Just a Little Spice, Plenty of Tradition

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A Little Bit of Mandalay, in the eastern part of the city, is a favorite among tourists to Burma’s cultural capital. (Photo: Tay Za Hlaing / The Irrawaddy)

MANDALAY — A visit to Mandalay, the center of Burmese culture, would not be complete without a taste of Burmese traditional cuisine.

For those who wish to try Burmese traditional cuisines, but do not prefer strong tasting, oily, salty and spicy fare, A Little Bit of Mandalay is a good choice.

Situated in the tranquil eastern part of the city, the decade-old restaurant is serving the Burmese traditional cuisines such as Thee Sone Hnat (vegetable curry), prawn curry and various traditional salads, all at a reasonable price.

Burmese people usually love their curries to be a yellowish-red, produced by good helpings of turmeric and chili powder. These spices give a slightly hot taste to the curry, complemented by the sweet, salty taste of fish paste.

But at A Little Bit of Mandalay, the color and the sweetness is produced just by tomato paste, and the curries stimulate the visitors’ taste buds with a new flavor of Burmese traditional cuisine.

Min Aung, the restaurant’s owner and manager, said the customers’ favorite is fried chicken sprinkled with honey.

For those who like wine with their food, the establishment has the locally produced Aythaya and Red Mountain wines. Seasonal fruit juices are also available.

The friendly chef and staff can make special arrangements for those with allergies.

Since A Little Bit of Mandalay was born in 2002, it has become a popular traditional lunch and dinner stop for tourists is regularly recommended by tour operators.

Located on 28th Street, between 52nd and 53rd streets, A Little Bit of Mandalay may be a little bit far away from bustling city center, but its hygienic, reasonably priced food, in a serene environment, is a fine place to dine.

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