Mandalay Monks Hold Anti-Rohingya Protests

Thousands march in support of the president’s proposal to deport the Rohingya Muslim minority group. (Photo: The Irrawaddy)

MANDALAY—Thousands of protesters including hundreds of monks are holding a two-day march in support of the president’s proposal to deport the Rohingya Muslim minority group.

The rally began in Mandalay on Sunday and was scheduled to continue until Tuesday, although the local authorities called an end to the protests on Monday. It is believed that the cancellation is due to the unexpectedly large turnout.

The protest demonstrates the deep resentment felt against the Rohingya minority after June violence with ethnic Arakanese (Rakhine) Buddhists left 80 people dead and tens of thousands displaced. Monks held a banner saying, “Save your motherland Myanmar by supporting the president.”

President Thein Sein suggested in July that Burma sends all Rohingya to any country willing to take them, a proposal quickly opposed by the UN refugee agency.

Despite only 100 residents of Mandalay being officially allowed to protest, the city’s security forces stood by and allowed thousands to march without hindrance. The protest was originally permitted to take place from 10 am to 11 am for the three days, yet there was also a second march from 1 pm to 2 pm on Sunday.

By contrast, repeated attempts by market traders in recent days to protest strict new regulations have been repeated turned down by the local authorities.

U Wirathu, a prominent monk of the city’s Ma Soe Yein Monastery, is leading the demonstration. “This protest is to support the president’s stand on the Rohingya issue,” he said.

Lay protesters are wearing T-shirts with a photo of Thein Sein and a “tick” on the front and a picture of UN human rights envoy Tomás Ojea Quintana crossed out on the back. Demonstrators are complaining about international interference in the Arakan sectarian violence, particularly from the UN.

Burma considers the Rohingya to be illegal migrants from Bangladesh but Bangladesh also rejects them, rendering them stateless. The UN estimates that 800,000 Rohingya live in Burma and considers them one of the world’s most persecuted groups.

This report has been updated since the original version was published.

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  1. Dear Monks,what will happen if we the bangladeshis drive our buddhist population including their Monks to Burma?Do you realise that?

    • Hey Chutia Rauf, You Bangladeshi Crooks, just shut your mouth. I being a Muslim in Yangon support all Illegal Immigrants Bengalis (so called rohingya) must be deported 400,000 to Bangladesh and 400,000 to Pakistan. I myself will organise in Yangon and Mandalay for charity for their safe deportation.

    • Initiate a Global Campaign for Terrorized Victims of Violent Minorities WorldWide

      This is what they have been doing with them:

      Activities of ” Rohingyas” (Bangladeshi ) back in Bangladesh:  Slow Genocide of non-Muslims through almost yearly massacre and terrorization.

      Since 1980 there have been 13 major instances of massacre of the Jummas by the Bangladeshi settlers .These are:

      1980 Massacre – gunned down 300 Jummas.

      1981 Massacre-  murdered hundreds of Jummas.

       1981 Massacre  -invaded the Jumma villages of Feni valley and murdered hundreds of Jummas.

       1983 Massacre –  murdered 800 Jummas.

      1984 Massacre – At least 400 Jummas were killed. Many women were gang raped and later shot dead.

      1986 Massacre – hundreds of Jummas (actual number not known) were killed and injured,  80,000 Jummas fled across the border to India.

       May 1986 Massacre –  gunned down at least 70 Jumma civilians 

       May 1986 -intercepted 200 Jummas while fleeing across the border to India and opened fired on them.

