88 Generation Leaders Speak Out on Rohingya Issue

Members of the 88 Generation Students group speak to reporters about recent violence in Arakan State. (Photo: J Paing / The Irrawaddy)

Members of the 88 Generation Students group speak to reporters about recent violence in Arakan State. (Photo: J Paing / The Irrawaddy)

Leading members of the 88 Generation students group held a press conference in Rangoon on Sunday to report on their findings from a recent trip to Arakan State, where communal clashes between Buddhists and Muslims have attracted worldwide attention.

Urging a more complete view of the situation in the troubled state, the former student activists said that  the international community should not focus only on the humanitarian dimension, but also on historical and security issues related to the conflict.

The group, which is widely regarded as one of Burma’s most prominent pro-democracy organizations, made the remarks following a visit to the state last week by UN rights envoy for Burma Tomas Ojea Quintana, who said it was a “matter of urgency” to set up an independent and credible investigation into the allegations of rights abuses.

Violence between Rohingya Muslims and Arakanese Buddhists erupted in early June, leaving dozens dead and displacing more than 91,000. There have been widespread allegations that security forces were complicit in violence targeting Rohingyas.

Min Ko Naing, one of the leaders of the 88 Generation Students group, told The Irrawaddy that both communities will continue to suffer unless the history of the region and security concerns are taken into consideration.

At the press conference, he also said that his group doesn’t reject Quintana’s calls for “an urgent independent investigation” into the violence. However, Ko Ko Gyi, another prominent member of the group, said the investigation body must be “truly independent” and conduct its works fairly if it is formed.

Following his visit, Quintana said he was “extremely concerned about the deep-seated animosity and distrust which exists between the communities in [Arakan] State. The situation will only further deteriorate unless brave steps are taken by the government.”

He also raised concerns about discrimination against the Rohingya, including the denial of citizenship and restrictions on their their freedom of movement and right to marry.

“I hope that steps will be taken to address these issues, including a review of the 1982 Citizenship Act to ensure that it is in line with international human rights standards,” said Quintana.

According to the 1982 Citizenship Law enacted by former dictator Gen Ne Win, Burma recognizes three categories of citizens—full citizen, associate citizen and naturalized citizen.

Full citizens are descendants of residents who lived in Burma prior to 1823 or were born to parents who were citizens at the time of birth. Associate citizens are those who acquired citizenship through the 1948 Union Citizenship Law. Naturalized citizens refers to persons who lived in Burma before Jan 4 1948 and applied for citizenship after 1982.

The Rohingya are not recognized as belonging to any of these categories.

Critics say the 1982 citizenship law violates several fundamental principles of international customary law standards, offends the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and leaves the Rohingya people exposed without any legal protection of their rights.

According to Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “everyone has the right to a nationality” and “no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.”

The critics say that the 1982 Citizenship Law has perpetuated the Rohingya citizenship crisis, making them objects of persecution and discrimination.

However, Ba Shein, a Lower House MP for the Rakhine Nationalities Development Party, told The Irrawaddy that the 1982 Citizenship Act was enacted with the aim of protect national security as the country is situated next to the world’s most populous countries.

The problem, he said, is that the law hasn’t be properly enforced because of corrupt immigration officials who issued national ID cards to foreigners, including Bengali migrants who entered Burma illegally from Bangladesh a long time ago. The Burmese government has simply ignored the problem  and allowed it to get worse, he said.

Ba Shein said that some Muslim leaders and foreign activists have pushed for recognition of the Rohingya as one of the country’s “national races” because they believe that will give them the right to remain in Burma as citizens.

“The international community is telling us to do this and do that about our internal affairs, but what can the world do for us to protect our national security?” he asked.

Ko Ko Gyi said Quintana only focused on the human rights dimension of the Rohingya issue because he is a UN human rights envoy. But the root of the problem is based on ethnic conflict, he said.

“While ethnic Arakanese are afraid to live in their villages, the international community is only saying that the government oppresses Muslim people,” he added.

40 Responses to 88 Generation Leaders Speak Out on Rohingya Issue

  1. Everyone has the right to a nationality. These Bengalies have been in Burma for so so many years. Somebody who has been in one place for more than 10 years must belong to that place. Life span is not even 100 years. The Burmese must learn to respect the universal Human Rights.
    Do not worry about China and India, they are all very much more develop than Burma, they are no longer interested to flock in to Burma (not like during the Golden era under the British).
    All caused by the poverty, artificial poverty enforced by Newin and Thanshwe to its own citizens, mismanagement and over stay in Power of the Military Leaders, the deeds of the Military who are direct responsible to protect this country). The Immigration Officers are too poor to support their families, the only option is to issue the Cards whoever willing pay for it, that’s simple. Now, it is too late, these Bengalies must be recognized as the Citizen of Burma. They may not belong to the 135 races, but belong to the land of Burma, no body can deny. (Military rule is more dangerous to the Country than you may ever imagine and think).

