Nationalist Monk Criticized After Inflammatory Speech

Nationalist monk U Wirathu speaking on Friday. (Photo: JPaing / The Irrawaddy)

Nationalist monk U Wirathu speaking on Friday. (Photo: JPaing / The Irrawaddy)

RANGOON — A spokesman for President Thein Sein has said he will raise with the Religious Affairs Ministry an inflammatory speech delivered by U Wirathu, a prominent member of the Association for the Protection of Race and Religion, in which he referred to a United Nations envoy as a “whore”.

Speaking on Friday at a rally in Rangoon, held to denounce a recent vote of the UN General Assembly calling for the granting of citizenship to the Rohingya Muslim minority in Arakan State, U Wirathu singled out UN Special Rapporteur for Burma Yanghee Lee for criticism.

A 10-minute excerpt of the monk’s speech, cheered on enthusiastically by his supporters, has been shared widely on social media, and a short translation of his incendiary comments was published on Monday morning by Democratic Voice of Burma. Referring to legislative proposals sponsored by the Association for the Protection of Race and Religion, U Wirathu launched into a tirade against Ms. Lee’s public statements on the bills.

“We have already made public the Race Protection Law, but this bitch, without studying it, kept on complaining about how it is against our human rights, just because some loud-mouthed women say so,” he told his audience. “Can this bitch really be from a respectable background? Don’t assume you are a respectable person, just because you have a position in the UN. In our country, you are just a whore.”

The speech was delivered on the same day as Ms. Lee concluded her second visit to Burma with a press conference at the Sedona Hotel in Rangoon, during which she discussed her visit to Arakan State and warned that the government’s reform program was at risk of stalling.

Ye Htut, the presidential spokesperson and the Minister of Information told The Irrawaddy on Monday that he would ask the Ministry of Religious Affairs to investigate the speech.

“I would not make any criticism against the monks,” the minister said, “but I am sure that the Ministry of Religious Affairs always urges the religious leaders to act in accordance with their religious code of ethics. Personally, I believe that Buddhist monks and any other religious leaders should recite speeches reflecting compassion, love, empathy and good ethics.”

U Pandavunsa, a leading figure in the Saffron Revolution and presiding monk of the Shwe Taung monastery, told The Irrawaddy that U Wirathu’s speech was contrary to the code of ethics for Buddhist monks.

“Insulting remarks is unacceptable in Buddhism, which teach about love and compassion,” he told The Irrawaddy. “According to our code of ethics, a member of our clergy cannot use his hands to bring other people to harm, not to mention curse or badmouth or insult them. Everybody understands that a monk should be a man of loving kindness. The International community will look down on Buddhism for what he said.”

U Wirathu could not be reached for comment on Monday.

24 Responses to Nationalist Monk Criticized After Inflammatory Speech

  1. May describe U Wirathu Speech as inflammatory; however his speech reflects the nation’s fear, humility and anger at the hands of invading religious radicals. No pretense in his speech but the raw feelings, not even a bikini for cover up.

    It pays to be politically correct in most instances, but not here.

    May be, U Wirathu could be reincarnation of Bogyoke.

  2. You call this person a’monk’ again. Again: Like IS are not and cannot be declare themselves muslims, Wirathu has nothing to do with buddhism and cannot be a ‘monk’ for this reason. He and his followers are fascists and fascists are just criminals in Myanmar and anywhere else. To spread hatred doesn’t fit a monks duty at all. I know, that there are lot’s of people in and outside the country, some with Ne Win image on their facebook profile, who are thinking that an outsider has no right to share his opinion about Wirathu without any U. But as a human beeing living on this planet, I am not an outsider and Myanmar and it’s problems is like any other place in the world, in the middle of this world. And to the ones who are threatening me with killing me, if I ever come to Burma – I am there, coming and going whenever I want to, since many many years.

  3. Ye Htut is nothing than just signal that\ the Government has enough, so Wirathu will become soon more aggressive as he will not accept that from high Clouds he will land soon again where he came from — Insein prison, where he was supposed to be for exactly where he was for haste speeches and to early taken out on amnesty by President Thein Sein s amnesty. Soon again Wirrathu will be in Insein Prison and gets a great chance to finally study and learn about Buddhas most important teachings.
    ” hate can not be conquered by hate , hate can be conquered by Love ” the most essential laws of Buddha> More and more ” Normal and real Buddhist Monks in Myanmar turn away from Wirathus Kamikaze Style Budhas indoctrination .
    Wirathu will soon bring down Wirathu himself. more and more real monks get the message of a big wrong doing and joining the state Sangha again and strong …….

