Bomb Blast Hits Traders Hotel in Rangoon

Bombing at Traders Hotel

Rangoon police in front of Traders Hotel following the blast on Monday night. (Photo: Steve Tickner / The Irrawaddy)

RANGOON — A small bomb on Monday night ripped through a ninth story room at Traders Hotel, an upscale hotel in downtown Rangoon that is popular among tourists and foreign business travelers.

An American woman who was staying at the hotel with her family was injured in the blast, which took place in the bathroom of her hotel room at about 11:15 pm.

The victim’s husband, Max Mezezy, could be heard calling for an ambulance. He carried his injured wife, who was bleeding from wounds to her arms and legs, to a waiting van, which brought her to nearby Rangoon General Hospital. Mezezy and his two sons were unharmed.

The American family, only in Burma for a brief stay, had planned to return soon to Hong Kong, where they live.

According to police, the bomb was planted in the toilet of room 921. Although the blast tore apart the bathroom, blew out the room’s window and left ceiling panels hanging, the family’s two young sons, aged 5 and 7, said they did not hear anything, only waking to see their wounded mother lying on the floor.

Rangoon police and an army bomb disposal unit arrived within the hour and were carrying out an investigation.  Traders’ general manager Phillip Couvaras delivered what he called a “holding statement” at 2:35 am, saying a guest had been taken to the hospital, but “because this is an active police investigation, we cannot comment further at this time.”

The victim’s condition is currently unknown.

Since Friday, a series of bombs has exploded across Burma.  The explosion at Traders was the third explosion in Rangoon since Sunday. A bomb also exploded in Pegu Division on Friday, killing two people and injuring one. Two more explosive devices were found at restaurants in Rangoon and Mandalay on Monday, but did not detonate.

Burma is gearing up to host the 2013 Southeast Asia Games in early December and was recently appointed the chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) for 2014.

5 Responses to Bomb Blast Hits Traders Hotel in Rangoon

  1. Who have access into room 921? Bomb-blasts will definitely drive away tourists. I feel scared to visit Myanmar. Rule of law is so weak that anarchy is not ruling Myanmar. Well! The regime itself is lawless anyway.

  2. Xenophobic Burmese Military and their puppets, lackeys & stooges!!!!

    Now the drama of Rohingya /Bengali invasion, driving out Kalar bussiness etc… are getting familiar and too simple to undersatnd..

    The new chapter of drama just began…. targeting rich foreigners… so that … Burmese military is the only entity to keep country in order..

    NLD DASSK, why are you raising the voice to amend 2008 Constitution??? By doing so , you are just sitrring the pot….and the real victims are innocent people!!!

    Please let the military continue ruling so that the contry will remain as a basket …

  3. Hotels need private security officers on day and night duties. The security officers and the staff need to keep an eye the strangers who visit the tourists and check if suspected. The strangers should not be allowed to visit the rooms and to go anywhere at the hotel. Also the history of the tourists need to be check by the government if possible.

    • Hotel security guards may never check or search bags from guests. I have never experienced my bags checked or searched at the Hotels where I stayed. Coward people do coward business. Planting bomb at the Hotel is inhuman behavior and mentality.

  4. The bad guys will be busted soon.They cannot slip away.

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