    • Some how you right.These people,whether you call Bangali or Rhingya bave been in Burma for hundreds of years.This is a history.Nobody can deny.These so called 88generation student leaders are trying to demage the image of democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi.They are te puppe of Thgein Sein.

  2. These leaders have lost the quality of leadership as they are telling lies.Burma has to pay in future if state leadership goes in their hands.

  3. Everyone has the right to a nationality and no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality??? Does any Arakanese or Burmese refuse any ethnic groups which belong within Burma legitimately? We fight each other because of the military rule. But, even ruthless military never refuse that legitimate ethnic groups of Burma do not belong within Burma. However, Rohingya group is different kind of challenge for Burma and even international community. Burma is in a bad situation, most Burmese people respect human rights as much as UN human rights representitives, however, what if Burma give up this borda invation this time, what will happen in the future?

    Why not UN propose another deal that Burma can consider? Accepting 800,000 people for a country already suffer economically because of decades long war will only make Burmese people more challenging. There are limitted job oppotunities even for legal citizens of Burma, we can not accept nearly a million people in Burma. I believe that those Rohingya people will want US, UK, Ausi, Canada and UK common wealth countries citizenship more than wretched, poor, barbaric Burmese citizenship. Why is UN beat around the bush? (1) Ask Bangladesh government to take their own people. (2) If there is any human rights loving country want to accept, poor, helpless, stateless people such as UK and US, why not let it happen? Why is it UN only forcing Burma and Burmese opposition? Is it political hijacking and political extortion based on human rights ground? Every country has immigration law to defend their boundries. One interesting point is that UN never point out Burmese immigration law weakness while Ne Win was in power, now that Burmese people are trying to open up Burmese society, why is that UN suddenly demand Burma to do it the way UN want. Burma will always lead what Burmese want, our destiny will be written by our own thinking, physically, logically and morally. We are not too stupid not to nderstand morality.

    Most of the Burmese people will share anything if they have planty, but Burma is smaller than state of Texas. Please remember that. If UN want to protect the rights of Rohingya, why not UN open camps in Northern Arakan state and give them the future they want to choose outside of Burma. Our Burmese people are sick and tired of your UN accusation of human rights breaker. If UN want to defend human rights, do something positive. Please don’t just talk. I have seen what UN is capable of in Congo, Rawanda, Bosnia and even in Cambodia? How deeply UN care about human rights?

  4. 1982 dictator ship law of one party system is totally undemocratic. 88′ generation fight against dictatorship, so they can not favor 1982 law.
    As for Muslims Rohingya of Arakan ethnicity question is secondary, but they had been already recognized as citizen of Burma after the Burmese independent and have even many parliament members and also a Muslims Minister from Arakan State. His name is Mr.Sultan Mahmood from Akyab ( Sitwe )who had granted State level hospital for Arakan at Akyab.
    It is not good here to debate history, but better to write very politely about the reality. Is it fare enough to withdraw citizenship of Muslims from Arakan by enforcing illegal law?
    It is also to consider that let us assume that these community were brought by British from East Bangal in the year 1824, now already passed 188 years. Is it not enough to become a citizen of a country by staying more than hundred years?
    Any way under humanitarian grounds these group of peoples has to recognize as human being, just can not throw away from their home land. Why a democratic elected government and previous military leader gave them the rights of citizen and ethnic group in Arakan?
    These group never demand themselves to recognize ethnicity in the past.
    Country national security has to look after by the army and it is arms forces duty under law not under persecution, and extermination due to their faith in Islam. Now whole world has come to know Burma is a country of racist.
    We all democracy loving peoples of Burma should not go too far and short sighted, be fare and if really love peace we have to treat every human beibng equally and fairly for the sake of better Burma.

    • This is what 88 Generation is not understanding. Rohingya are living in Arakan generation to generation. Ok let them say that Rohingya community were brought by British from East Bengal in the year 1824 which is agreed them self and ofcourse it was a history . Now already passed 188 years and still Rohingya are not qualified for citizenship while they had been already recognized as citizen of Burma after the Burmese independent and have even many Muslims parliament members. One Muslim Minister from Arakan State well know Mr.Sultan Mahmood from Akyab (Sittwe).
      You are right, perhaps Burma will become democratic country one day and I hope so but Racism will never end due to 88 Generation type of groups.