       1988 Massacre –  killed hundreds of Jumma civilians and gang raped Jumma women.

      1989 Massacre – murdered 40 Jummas, dead bodies never recovered.

      1992 Massacre-  murdered another 30 Jummas.

      April 1992 Massacre – 400 Jummas killed 

      1993 Massacre- about 100 Jummas killed 

      2010- at least 100 houses were burnt down , at least eight people from the Chakmas were shot dead  while dozens were injured 

    • Initiate a Global Campaign for Terrorized Victims of Violent Minorities WorldWide

      Rohingyas in Burma

      The terrorization inflicted on the general population by Rohingyas have been going on for some time, but somehow nobody is addressing the issue . I hope that a global campaign can be form to bring these kinds of issue to light and prevent it from happening again. It occurred in various countries too, but we rarely see it in the media. As we can see the general population’s lives have been impacted greatly:

      Buthidaung, Burma — Some remote Buddhist villages in southern Buthidaung Township, 80 miles north of Sittwe, are under threat of damage due to the rampant Muslim robbers in the area, report local people widely.

       A villager in Kwe Gomaw Village said, “The authority is not protecting our village right now. So many families are thinking of moving to more safe places like downtown Buthidaung, where many army battalions are stationed.”

      The village of Kwe Gomaw is located near Nyung Chaung Nasaka outpost in southern Buthidaung Township, and the village was hit by dacoits on 1 January, 2011.

      “At 12 pm on 1 January, around 30 armed Muslim robbers surrounded our village. After that the robbers entered our village and robbed property from all the houses one by one. When a villager refused to give over his property, a robber beat him with his gun and injured his head. Properties worth 3 million kyat were taken by the robbers,” the villager said.

      After the robbers left the village, they hit another Buddhist village in the area, Thein Daung Byint, where many people of the Dynet tribes are living.

      During the second attack, the village chairman’s wife was severely wounded when some of the robbers opened fire on villagers who were trying to fight back against them. The woman is now hospitalized in Buthidaung in critical condition, although her condition is improving.

      A villager from Thein Daung Byint said, “We are now afraid to live in our village because we have no safety, despite that our village is located in inner Buthidaung Township, not in the border area. Moreover, when we informed the Nasaka officers about the robber, the officers beat us because were unable to defend ourselves against the robbers. Now we are facing many difficulties living in our village.”

      During December, 2010, a large robbery also took place in Shwet Bying Village under Zaydi Bying circle in Rathidaung Township. The villagers lost 30 million kyat of property. The robbery was also committed by a group of armed Muslim dacoits.

      The Muslim robbers have never robbed any Muslim villages in the area, having so far only struck Buddhist villages in Buthidaung Township. Because of this, many ordinary citizens, including those in the Muslim community, are anxious that the robberies might foment conflict and lead to riots among the people in the area.

    • Initiate a Global Campaign for Terrorized Victims of Violent Minorities WorldWide

      The same thing was done in another country which they entered but rarely anyone voice it , allowing violent ” minorities” to continue terrorizing people in every countries that they silently invaded:

      “They are crossing the border illegally and violently displacing the indigenous population whose homes and possessions they either destroy or occupy. They are attacking the young, the elderly, and especially the girls and women, whom they kidnap, forcibly convert, or traffic into brothels. The locals are terrified of them. The police rarely come to their aid, nor do the politically correct media or government. Both are terrified by the criminals and terrorists who are riding these immigrant waves. 
      I am not talking about illegal immigrants to Europe or North America. I am describing Muslims who are penetrating India’s West Bengal region. These Bangladeshi immigrants are becoming conduits for criminal activities (arms, drugs, and sexual slavery) which also fund global jihad.”

      It is disturbing that this issue doesn’t get addressed and be allowed to continue to take place in various countries .  It is the general population that have to suffer for this and nobody can help them. 

    • Initiate a Global Campaign for Terrorized Victims of Violent Minorities WorldWide


      ” Fear of violence has changed the way police, firemen and emergency workers do their jobs.
      There are some neighborhoods Swedish ambulance drivers will not go to without a police escort. Angry crowds have threatened them, telling them which patient to take and which ones to leave behind.”
      Read more:,2933,139614,00.html#ixzz25XOXRkxa

  2. Monks stand up for invasion of foreigners from western border of Myanmar. Support you.


  3. Where were hundreds of thousands of Ne Win’s soldiers who shouted loud that they saved our nation when these Rohingyas entered into Myanmar? How about Than Shwe? Because of their reckless rule, Myanmar has faced huge undocumented immigration issue. The problem did not start from Rohingyas but useless Ne Win’s rule and Than Shwe’s rule. Myanmar needs to arrest Than Shwe and charged him with treason first for this mess.

