opened in the camps to provide training in hospitality.

    Bovis Lendlease is interested in working with the UN in the construction of the 5 High rise camps. Each camp is to initially be composed of 20 Highrise Towers. Starwood Hotels and Hilton Hotels are also understood to be interested in building hotels within the camps where they can train the refugees in the Hospitality Industry.

    It is really heartwarming to see The Myanmar government offering the UN free 30 year leases on these refugee Zones which are to be allowed tax free status and allowing the UN to provide the local governance. This model is likely to catch on internationally and we can expect similar enterprises in Africa.

    AAA Brand New Cities

    U UNderStand

  5. “What the UNHCR is doing is to get better conditions for these stateless people,” she added.

    So you admit that UNHCR’s mission in Rakhine state is to help the Rohingya people? Not the Arakanese? Then rumors about biases against Arakanese people by the UNHCR are true?

  6. The day Burma obtained independent from Britain, those are domiciled and resided within the Union of Burma are already citizen of Burma as per 1947 citizenship law. How come those already become citizens of Burma become stateless within their home to day?
    Is it 1982 citizenship law has legitimacy? This law was drawn by one party dictatorship and it is required to scrutinize whether it has international standard law or not.

  7. I support Mr. President for his very kind heart and very humane treatment of complex and difficult issue. I also recommend the remark of Mr. Derek for his advice for the well-being of so called non Myanmar or Rakhine ethnicities (in fact, they are Chittagong-Bengalese). I think there can be no better arrangement to match with this and they should thank to the President and UNHCR if they were accepted. I also suggest so called Rohingya lobbyists to change their status as Rohingyas and register for the camps. They should go, too. You see when media say the Rohingya population 800,000 heads, Rohingyas lobbyists are saying the figure 3.5 millions. That means there will be more immigrants if we accept them as our ethnicity from Bangaladesh and from around the world who seek refugees elsewhere as Rohingyas. You see, these lobbyists are very angry now at the President, but they knowingly neglect that this arrange met the praise of 60 millions Myanmars.
    I don’t know why those lobbyists tried so hard for the cause of Rohingyas where these unfortunate people are not welcomed and disgusted by most locals. All the ethnicities of Myanmar stand firmly with Rakhines who have not less than 5,000 years record in the land. Muslims have not been there from time immemorial, but only massive influx during English occupation of Myanmar and afterwards by constant infiltration illegally along the porous border between Myanmar and their motherland Bangladesh.
    I think this arrangement is for those unfortunate people liking winning green cards to richer and greener countries of first world. Even they could not thank Mr. President U Thein Sein, they certainly should to their all knowing, most kind, most gracious, and most merciful God.

  8. Bravo to extremist. You got what you want. Today Rohingyas are crying, tomorrow will be extremist turn.

  9. What about UNHCR refugee camps for the illegal Chinese immigrants? They deserve it too!
    Speaking of “Rule of Law”, justice has to be fair and colour-blind. No discrimination based on race please! Chinese are also not “Myanmar ehnicity” LOL
    Human Rights should be applied universally, not just for Karen and Rohingya refugees. Chinese are human too!

  10. Kitty McKinsey, the regional spokesperson for the UNHCR in Asia says that —-

    “We are working with the whole UN team to help the people who are displaced,” “We distributed this aid only on the basis of needs. We do not look at the background or national origin. We do not distinguish one group from another. We only look at them as human beings.”

    “These people are displaced in their home country and are not UN-recognized refugees. Therefore, they are not eligible for resettlement in a third country.

    Ms. McKinsey, if third countries not accepted..let these people get job in New York, Geneva United Nations Offices or at Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, UNHCR or EU Offices. These Offices are for all nationals. Rohingyas are fit to get job in safe places.

  11. President’s action is completely right for its people and our nation’s stability.

    Illegal immigrants have to be treated as illegal immigrants.
    How can a country like Myanmar treat them as native ethnics?
    Myanmar is one of the poorest country and still struggling to give safe life and services to its own people.
    Rohingya population is also growing very quickly and now it is 800,000 already though they are illegals.
    Food, land, services, money, etc. are limited resources for every nation.This is the reason why the world is trying to adopt family planning.

    Look at Bangladesh what they said and how they treat them.
    Myanmar is not a country to accept all illegal immigrants just like other countries all over the world.
    Even UNHCR do not recognise them so why should Myanmar alone to take them?
    Whoever wants to accept them, please give them visa but don’t say anything to Myanmar’s action which is wrong NOTHING.