    • You are absolutely right.I totally agree with you.But,I am shocked after reading press conference of so called 88 generation students.They can never ever finish a minority.Of course they can mke some problems.But,it will not safe the for future of the country.All these racists are enemies of civilized society.They are exploiting all minorities inside the country.All neighbouring counries are suffering because of Burmese Refugees.Not only Banbladesh but Thailand,China and India also.This is their trus face.

  5. A Burmese Freedom Fighter

    I don’t really see Burma can move forward without addressing communal riot in western part of Burma. Ko Min Ko Naing so far is the best in making a judgment on the issue, which is acceptable to Burmese that can expends to gain international communities’ understanding on the issue.

    The president has to be very assertive in implementing his vision: putting illegal Bengali aliens into a camp or designated safe area for them. The most urgent action to be taken is to keep law and order in place in the trouble region.

    So far, Burma is losing its public relationship in the international communities. Qualified Bengali immigrants should be granted citizenship of Burma, while the rest has to enter the designated safe area under the tight security for their own safety. For sure, granting the citizenship of Burma to Bengali immigrants will not stop future violence due to deep animosity between Rakhine and illegal Bengali. The security of Rakhine should be in top priority list of whatever government of Burma’s plan to do so.

    In the mean time, independent fact finding committee has to be set up to improve Burma’s reputation in the international stage. Putting ASEAN countries in the committee is not a bad idea due to its long term constructive engagement policy toward Burma. Without finding way out of communal riots, Burma will be stuck where it is now and democratization can fade away.

    Please be aware of that Burma is not a democratic country yet and its need a lot of international community supports in building tolerated democratic country.

    A Burmese Freedom Fighter

    • It’s not surprising that Burma is losing its international credibility when – for example – someone calling themselves a freedom fighter advocates concentration camps for those he declares to be aliens. Look at what you’ve written ffs, take some time to think clearly.

      • Pooey! on international credibility. We never had one to start with.
        Yeay to letting some qualified Bengalis for citizenship.
        Yeay to enter the rest into containment until some kind of solution is found.
        Yeay to all those out there crying, let them open their own country’s doors in the name of human rights.

      • A Burmese Freedom Fighter

        Re:Be apart of the practical solutions rather than being a part of the problem. This is time for the decision of taking concrete actions to immediately stop the violence in the western part of Burma.

        Bengali are illegal immigrants who always bite the hands that has been feeding them. Granting them citizenship will still not stop the violence.

        Protection of the Rakhines, Burmese citizens is the most important job of the government of Burma before compassion and empathy to Bengali illegal immigrants.

        • Yes, yes, yes, Burma Freedom Fighter. We fight for our freedom ,not to be abused by Rohingyas in the name of their human right. their human right is in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is completely ignoring their responsibility for their own people.

          We must unite and stand up to so-called ‘international’ pressure. In fact the whole world is ignorant about our long suffering history since we were first colionised in 1826 and finally at the third stage end of 1885.

          Never forget the saying ‘ Bamar ma meh Oo Dawn ma meh. The peacok never forget. bamar is same as Myanmar because it has nothing with Bamars. Itis origin is in Brahma, the creator god of Hinduism. Buddhism was created by the Buddha born a Hindu prince.
          Bamar asa Tagaung ga. Never forget that. Burma started the monarchy 3000 years ago. Even Thai historians recognised. Rama I was sponsored by the Burmese emperor.
          Laos became a monarchy in the 13th century under patronage of a Burmese emperor. laotians are alomost the same race as Burmese.

          Rohingyas and bangladeshis are part Dravidian and part Indo-eurpean. Boy, you really have to study history going back to continental drift.

          You can see why the people is south India are so differrenbt from those of the north.