  4. These monks are a disgrace for Buddhism. They seem to know nothing about the real teachings of the Buddha.

    • HEAR HEAR! YOu want democracy….democracy means democracy for ALL people regardless of religion, point of origin, or date of arrival.

      • Initiate a Global Campaign for Terrorized Victims of Violent Minorities WorldWide

        People in numerous countries are being terrorized by a  violent “minority” group.  Laws should be put in place to deal with minorities that are terrorizing the general population in the country .  There is a big difference between silent terrorist and innocent immigrants. They are detrimental to the lives and safety of the  general population  in the country. In the past, this haven’t been a big issue. But now it is becoming a big  issue that is destabilizing the lives of people in numerous countries if ignored . Therefore we need to set up laws to regulate and address the issue. Minorities that are acting like terrorist should be treated according  to laws for terrorist and not under laws for innocent immigrants .  Otherwise , we are perpetuating further harm from terrorist minorities towards the general population not just in one country but many throughout the world.

        We need a global campaign for terrorized victims.  There are many instances where the general population are being terrorized but went unnoticed in the global community .  This allows the issue to perpetuate and escalate because perpetrators are not held responsible for their actions.  

      • After  the Friday Muslim prayer in the Mosques , Rohingyas  started mass communal unprovoked attacks  on Rakhine Buddists in nearby villages and in the towns, who was not involved in the killing of 10 muslims.  Rohingyas were the ones who rioted  on the Burmese .

        On June 8th, 2012, the Ro­hingya Mus­lim Ben­galis torched and killed Bud­dhist Rakhine (Arakanese), and Burmese mi­nori­ties, who were liv­ing peace­ful­ly in Maung­daw Town­ship. Also Bud­dhist vil­lages were burned, Bud­dhist house­holds were plun­dered and Bud­dhist monas­ter­ies were de­stroyed. There Bud­dhist Burmese and Arakanese (Rakhines) are hav­ing to hide to es­cape the at­tacks by the so-called Ro­hingyas. Ac­cord­ing to the re­ports reveived not only were there over (20) vil­lages burned to ashes by the so-called Ro­hingyas Ben­gali Mus­lims, but they also searched and killed Bud­dhist Rakhines (Arakanese) and Burmese. Ac­cord­ing to the lat­est news, dozens of Bud­dhist Rakhaings (Arakanese) and Burmese have been killed and thou­sands have fled. 

         Burmese  fought  back in self defense during the attack !  So both sides were wounded and killed.  The whole dilemma of 80 death and thousands of of people’s houses burned down was due to Rohingyas rioting.  Why then are the Burmese and Buddhist accused of genocide or massacre due to a riot organized by Muslim Rohingyas.

        People in other countries have also became victim to Muslim riots.  For example,  the riots in France , England , etc…  So sad for people of Burma, England , and France for having to endure these kinds of riot.

    • So, do you westerner think you know Buddhism better than Buddhist monk?

    • You are the real disgrace to whatever race or religion you belong. Monks know what the Buddha taught. How silly of you to insult our Monks in this way. The monks supported the Government which is also backed by the entire nation in this situation.

      You don’t know the real situations in Myanmar. If you do, just post a summary of what happened in June this year.

      The so-called Rohingyas have nothing to do with the Roo-in-ga speaking Mohamedins of 18 century Rakhine. They had disappeared in Rakhine either becoming extinct or migrated somewhere else, several decades ago. Therefore the so-called Rohingyas are illegal immigrants, ungrateful trouble-makers.

