China Calls for ‘Immediate End’ to Kachin Fighting

China has responded strongly after a Burmese artillery shell landed 500 meters into its territory on Thursday, Reuters reports. It called for an end to the fighting between Burmese government and Kachin rebels along its southern border. “China made immediate emergency representations to Myanmar, expressed strong concern and dissatisfaction with the situation, and demanded that Myanmar earnestly investigate and adopt a series of measures to prevent further similar occurrences,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said. “China calls on both sides involved in the conflict in Myanmar to … immediately implement a ceasefire.” Chinese officials did not say which warring party had fired the artillery round. On Dec. 30, three shells had also landed in China.

4 Responses to China Calls for ‘Immediate End’ to Kachin Fighting

  1. China Calls for ‘Immediate End’ to Kachin Fighting: Oh really, now that China feels excluded from being the main admirer, she now plays spite; the protagonist turns antagonist. This is nothing new, look at the Japanese Senkaku situation – now China wants to put away her little gun boats and get down to some serious conversation ; how politically romantic can it be, will Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan , South Korea India and others be far behind: Happy Valentine China.

  2. Let see Chinese lip service is effective or not. DASSK’s lip service is effective when UK is considering to re-instate of economic sanction on Burma again. However, Japanese takes a chance to invade Rangoon and Thanlyn lands for investment. Kachin can give more good term for Japanese investment on Kachin land if Japan denounces bama army invasion to Kachin lands.

  3. China is father of Kachin rebel groups. Because of their support, these groups can stand still. Otherwise, how they can get weapons? Obvious! China do not want our country to develop and to be independent economically from them. They are panic because our country has been changing and going into the world that they don’t want. So they support ethnic rebels to destroy our goals. They are trying to push western sanctions back to our country. People should understand well to fight back.

    • Violet, you hit the nail on the head…the Kachins are nothing more than a proxy army for the Chinese. China is playing the standard Chinese game of: Hear no evil, Say no evil, and See no evil, considering that China is one country that sleeps with one eye open. Who are they fooling?

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