  6. This article doesn’t match its title. Instead more focus and point out in favor of Bengali. What a shame!!!

  7. George Than Setkyar Heine

    “The international community is telling us to do this and do that about our internal affairs, but what can the world do for us to protect our national security?” Ba Shein asked.
    Hope the UN could/would ANSWER Ba Shein’s QUERY in time and substantively as well.
    Ko Ko Gyi said Quintana only focused on the human rights dimension of the Rohingya issue because he is a UN human rights envoy. But the root of the problem is based on ethnic conflict, he said.
    Quintana is GOOD at HIS JOB as evidenced.
    However, he FAILED to GRASP the ROOT CAUSE – ethnic conflict – as he MET the Rohingyas only and thus SAW ONE SIDE of the COIN of course.
    “While ethnic Arakanese are afraid to live in their villages, the international community is only saying that the government oppresses Muslim people,” he added.
    Hence, the international community saying the government of Burma oppresses Muslim people just WOULDN’T MAKE SENSE much less HOLD ANY WATER of course.
    Thein Sein’s, to be precise, Min Aung Hlaing led BURMA ARMY, REALLY and ROUTINELY TRIGGER HAPPY in this sort of situations as worldwide known, WAS OUT OF the PICTURE and SIGHT as well while the Rohingyas were BURNING and KILLING the NATIVE ARAKANS/RAKHINES as evidenced by numerous video footages as well.
    Remember, BURMA ARMY killed thousands of peacefully demonstrating people in 1988, 1996 and the Buddhist monks no exceptions during the Saffron Revolution. Even a Japanese photo-journalist was shot dead at point blank lest the Muslims forget.
    Of course Rohingyas living in foreign lands FABRICATED/MAGNIFIED/MANUFACTURED and LIED about and BLEW the WHOLE AFFAIR OUT OF PROPORTION as evidenced today and OBVIOUSLY as well.
    And the UN led international community SWALLOWED the BAIT – HOOK, LINE and SINKER as well no less for that matter.
    Quintana following his visit said, he was “extremely concerned about the deep-seated animosity and distrust which exists between the communities in [Arakan] State. The situation will only further deteriorate unless brave steps are taken by the government.”
    And also raised concerns about discrimination against the Rohingya, including the denial of citizenship and restrictions on their their freedom of movement and right to marry”.
    Of course the SITUATION as said WILL EXIST and DETERIORATE as well in case the Rohingyas RUN WILD and RAMPAGE in Rakhine land AGAIN and in the FUTURE.
    This time DON’T BLAME the BURMA ARMY for that matter I say.
    As for ‘DENIAL of CITIZENSHIP’ the Rohingyas HAVE NO ACCESS much less RIGHT to ATTAIN CITIZENSHIP of the Union of Burma because THEY ARE NO NATIVES of BURMA; THEY HAVE CROSSED the BORDER only WITHOUT PROPER IDENTIFICATION and PAPERS (ILLEGAL CROSSING) for that MATTER since day one, in the first place and until today.
    DETENTION is the ONLY OPTION for ILLEGAL ENTRY in ANY GIVEN COUNTRY on this EARTH and that’s a FACT no less.
    Singapore is an obvious case in point: people who OVERSTAYED their VISAS are BRUTALLY CANED in addition to DETENTION and IMPRISONMENT before DEPORTATION as well.
    The BEST BET to RESOLVE the ROHINGYA CRISIS in Arakan State: Quintana’s UN (UNHCR) TAKE THE MATTER into ITS HANDS – open refugee camps for Rohingyas in Bangladesh (not in Arakan State) and send them to third countries specifically the countries in the ORGANIZATION of ISLAMIC COUNCIL (OIC) to RESETTLE the ROHINGYA MUSLIMS SPEAKING more or less the SAME TONGUE and PROFESSING the SAME CULTURE and TRADITIONS not to mention RELIGION – ISLAM of course.

    “I hope that steps will be taken to address these issues, including a review of the 1982 Citizenship Act to ensure that it is in line with international human rights standards,” said Quintana.

    According to the 1982 Citizenship Law enacted by former dictator Gen Ne Win, Burma recognizes three categories of citizens—full citizen, associate citizen and naturalized citizen.
    The Islamic fundamentalists are THREATENING to KILL and DESTROY the people of Burma living in alien lands.
    And they certainly KEPT their PROMISE as well.
    Two Rakhine natives were MURDERED in Malaysia, a Muslim country lately and the police had no CLUES in the matter of course.
    There are A MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS from Bangladesh FLOODING the LAND of the ARAKANS/RAKINES today.
    And Quintana is CALLING for URGENT INVESTIGATION into the MATTER, of course in respect to HUMAN RIGHTS.

    • hysterical – have a lie down.

    • George Than Setkyar Heine, you are totally right about your comment. all Burma Ethnic People will be totally agree with you. the TRUTH is around the world, all democratic or islamist country, they never accept Citizenship for Illegal Migrants, whatever they live Many Years Illeglly in such Country, eg. Farance deport back JIPSY PEOPLE to Romania, in Malaysia and Singapore Operasi to catch illegal migrants and sent to Camp,tortue,cain and deport back to their orgin country. in Indonesia, Chinese Peoples citizens of Indonesia are cannot speak their Chinese language in Public Area. so, you all people should have to think and carefull about Burma in Illegl Migrants Bangali/Rohingya People, because they attack native Arkanese/Rakhine, then this is threaten National Security of Burma.