  4. Quick political suggestion to Wirathu, before the proposed marriage law for Myanmar women gets to parliament U Wirathu should have a second law which can than grant that Myanmar men never need to marry a whore he described as the UN lady…. It is high time that Wirathu starts a movement for protection of the Buddhist men in Myanmar and make sure some one decides for them and not fall into the arms of a whore,– even not in the over 3000 Massage – Beauty shops in Yangon alone……
    One with eyes see anyhow that a face as in the report about can have a peaceful message…….one seems to be hate in person.

  5. The Black Boy did his Duty – the Black Boy is note needed anymore….Myanmar moves on to a new chapter, ” Fair and Great elections 2015″ where all want to look as friends and not as enemies.

  6. Wirathu is wolf in goatskin. He is not true monk and Buddha follower. A Buddhism preacher cannot possess such immorality and inhumanity against other faith and people. He is a botch in saffron. Unfortunately, there are millions in Burma praising his poisonous speech and action which is nothing but self-destruction as Burma has been dragged into for more than half-century. The living proof is refugees around the globe, prostitute in and out of own soil, rampant killing and mass grave in almost every state, etc. What good thing for God sake these people own in this world. Poor guy! Shame on you and all disciples….

  7. I am almost speechless for this. Calling a UN official a whore is just beyond my understanding. I think these monks are living in an entirely different world than us. Actually I think this must be true. Let’s take a bit deeper look.

    Burma was so isolated until 2011 that most Burmese people living in the country never had a chance to see what the outside world was actually look like. I do not know if it is true, but I heard once somewhere that North Koreans actually believed that South Koreans lived like the way they do in North Korea. The public is so brainwashed there for decades that they know nothing about the outside world.

    I think this is the case in todays Burma too. The people have just been shaken up from their old totally brainwashed cave-like world and get a chance to see the world for the first time. Confusion is bound to happen in this kind of situation. You do not know what to say, how to behave and totally ended up calling a UN official a whore or prostitute.

    The situation is rather sad and at the same time very terrifying too. May God,Buddha,Allah or whichever gods bless upon them. I know that most Burmese people are actually very kind and compassionate. I hope this is just a temporary ignorance that is flaming this religious war.

  8. I can not believe that kind of words come from the monk. That disclose clearly who he is. He went too far and out of any control. That kind of speech not represent the religion and people of BURMA.

  9. U Wirathu???? The religious Affairs must b as crazy as him. I would not give him the title of “U”. This so called monk does not follow the preaching of the Buddhist teachings.

    He’s on a one man mission of spreading “HATE”. He is a “Disgrace” to The Lord Buddha & the Buddhist religion. Those who support & follow him are mostly “THUGS,THIEFS, OPPORTUNIST, & FREE LOADERS”.

    I do not say this lightly, but when he goes out to “BEG” for alms, I’m sure he does not stop & ask the people who make offerings. if they are Chinese, Indians, Christians, Muslims or any other denominations, of “RELIGION / RACE”. But will except all that is offered to him & his party. What a “HYPOCRITE”.

    He should be ashamed as a person who wears the “SAFRON ROBE” & claims
    to be a teacher of Faith, Love,Compastion,Peace, Empathy of the Buddhist religion,and then to be “PREACHING” hatered. I have never heard a “BUDDHIST MONK”, make an insult a to any person in my life so far, for any reason.

    His insult to a person, trying to do a “DIFFICULT JOB” in a very volatile situation should be praised. For him to call this person a “WHORE & Aa SLUT” just goes to prove that he is not a person to be wearing the sacred “ROBE”. HE’s a “COWARD” just wearind to “HIDE & get PROTECTION” for his agenda.

    It’s about time the Sanga, Religious Affairs should be “ASHAMED” of themselves having this so called hate mongering person a “MONK”.
    The Buddhist community should dis asociate themselves from this “RADICAL” calling himself a monk,but(A BUDDHIST RELIGIOUS TERRORIST) preaching “HATERID” rather than the good teachings of the Good Lord Buddah.

    I am not a religious person, but I would like to can tell him, I can teach more positive teachings to the wider community better than him.I can also say that there are a lot of Buddhist people who can do the same.

    “Get rid of this “RADICAL FAKE MONK” and Myanmar would be a better place for all “RACE & RELIGIONS” to live in “PEACE & HARMONY”.

    AS always may the good Lord Buddah, bless,love & protect everyone from these “RADICALS”.

  10. Keep on fighting U Wirathu ! We have to protect Buddhism from all its enemies, we have to protect Buddhism from the moslem evils and their valets (the UN and their so-called envoys)

    • You, sir, are an idiot. Fascist, racist and, most likely, very poorly educated and ignorant halfwit. I’m sure I’ve seen your posts before, on FB. I imagine you don’t really have the brains to form a realistic, politicaly or ideologicaly informed opinion so just jump on whatever bandwagon will curry you favour with your hosts in Thailand or here in Burma. Making such comments, you clearly have zero concept of what Buddhism is. Therefore I’m sure you’re not from here. Didier? French … German? Leave us and our religion alone if you think it’s anything to do with hate. We don’t need your foolish pretend Buddhist support. Better you ask our military for a uniform. It will suit you better than robes certainly.