  5. A Burmese Freedom Fighter

    The messages of the Burmese people from every corner of the world are very clear and loud to implement a pragmatic solution to the communal riots in Western Burma: a designated safe area for Bengali illegal immigrants while granting respective resident status of Burma to law abiding new comers from Bengali on humanitarian ground.

    Burmese government should follow the way civilized nation would do when it comes to illegal immigrant such as Australia, New Zealand and America where all the new comers in their search for a better live, have to earn their respective resident status by abiding existing immigration law of the host country.

    Nothing is more important than protection of Burmese citizens from the danger of aliens; such protection has to be assured at all cost to keep maintaining peace and stability of Rakhine State and wellbeing of the nation.

    Burma can go beyond its border only when a culture of peace, starting from Rakhine State, has improved through its non-violence, tolerance and solidarity. Such a highly-demanded culture of peace in Burma is in its infancy, calling for a good caretaker for its survival.

    A Burmese Freedom Fighter

    • A designated safe area – something with armed guards, a prison perhaps, something like that? Heaven forbid full citizenship should be provided immediately, with all the rights and duties this confers, while maintaining better border policy for the future. As for Australia’s model policy on immigration – it puts them on islands or in camps in the middle of the desert, where they remain for months or years and where they stitch up their mouths in the only way possible to protest at such inhumanity.
      And let’s say that if nothing is more important than protecting Burmese citizens from the danger of aliens, the same security should apply to other countries. In which case, no Burmese would’ve been allowed asylum or refugee status anywhere in the world. You would’ve remained to be slaughtered. Wouldn’t want those aliens speaking weird languages and eating funny foods in my neighbourhood. Uhhhh… these people you call ‘aliens’ are all around you. Open your eyes.

      One can only hope a genuine alien lands a UFO on your head and knocks some sense into you.

      • A Burmese Freedom Fighter

        It is too bad that you are an outsider, and not getting along well with the well defined common practices of international community. To the advantage of illegal Bangali, the protection of citizenship doesn’t even exist in Burma while the entire civilized nations are always at the forth front to protect their citizens from the danger of aliens, especially if needed, citizens of a nation even have to go away from home for that particular objective of saving the nation: the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, possibly coming soon in Syria. In the mean time these civilized nations doesn’t fail to save human live, unlike Muslim brother countries.

        Even though Burma can’t be compared with the civilized nations, it never left behind in South-East Asia when it comes to taking care of illegal Bengali immigrants, if not, it gives the best treatment that Bengali immigrants can ever have in the whole world. The designated safe area for illegal Bengali immigrant is what any sensible people would do rather than forcibly send them into the seas, a common evil practice as seen in the news in Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

        The pragmatic, and viable solution to this unfortunate stateless plight of very violent, aggressive illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, is a suggested preposition of President U Thein Sein, a designated safe area where these violent creature will be naturalized to integrate into normal society. This is the best practice that all the civilized notations have been doing and Burma doesn’t need to reinvent new wheels, but to follow.

        A Burmese Freedom Fighter

    • Australia doesn’t have an orderly immigration system right now. It is so dysfunctional that they now have an open door policy due to the minority government that was elected by the 3 politicians who will undoubtedly loss in the next election. Australia used to take cream of the crop including our brightest but now it is a dumping ground for the entire world including trash from Myanmar including opposition groups and Bengalis that are pretending to be from Myanmar. They are nothing more than terrorists, criminal and thugs who don’t speak Bamar but because Australias are too stupid and oppose to Myanmar government they accept Bengalis from Bengaldash as one of Myanmar’ ethnic group illegal Bengali Rohinga Muslim. They turn against the exciles working in detention centres using violence and intimidation to gain political advantage and get accepted there. They say exciles are reporting back to the government and they are fearful of their families’ safety and security etc..they don’t speak a word of Bamar so how could they call themselves Myanmar? Only if they were Bengali Rohinga from Myanmar that could be easily arranged. They are exploiting Australian’s shamble immigration system and weak govrnment. Don’t let it happen in Myanmar and the sooner they are evicted from Myanmar the better. Let Pakistan, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, UAE and other muslim countries take the whole lot of them. They can all live happily in 7th century and breed like rabbits. In the long run they will demand for much much more… let’s stop the nonsense now. As Myanmar we all need to be strong and resist the pressure from outsiders.