  12. I think the President can and should do better than this ready-made solution, which is not a solution to the problem at all. It is the President’s baby to nurse, and bring it to a healthy atmosphere, not UNHCR’s as can be understood without a question. And he cannot blame the colonialists who are dead and long gone!!! Can you flog a dead horse to rise and and let you ride on it?
    Why can’t he hunt talents from amongst his two Hluttaws? Arn’t they representatives of the country, the way they claim to be. Are they not responsible too? Kindly give them this responsibility, and let us see if they come up with a sustainable answer, acceptable to most, if not all, parties in the conflict in particular and the whole country in general.
    Surely, they are there to tackle such problem.
    We know the President’s cabinet is at a loss to tackle this problem. They would only go back to the older days of doing things by force of arms and commands. But this is not the time for that.

  13. I must add:
    This is a challenge to us all in general and a challenge, amongst other things like the conflicts with armed ethnic groups and social inequalities and so on, to the President in particular.
    The UNHCR can help. But their problem is confined to refugees and relief camps. Rohingyas are not refugees even. It is a great knot of a problem, and the President and the Hluttaws must prove they are equal to any seemingly in-surmountable national problems.

  14. Good job Naypyidaw. I believed every body will agree with Naypyidaw decision on Bengali Rohingya issue. This is the be way to help Rohingya ethnic. They should thank Myanmar government for what they have done. Some people may not happy with Naypyidaw decision and some people did compare with immigrant Myanmar worker in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore. Immigrant worker and this Rohingya issue were totally not the same. The Bengali Rohingya were intruder and illegal immigrant. They were not a shame to call them self as one of ethnic and they dare want claim their right to get citizenship in Myanmar without shaming. How many people got their citizenship in those country without holding any legal paper? Can you prove it?

    The best way is? They need to ask Arab world which they should belong to. Since , they all were so faithful in Islam religious. Why don’t NGO or Human Right Groups didn’t mention Arab world on this issue. I want you to think and think again. They should belong to where they should be but not in Myanmar.

  15. It is also good to change the Northern Arakan State as the Wolrd’s largest Refugee Camp managed by UNHCR!! I don’t know President Thein Sein is falling under his own trap. Please think twice before making statement and it is hard to withdraw once released.

  16. Forget about permanent refugees, and sending them off to other countries. There are too many people. If Burma won’t help them, the UN and other organizations will do what they can do. But Burma won’t make any friends with this, and at best it just postpones the tough decision making.

    There’s a saying that possession is nine tenths of the law. If you possess it, it’s basically yours. And so it is with people and land. They’re basically citizens, whether they’re granted the formal title and privileges or not. The Burmese majority may not want to contemplate matters this way, but this is the reality on the ground. Burma would have to fight a formal war to force them to migrate to the west. And no other countries will accept enough refugees to make a difference. In ancient times, they’d probably be turned into slaves. But modern sensitivities don’t permit this. So figure out a way to accept them into society as full citizens.

  17. How funny?How to deshoulder the state`s responsibility?

  18. Derek says of a substantial aid program.
    It can only be guessed who or what organization this aid would come from.
    But our government, particularly the local government, should catch on with it, with no hesitation, if ever this one really comes home. It will be a temporary shelter for the “refugees” before they move out.
    Certainly, it is difficult, if not impossible, to process most of the Rohingyas as the present Law stands. Making of a new Law would take time.So Derek’s suggestion is fine in the interim.

  19. I would like to hear what DASSK has to say on this. Forced resettlement on racial grounds does not, to me, tie in with current reforms.

  20. If the present government is going to hand over the rohingyas to UN how about the Kokant and Wa who are Chinese? Myanmar should get rid of these people if minorities are to enjoy the benefits of the statte.

  21. So it’s simple as that. Shipping these poor people like soulless items to another strange land. Then to be fair, the govt needs to uproot and ship all other immigrants – Indians also brought by the British and Chinese who are increasing flooding the country esp upcountry! what a mess it would be. Can’t the govt or people have some heart? Where is the mantra of loving kindness to all beings? Nobody wants to be born into such outcast life. Remember the karma. Let them live. Give them a chance to a peaceful stable life. We all deserve that for God’s sake!!

    • The Indians, brought by the British, started the rice cultivation in the Delta on virgin soil. Before them, the Burmese grew nothing there. As a result Burma became the “rice bowl of Asia” and the richest country at the time, better than Thailand.
      What did Ne Win do ? Kicked them all out. Many were born in Burma. Today ther are up to 2 million stateless Indians in the country. I think the 40 years military rule and suffering is the bad Karma pay-back for this cruel deed………………Dan Naidoo

