Lockdown’s Lifted! Five Easy Trips from Yangon

By Lwin Mar Htun 3 July 2020

During COVID-19, people have been locked inside their homes, craving the trips outside that used to recharge their souls and keep them balanced and well.

Since the June 1, the Myanmar government has been easing some restrictions and companies, restaurants, bars and hotels have reopened. Recently, the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism announced that people, including foreigners already in the country, can travel freely around Myanmar.

Most popular travel destinations including Mandalay, Bagan, Pyin Oo Lwin, Inle, Kalaw, Hsipaw and more are already open for travelers, but as many people have started going back to their work-every-day lifestyles, they may not have time for long trips.

The Irrawaddy has put together a list of resorts and camping sites near Yangon where city dwellers can get out to experience nature and relax.

Bago Yoma Eco Resort

Bago Yoma Eco Resort is located on a hillside in Bago Yoma—the Bago Mountains. It sits in the middle of the forest on a 9 acre teak plantation in Pyay District, only seven hours drive from Yangon.

Everything is green, the forest canopy brings fresh air, and apart from birds chirping, there’s no noise—no car horns, no traffic. Visitors can go trekking in the area, exploring the jungle, biking around the resort and visiting the nearby natural waterfall.

The resort has a mix of bungalows and suites. Now they have a special monsoon promotion for two-night stays, offering 20 percent off the cost of the second night.

For those who feel suffocated from the lockdown and the city lifestyle, this is a place to feel nature and disconnect from the world for a while. For more details and promotions, check their Facebook page: Bago Yoma Eco Resort.

Bulae Inn Villas Resort

Bulae Inn Villas Resort

Bulae Inn Villas Resort is only 42 miles from Yangon, in Bago region, near the Hantharwaddy Golf Club. It’s about one hour and 30 minutes’ drive from Yangon.

The resort has 30 acres of spacious green grounds, a garden view with plenty of plants, trees and also some pets in the compound.

The resort has only 13 rooms and villas. The villas were built from 100-year old wood and old bricks, with teak doors and earthen roofs and floors.

The resort doesn’t have many activities on-site, but Bulae Inn Villas is a place to feel the beauty of nature and chill with friends or family.

However, there are tourist destinations near the resort, including Kanbawzathadi Golden Palace, Buddhist temples, Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda, Kyike Pon Pagoda and the popular Bago Markets.

Currently, the resort has special rainy season promotions—check their Facebook page, Bulae Inn Villas Resort.

Thuwuna Bomi Mountain View Hotel

Thuwuna Bomi Mountain View Hotel 

Thuwuna Bomi Mountain View hotel is already popular with many local travelholics because of the stunning mountain view from its pool. It is 100 miles from Yangon in Kyaikto, only four hours’ drive away.

The restaurant at the hotel is also famous for their signature dishes and Mon cuisine. The hotel is best for relaxing, enjoying the mountainous scenery, swimming in the infinity pool and reading in their garden.

The hotel is only one hour from Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, a great destination for a day trip.

For those who are tired of city traffic, want to breathe fresh air and want a peaceful escape, Thuwuna Bomi Mountain View is a perfect place for a weekend getaway.

The hotel has various rooms with prices from 30,000-60,000 kyats per night (US$21.93-43.86). For details and promotions, check their Facebook page: Thuwuna Bomi Mountain View Hotel.

Sunny Cove Private Getaway Resort

Sunny Cove Private Getaway Resort 

For those who enjoy a party, Sunny Cove Private Getaway Resort is the place get together by the pool and is the nearest weekend getaway from Yangon. It’s located in Hlegu Township, only one hour’s drive from Yangon.

The hotel has a large pool, soundproof karaoke lounge and bar and an outdoor DJ and sound system by the pool. There’s space to swim, dance and can host a barbeque by the pool.

For those with big plans for after COVID-19, the hotel can arrange an outdoor DJ and sound system by the pool, laser beams, jumping castles, foam, fireworks and more.

Sunny Cove Private Getaway Resort is the place for party people who missed clubbing and getting together with friends during lockdown.

Room rates range from 40,000-200,000 kyats per night (US$29.24-146.21). They have a variety of packages—check their Facebook page, Sunny Cove Private Getaway Resort.

Thabarwa Campground

Tha Bar Wa Campground 

Tha Bar Wa Campground is a new travel spot and currently viral on social media among young people. It is a readymade campsite for people with little camping experience, located in a rubber farm in Bago Region.

Visitors go to central Bago first, where staff from the campground will meet them and lead them the rest of the way. They’re not currently accepting overnight stays, but the site is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The overnight stays will start after rainy season.

Visitors can experience camping and also hire guides to explore the jungle. There are grills to prepare meals and visitors can play board games, read books, play musical instruments and other activities to unplug and get offline.

Tha Bar Wa Campsite has different packages including tents, food, water bottles and coffee, starting from 50,000 kyats for two people and going up to 170,000 kyats (US$36-122).

With domestic travel opening up, it’s a good time to find a new favorite spot to escape for a while from urban city life and get some relief from stress.

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