  6. Irrawaddy wrote “U Wirathu, a prominent monk of the city’s Ma Soe Yein Monastery, is leading the demonstration. “This protest is to support the president’s stand on the Rohingya issue,” he said.”
    Who is U Wirathu? Does he pass the qualified monk exam to become a prominent monk? Where did he sit his exam, in Burma or India or Bangladesh ? Does he study the history subject in the past? Does he know Rohingya issue in detail or not?. He should read Irrawaddy opinion column but i think he has no internet connection to read Irrawaddy or he is very outdated monk due to lack of common sense. I hope Muslim community in Burma should be kept quiet as it is a trick from Than shwe for potential another military coup from Min Aung Laing if there is unrest in Mandalay and Rangoon. Be aware of 2008 nargic constitution for any national security threat from another big religious clash created by some uneducated Mandalay monks.

    • U Wirathu is such an internet-savvy monk though I don’t know about his Buddhist education background. He used to write very anti-Muslim and inflammatory stuff on his previous Facebook account which I would read regularly. For example, when the rape case of Thida Htwe happened, Wirathu released a statement on his facebook claiming that Muslims MORE OFTEN commit rape and murder cases. How come? And when the Rakhines riots reached the climax and Wirathu was warned for his racist incitations, he deactivated his account. And he has been using a new account [!/ven.wirathumsy] and all of you can clearly understand how he has been spreading ANTI-MUSLIM stuff. He claims he is a peaceful monk just against the Rohingya but he is a religious zealot obviously from his facebook postings. Now, many people are praising him for his patriotism. But people don’t understand how dangerous he is. He must be disciplined by senior monks who have been largely silent!

    • Norman Hla,

      You are right. Only wrapping yellow clothes on body will not make a good monk. Should learn and follow Buddha’s teaching thoroughly. What a disgrace to Buddhist majority as the world presumed and accepted “Buddihsm preaches peace for all human and living things in the universe.

  7. Buddhist must should not participate in politics. We are night fighting with foreigners like in those days of colonial period. Now this Rohingya problem is created by U Nu and Gen.Ne Win those two are culprit of the country going dawn to the dust. First of all who started this problem in Arakan. Those who call themselve as Rakihine came from where? They all entered illegally to Arakan from Bangladesh AWAKYUN ( St.Martin Island ) so also many chinese are now in Mandalay, why not these monks make demonstration against Chinese illegal immigrant to be driven out from Burma.
    Buddhist teaching is for tolerances, and in favor humanity. Why these monks are making against the humanity?
    Who start to kill Muslims in Taunggup? Are not they Buddhist peoples? Why the government did not taken immediately action? Kyauknimaw village girl who was kill by not Muslims Rohingya, but Buddhist gangs to loot jeweleries and money, that is real fact. Why they hidden the reality? This is unjust.
    Please do not do lawlessness activities. Muslims are son of the soil of Arakan. Who all are the invaders of Arakan, these monks do not klnow real fact and history.

    • The whole world supported the brave monks who demonstrated against Than Shwe’s military. This was a fight for democracy. These Mandalay Monks, wearing Thein Sein T-shirts were clearly sponsored by the current government. This sort of radicalism reminds one of the notorius Monks of Sri Lanka, who preached hatred against their own Hindu Tamil minority. They even forgot that Lord Buddha was born Hindu.
      The Thein Sein government is not democratic, yet. Our Monks should be keeping an eye on them and not indulge in this communal farce.

      • Mr Naidoo,

        Simply don’t talk nonsense which is shoved down your throat by media. If you go to Sri Lanka you will see how most of the Tamils and Muslims there live peacefully among the Sinhala Buddhists. You don’t seem to have any idea whatsoever about the history of Sri Lanka nor how the civil war there started by a Tamil (and he’s a christian mind you) murderous megalomaniac.