      • Good post, Dan. I’m sure you’ve seen this piece by Francis Wade in FP.
        Burma’s Misled Righteous
        So what explains this apparent breakdown in the moral logic of Burma’s internationally
        vaunted opposition force? There may be an issue with our perceptions of the prodemocracy
        movement. We have to ask ourselves whether we may have overromanticized
        its battles against the junta as a broader quest to bring pure, universal
        human rights to Burma, when in fact we had little evidence of a wholesale commitment
        to the principle of tolerance. “Once the Burmese opposition no longer was confined to
        simply opposing (saying the right things), and actually had to suggest policies, what
        occurred was a sort of ‘return of the real,'” Elliott Prasse-Freeman, of Harvard’s Carr
        Center for Human Rights, wrote in an email. “It became clear that ‘Human Rights’ were
        just demands against power, and they didn’t mean anything in terms of the kind of
        politics the opposition actually stood for.”
        What does the opposition then stand for? The picture has become somewhat clouded.
        To be sure, it is not the entire opposition that has taken this stance — though many of its
        members, including Aung San Suu Kyi herself, have assumed positions of ambivalence
        about whether the Rohingya should be granted equal rights.
        But for those wanting heavy-handed treatment of the Rohingya, the traditional notions
        of equality and universal human rights have already been discarded, and replaced by a
        demagogic brand of democracy contaminated by xenophobia. This fear of “the other”
        within Burmese society, a fear that has reared its head sporadically in the anti-Chinese
        and anti-Indian riots of the past century, has largely been overlooked in black-andwhite
        depictions of the past 50 years as a struggle between military and civilian forces.
        At the far end of the spectrum, many so-called democrats have moved to vilify an entire
        minority group, employ apartheid-like segregationist measures, and forge reactionary
        ties with their traditional enemy, the Burmese military. This stance presumes that the
        Rohingya are a threat to the entire country without really explaining why. In fact, most
        Rohingya are essentially held in an open prison in northern Arakan state, subject to a
        system of travel permits that tightly controls their movements, and which leaves them
        little opportunity to mobilize should they have any intention of doing so. But such
        considerations appear to matter little.
        It seems that the Burmese have combined a longstanding fear of outsiders — aided by
        decades of isolation — with an internalization of the regime’s propaganda, which casts
        the Rohingya as jihadists, uncivilized, proselytizing, and of detestable appearance. In a
        now-infamous letter to heads of foreign missions in Hong Kong, Burma’s former consulgeneral,
        Ye Myint Aung, described the minority group as “ugly as ogres” in comparison
        with the “fair and soft” complexion of the Burman majority.
        Their statehood will always be debated. Opponents of the minority cite the 1960s as the
        date of their arrival in Burma, while Rohingya leaders claim a millennia-old lineage
        dating from the time Muslim traders arrived in Arakan. This discussion, however, is
        somewhat extraneous to the key issue, which is why they should have earned such
        brutal treatment by both the government and civil society. Even if one accepts the
        argument that the Rohingya are comparatively recent migrants, this hardly justifies
        subjecting them to the same sort of persecution that the “democrats” have been resisting
        for years when it was imposed on them by the government.
        There are clear double standards at play here. Rohingya are not accorded the same
        rights as others living in Burma, including the country’s Chinese population, most of
        whom came more recently (even if one accepts the most conservative estimates for the
        Rohingya’s arrival), and whose population dwarfs the Rohingya in size. Is this Muslim
        minority more of a “threat” than the Chinese immigrants? We can’t answer until
        someone can properly articulate what this “threat” actually consists of. Groups like the
        UK-based Burma Democratic Concern, however, have resorted to wild fear-mongering,
        alleging that the Rohingya have massacred “tens of thousands of Burmese Buddhist
        Arakanese in the past,” while others argue that Burma cannot support a “refugee”

    • No one is shipping these Bangalis out. They themselves came into Arakan state by ships, in the dark of the night. They pay money to Bangalis who were already in Arakan and to police , if they were caught. That is called “Illegal Immigration” . They don’t speak or understand local language. They don’t mix with local people because of the vast difference in appearance , culture, language and religion. When trouble like this happened, they sailed back to their homeland in boats again. This time their homeland do not want them any more.Their homeland is already extremely congested and chronic shortage of food with population explosion worsened the problems there. So these ‘boat people’ are driven back into the ocean by Bangladeshi authorities. That is why they are called Homeless people. Bangladesh has 129 million population within the area less than twice the size of Rakhine state. Where as Rakhine/ Arakan has only 3.5 million people. Also it is a highly fertilized land, full of untapped natural resources. Therefore, these Bangalis are much much BETTER OFF in our Arakan State than in there own home, Bangladesh. No wonder they would do anything to remain in OUR LAND.

  22. President Thein Sein’s USDP won landslide victory in Rohingya area, Northern Rakhine State. USDP gave a lot of election promises. To keep his words and sympathy to Rohingyas, he wants them to be settled to developed countries like UK, USA & Australia. He could have predicted another disaster like 1988 could happen soon in Burma. It this time it could be full blown Balkanization.

