Cronies Must ‘Change Their Behavior’: US

The Obama administration will continue to push the “handful of cronies” who control the Burmese economy to change their ways, a senior official said at a congressional hearing on Washington’s Burma policy last week. Patrick Murphy, the acting special representative and State Department policy coordinator for Burma, said the cronies “won’t benefit from our easing, but they in fact need to change their behavior so that all of Burma and all of its people can benefit.” He added the US would “target individuals and entities who thwart reform, perpetuate abuses and continue these bad practices of the past.”

3 Responses to Cronies Must ‘Change Their Behavior’: US

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Good to see that someone is standing up for morality, “so that all of Burma and all of its people can benefit”

  2. Yes!Yes!Yes! US must take a firm stand on the cronies of burma many of these Cronies are reinventing themselves by changing their image perception…still they are CRONIES however and whatever changes they make. Cronies must learn to be just like our fellow Burmese…for a start it will be good to explore the possibility of confiscating their assets…and for them to restart, afterall they did NOT earn these assets it was given to them by the JUNTA… by doing this will be a very positive step to prove they are changing for the better…look at Indonesia they confiscate all assets of the Cronies…only so then we brother and sister will be happy…Cronies doing donations are useless…the Lady herself ASSK should NOT give morale support to these cronies…or is she becoming their team member. Our Burmese people have been waiting for such changes and actions to be taken against these cronies some of them wolf in sheep skin Crony like Zaw Zaw is striving to be close to ASSK and improve his image…we all know Zaw Zaw he is nothing. Trying to get into Singapore to hide all his assets.Our sources tells us that he does not have much Liquid only assets base.
    We as burmese brother and sister will stand by and support the US to bring down these Cronies.

    • What’s nonsense comment!!! you see Daw Suu know about Burma more than you..What’s your target? just personal would like to attack Zaw Zaw. Although I don’t know the cause of your fury, I am sure Zaw Zaw is more effective to our country rather than you. you blame donation and I would like to ask you how much have you ever donated in your life? In fact his contribution is not just donation but also supportive of reform. If you live in Burma, you can ask everyone and you can hear he is good crony even if he is regarded as crony. Daw Suu know it and so she welcome him to support more and more for the goods of country. I am sure Daw Suu never know you who always live talking but never contribution. And also you accuse Zaw Zaw of transfer his assets to Singapore that means ungrounded and irresponsible words fell out of malicious mouth!! In my view he is Burmese citizen who was born in Burma and came down from Burmese descendents and never go away from Burma, if you wish, he can do it easily without support of reforms. What’s your rationale? As a developing country that try so hard to catch up with developed one we needs some businessmen like Zaw Zaw … last but not the least, please study more about Indonesia history…

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