        Just because you are a hindu living in a Buddhist country don’t make an exhibition of your cranial capacity by taking your hatred out on Buddhist countries.

  8. We absolutely and totally support our reverend monks. All the world knows what happened to the great Buddhist Kingdom of Sind in present-day Pakistan. History has already attested their vice.

  9. this is disgusting behaviour…how can so called monks be so racist and stupid.
    myanmar people used to know that most things the government proclaims are wrong… its weird because when things consider the rohingya myanmar people suddenly believe everything thein sein and co proclaim. myanmar people should really know better….

    i feel really sad when i see people behave like that against extremly poor, rightless people who arent a threat to anyone.

  10. Those people are showing their substandard intelligence by asking for the implementation of the impractical ‘solution’, which the civilized world will never accept, and for which Burma will be a pariah state again.

  11. Can’t they realize that a lot of water has passed under the bridge? The president has rescinded his stance after the investigation results that there is no illegal immigration to speak of.
    President Thein Sein is not foolish enough to implement a policy which the civilized world will not accept and for which Burma will once again become a pariah state.

  12. The monks of Mandalay did this because Buddhist monasteries were burnt and Buddha images desecrated by the marauding rohingyas. Any person of any faith will do that. Buddha taught peace, so did Muhammad. Islam means peace, so why did the rohingya muslims attack unarmed Buddhists and killed them and torched their houses? Islam did not teach this kind of lawlessness! In this kind of situation it is hoped that the government and all parties concerned will show restraint and start peace dialogue, even before any foreign relief starts arriving. The Buddhist monks did this not because they are of different view with the Buddha’s teaching, but because they are the ones who are still holding the dignity of the Buddha’s teaching high. There is nothing wrong about it. Can you imagine what would have happened if any nonMuslim minority person started killing Muislims, raping their women, and burning the Quran? Huh!

    • If putting Muslim name will not make you muslim. Go to Arkan with fact finding mission. Look the conditions of Masjid there and try to find out the cultprits who killed 10 Muslims. Try to find out the Nazi village where thousands of muslim used to stay.

      • TO ; ZAW WIN

        KHODA HAFIZ.

    • I totally agree with Saif. See in Pakistan, 11 years old mentally retarded Christian girl was accused by local Imam that she was burning the pages of Quran.. and 11 years old was jailed under the blasphemy law.
      Let us organize collecting donations to deport them to Pakistan or to Bangladesh or to Turkey to any Islamic countries who concerns for them.

  13. Is Burma heading for self destruction even before democracy is realised?
    Combining politics with military is lethal, and we have seen this in Burma for nearly 50 years and to some extent continues to see. Burma became the poorest in Asia, poorer than Cambodia under the military rule. Equally, combination of politics with religion is fatal. Religion is a faith believed in blind and when this merges with politics the destructive power of this combined force is no less than the former. Very sadly, we see this pattern emerging in Burma and the most significant event being the demonstration in Mandalay against Rohingya and the UN. Will the people of Burma ever learn lessons from history? U Nu tried to use religion in politics and ended up with the military rule under Ne Win which lasted for nearly 50 years. Is Burma heading for another cycle of self-destruction?
    In Arakan crisis, it will not be the Rohingya who destroy Burma but it will be the nationalist Arakanese who push the country to the brink of self-destruction. Burma and the Burmese people will pay a very high price for this narrow interest of the Arakanese who are now successfully manipulating the population. Something needs to be done to restraint these nationalist Arakanese.

    • I agree. Religion itself is a mess, so combining it with other already messed up(for example, current politic affairs in Burma) will make it even worse.