  23. How interesting, ignorant and racist. The Rohingha together with the Karen and Kachin and Mon were recognised as part of Burma by Prime Minister U Nu at independence. Remember U Nu was the only legitimate leader of Burma. Ne Win’s coup was illegal and so was his so-called Citizenship law of 1982. I believe the early Burmans came from Tibet. I ask, can we now send them back? My answer is follow Buddha’s teaching and the problem can be solved……..Dan Naidoo

  24. junta appoint president still thinking he is in uniform.wake up dictator pres. thein sein.if you behave like dictator Ne win, you too go to hell.denying rohingya existant as ethnic in myanmar,you are refusing thousand year of true historical fact and reality.

  25. Wow! first the new reformist gov’t says it wants to solve the ethnic problem and bring in peace and next it says it wants to drive out its Muslim population in N. Arakan. This is a clear warning to all ethnic groups in Burma. Who is next? Probably the Kachin!

    • pls don’t cause fake problems between Burma and original ethnics, sir.
      the presidential proposal is not meant to oust all Muslims in Burma,Just to follow the law of our land.

    • No lintao, you are wrong . Kachin people are our ethnic nationals, whereas Bangalis in N.Arakan are not. They are “illegal immigrants” from Bangladesh. Even if the reformist gov’t decided to keep them in Arakan State, We , the 3.5 million Arakan People of Arakan State will not accept this but will protest against the reformist (U Thein Sein) government for his decision.

  26. McKinsey is WRONG !!!!! And so is his/her statement, ((“These people are displaced in their home country and are not UN-recognized refugees. Therefore, they are not eligible for resettlement in a third country.)) The bottom line is these people are NOT in their home country….
    They came from Bangladesh.

  27. They are illegal immigrants from Bengla,as simple as that. I fully support this solution. Accepting illegal immigrants as one of the ethnic minorities of a country would be one of the most appalling acts ever recorded in the history of human civilisation. I am sick of those lies and distorted facts from lobbyists and some muslim organisations. Some articles are downright ridiculous and show little respect and blatant act of trying to rewrite Arakan history. Burman destroyed so-called “FLOURISHING MUSLIM ARAKAN STATE” ??? Please,how low would you guys go to push your hidden agenda,starting with sending 3.5 millions muslims into our peaceful country? As a shan-burmese,I think others minorities like Kachin,Karean,Mon and others are truly ethnic minorities. And I have no problem creating a federal system that ensures the rights of these minorities. But, addressing Rohingya case is a different issue. They are extremists at worst, burden to myanmar resources at its best.

  28. Rohingya is Bengali and Bengali is illegal migrant from Bangladeshi. Burmese Government is checking their identity and some of the Bengali peoples who can not produce their identity are going back to their country.
    Why some of Bengali Rohingya peoples are still living in Burma if the Burmese army is persecuting on Bengali Rohingya peoples?
    There’s no record of Rohingya minority ethnic in Burmese history before 1950.
    Bengali Rohingya was not descendants of Arab merchant as their leader claimed.
    Bengali Rohingya speaks Bengali and not Arabic language.
    It’s time for Bengali Rohingya leaders come clean and to honest about their origin.
    I 100% support President U Thein Sein where he was standing on Bengali.
    Bangladesh Government must resettle it own peoples in its country.

  29. Do you want to know the Saudi citizenship law? Here it is:
    Dear All

    this is a webpage for saudi arabian citizenship law. It is important
    to show to those who demand rwanggya citizenship.

    It says:


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  30. Sadly, the notion of race-blind nationality is still a very foreign concept to most people in Myanmar.

    The notion has always been – your grandparents were from (India, China, Bangladesh, …), so you are not a Myanmar citizen even you and your parents were born in the country. You are an eternal outsider.

    What an antiquated thinking! Instead of trying to assimilate these people and let the best and brightest to blossom and contribute to the country, the current system denies, discriminates and divides the people from the mainstream.

    With this kind of thinking it’s going to take Myanmar a long time … if ever to achieve its aspirations and dreams.

  31. Immense bankruptcy of not only morality but also intelligence of not only Thein Sein’s fake government but also the so-called “Democratic forces”.

    It is now clear, Rohingya representatives’ call for All Burma Muslim uprising or riots ( which Anug Zaw indicated might happen in Rangoon when he was there) have failed, for other Muslims in the whole world has produced a lot of hot air articles by usual Chardonnay crowd and a by=the-way demonstration by Egyptian buoyed by the Brotherhood’s American assisted success and no response from Pakistan, the natural ally, outright refusal by Bangladesh where Jamaat-e-Islami is not calling the shots and total silence of collusion (with the military) by the Muslim states in Asia.

    Now the whole world drooling only to rape the last virgin land and people on earth, could not possibly give a toot even if the Burmese government go on to mince all the Rohingya into fertilizer with some of the countrymen cheering on.

    While this action shows timely cunningness and ruthlessness of the government and some sections of public of Burma, this exhibition of bankruptcy of statesmanship and morality will be a new bench mark for the rapidly solidifying Barbaric Country.

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