  11. As one who follows the ideas and philosophy of the Buddha I am disgusted by this monk. How can a man who calls himself a Buddhist speak like this? He should apologize for his remarks or else be charged with inciting hatred and imprisoned.

  12. >>THIS MONK>>should leave his life as a son of Buddha>>and he should be

    >>disrobed>>forever>>and ban from a religion>>which preaches>>Peace and


    >>LORD Buddha won’t want to see him>>in saffron robe>>

  13. I told you, Irrawaddy, this monk will be more prominent in 2015. In the first month, January, he made a loud, sharp, harsh speech, which got ovation from his supporters, against a UN special rapporteur. Well done Ko Daw!! Next time, your voice will be louder, sharper and more aggressive. You will do it until forth coming general election. You will mix up religion with politic- make more attack on Daw Suu and NLD and make ruling party happy.

  14. Enough is enough.
    He should be de-robed and his ordination should be revoked with immediate effect.
    He should be sent back to the cell where he belongs.
    What a shame to buddhism and in particular Burmese way to buddhism
    His views and speech DID not reflect any Buddhist in Burma.He should not be a monk.

  15. This arrogant monk is ignorant and incorrigible!

    The authorities must pull him in line immediately before more damage is done to the image of our country, our people, and our religion.

  16. >>this>>monk>>>is >>a disgrace>>>to Buddhism>>>

  17. I request Monk Wirathu to read the comments above, and have an insight. Think in line of Vinaya whether you fit into it. Although you did not breach the Parazika Appati, you still have the rest of 227 Vinaya to follow strictly. The word you have used is “too Abhorrent” , one that will be shun by any self respecting laity, leave aside a monk in sacred yellow robe. Wearing this sacred robe without following the Vinaya will send you to Hell, worse than a laity do.
    So, I will suggest you out of compassion, get out from this COVER of the sacred Monastic Order, and go free as a laity as you wish, laws of civil society will look after you.

  18. In International relationship, every word stated has a weight & reactive effects, so has to be considered carefully before speaking. In Buddhism there are 6 kinds of speakings of which only 2 kinds are suitable for speaking at all times. Also in the 8 Maggins, The Right Speech should be free from lying, slandering, swearing & frivolous sayings. The Sanga’s Vinaya covered more than these. So, a monk cannot go about swearing anything he has on his evil mind to anyone who disagree with his way. I cannot understand why the country’s authorities & sangha councils let him loose & acts & says unfitting for a Buddhist monk. He is showing what he is to the whole world & is degrading himself, but in doing so dragged down Buddhism with him also. He should be stripped of his monkhood. Such person, ( I wouldn’t say harsh words like bloke or chap or SOB ), I say only person, is not fitting to go on as a monk ( son of Buddha )

  19. Please, everyone don’t call him a monk, he is not a monk he is a SOB who is the same as KKK of USA. President U Thein Sein, if you are a TRUE Buddhist, please shut his mouth because he is giving a bad image of Buddhism and good monks. What is Sanga Council doing? Sayadaws, please disrobe him, he is insulting the Thingan (Yellow Robe) worn by you and other REAL GOOD Buddhist monks who teaches Buddha’s words of Metta and Karuna.

  20. All in The Name of Democracy!
    An Army War Fare….
    Beware World!
    Defrock Soldiers
    at Napyidaw…..

  21. U Wirathu is not a Buddhist Monk at all. he was in jailed due to his violation of Buddhist rule of monk code. Why peoples accept him as monk is a question. He should not be given a place as monk. Does he understand RACE & RELIGION? This country get independent from British because of U Pe Khin, a born Muslim of Burma ( Myanmar ) other wise, the ethnic areas especially Shan, Kachin and Chin area will not be included in Burmese Independent territorial boundary. Who is Wirathu? does he knows the history of Burmese Independence movement in which many Muslims of Burma had been sacrificed their lives. Look at Sayagyi U Razak and Yebaw Htwe, their miniature Tobs are at Martyr’s Dome ( Arzani – gone ). To day Muslims of Burma ( Myanmar ) become status less and treating as second class citizen, which is not fair enough. From to day on wards let us get together hand in hand for the sake of the country and the peoples of Myanmar same as pre – independent movement. Please do not try to act greater religion and greater race, human beings are all equal which is universal value. Buddah also said same thing human beings are equal, only your acts and deed will decide for you Kama.

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