    • the rohingyas started campaigning with fake pictures, videos and insulting remarks to Buddhism … the harshest campaign has been raised by crying victim while they have been aggressors. If as a civilized and decent people we all don’t condemn such heinous acts with motivated interest, we are to blame for extinction of a people and religion, Buddhists and Buddhism in Arakan. As responsible people and decent citizens of Burma, people of every creed and colour should consider the long ranging after effects of the concerted campaign of the rohingyas. this is not for the benefit or peace for Burma. Islam has 71 sects, but the rohingyas follow the worst extremist sect of Islam. Their teachings are so extreme even Bangladesh and many Muslim countries have banned their struggle. This is not without reason and their kind of Islam is just mockery of the religion.

    • Many people used psedonyms to hide their identity, race and religion.
      Therefore many comments are not worth your time.

  14. Buddhists people promote their religion in western countries as peaceful religion because they want to live in western countries with various reasons.
    Those same monks murdered muslims in 2003 in Mandalay, Kyawk-se etc according to wilkepedia.Also,recently in Srilanka Buddhist monks demolished a mosque because of Sri Lanka is Buddhist land.
    What the hatred!

  15. Why the monks don’t protest the Chinese migration to Mandalay and Kachin State?Looks like they hate dark skin people of Indian origin.They should very well know that Buddha is is also a dark skin person of Indian origin.Not a Chinese.

    • Just compare Bengalis to Chinese in every aspect yourself. It is obviously not the Skin colour. Indians, Pakistanis, other Myanmar Muslims and even some Myanmars themselves have darker skin, but they all mixed very well with each other in Myanmar.

  16. We are now reaping the result of lacking a good education system for decades. More of these will come in the future as long as we don’t have leaders with good education backgrounds in the government.

  17. It is extremely shameful that the head of monks from Mandalay leads a demonistration against the poor Rohingya,native of Arakan .You extremist monks do not know the politics of Barisali,Bangladeshe,Rakhine monks.The Rakhine extremists,now,try to make friends with the no1 enemy of them.The Burmese monks from Mandalay should concentrate to their study instead of going to politics.You know little about the politics Rakhines.By nature they are too much nationalists just like Ne Win.You monks from the Mandalay think that the Rohingyas are alien to Burma(now Myanmar).But you should know that they belong to Arakan.It is their motherland.Nobody can deny that.But you are the invader of Arakan.Arakan is not your land.So,I request peace loving people of Burma not to be arrogant to the other minorities of the country.It will be harmful and there is chance of disintegration of Burma.Ilyas


  19. The sentence in one earlier comment “extremely poor, rightless people who aren’t a threat to anyone peron” must be a joke or the commenter was covering up the crimes of BENGALIS or Rohingyas, who after the Friday Muslim prayer in the Mosques actually started mass communal unprovoked attackes on Rakhine Buddists in nearby villages and in the towns, who was not involved in the killing of 10 muslims.

    Myanmar must NOT give citizenship or resident status to any foreigner or illegal immigrant including Begali Rohingyas, who commit crimes such as murders of Myanmar citizens and monks and arson, and twist or lie to the world about the Rakhine and Myanmar history.

  20. Hi H M A Rouf,

    I like your suggestion. Yes, Let us swap our peoples – the Buddhist community of Bangaladesh will be welcome into our country and you just take back your so-called Rohingyas!

  21. The monks group action reflects their own Cetana as well as the feelings of their supporters, i.e., ordinary citizens of the country. I don’t understand why Irrawaddy had criticised the Myanmar people in a negative way!

  22. There are genuine concerns (land ownership, population, pervasive, persistent fear of physical violence) about the Rohingya population mainly felt by the neighbouring Arakanese people with religion simply as a dangerous sideshow promoted by heroic defenders of the cause of Rohingya and now legitimised by this ill-advised abuse of people’s power.

    This makes sensible resolution more remote.

    Thein Sein is just a “civil” face of the military and another portion of the the very same machinery is at work to drum up ugly, popular chauvinism which, after decades of nurturing is now available on tap.

    Well-known cordial relationship of certified evil mastermind Aung Thaung and current principal agitator Shin Wirathu makes this affair not so surprising.

    It is as sad , unfortunate affair regardless.

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