      • Win is totally correct. We do not have any problem with the Muslims living in the cities, with Burmese nationality. so it is not so much a religious issue as Bangladesh’s policy of adopting Hilter’s Lenebsrau. Please please study this very seriously.

        If Burma is forced to accept the bengali rohingyas on this occasion, next there will be influx of more and more bengalis, or Bangladeshis, future rohingyas. Once the critical mass is reached they will demand an Islamic state withing Yakhine. then what? Too late.
        Burma must stand up to the pressure of so-called Human Right agents. What is Human right anyway? it can never be defined objectively. it is used selectively to suit the desired end.

        This is a very very serious issue.

        Wake up all native people of Burma, mongoloids by race and most sharing Buddhism, living peacefully alongside Hindus, Christians and a very few jews – and animists.

        Remember this is not a religious issue. it is the issue of the colionial legacy and baout Bangladesh not taking responsibility for their kin.

        Now, what about the original Burmese who hav ebeen persecuted in northern bangladesh, that used to belong to Burma.
        Come on stop being holier than thou and lie down naked so that the Rohingyas can rape you. Is that what you pro-rohingyas want?

        Illegal immigrants are illigal immigrants no mattere how long they lived illegally in weakend Burma. Their human right is in their country of origin.

  8. 1982 citizenship law is totally unacceptable if you people are really want a true democratic country. As one of your Parliament member said that:
    “the law has not be properly enforced because of corrupted immigration officials who issued national ID cards to foreigners, including Bengali migrants who entered Burma illegally from Bangladesh a long time ago.”
    So it was the fault of immigration officials as well as fault of government, who didn’t care about upcoming issues.
    Question is where 88 Generation were when corrupted immigration officers were issuing national ID cards to foreigners? Why you didn’t shout at that time? Rather doing this, you people are promoting the systematic cleansing of Rohingya from Arakan.
    The world knows that the 1982 citizenship law violates several fundamental principles of citizenship law standards as current UN envoy also not happy with your citizenship law. Why you people are trying to make a different type democratic country? Which is not acceptable internationally.

  9. So, what about the Chinese gas/oil pipeline and the massive deep-sea-port at Kyaukphyu for the Chinese Navy? Isn’t that also a threat to Burmese sovereignty and national security? What about all those illegal Chinese immigrants (who bribed or bought their Burmese ID) living all over Northern Burma, including Mandalay, Lashio, Muse, etc. I can’t stand hypocrisy and double standards. One country, one citizenship law. What’s the difference between a Rohingya and a Chinese? I don’t understand.

    • Do these Chinese, rape, pillage, burn and mutilate our people like the Rohingya?
      If they do, they would certainly meet the same animosity from us.
      You see, we are a very tolerable people. And for your information, these people blend in very well with us. They are not confrontational.

  10. Maung Kyaw Nu ,A former political prisoner of conscience

    Ko Ko Gyi.

    You should have to go to the school to learn politic and Humanity. Do you not feel shy to sell your name as politician? Your racist statement regarding Arakan is shameful . Don’t try to spoil student generation name. You are helping Militarism.

    • I think Ko Ko Gyi got something from Ruling bosses. Shame on him.How Ko Ko Gyi, Mya Aye etc ex-convicts are becoming political leaders. Do they really understand Politics. However, Min Ko Naing speaks very sensible.

      • All prisonrs are not poliicians and all politicians are not prisoners.These 88 generation students are hypocritical.They are trying to get a selfish democracy without human rights.These group is uneducated chauvinists.

        • Don’t be ridiculous. 88 generation students are patriotic. And because of them we get at least semi-democracy. But the system is there. the bottle is there, the constitution. Just put new ine. OK?

          suukYi is becoming more and more irrelevant for better or worse. Hopefully for better. We need 88 generation students to become leaders of near future Burma.

          Unite with the parliament, with the government, with the President, with pre-colonial history, with the epoiple and with the military.
          We will be a strong and prosperous and free country.

  11. I totally agree with Min Ko Naing and Ko Ko Gyi. Every country including US and Muslim world protect their national interest as their first priority. Myanmar must also practise the same international principle. Myanmar’s first priority must be to protect our Rakhines and Rakhine state, our Buddhism and our nation’s sovereignty.

  12. I’ve had enough of the know-it-all 88 Generation’s posturing as those in permanent possession of incontrovertible truths. Their knowledge on this issue is thin to say the least (their ‘survey’ means nothing as they made their views entirely clear before they visited); they seem to have no clue of the effects their statements will have further down the line. Race hate, militarism, xenophobia… yeah, really progressive, thanks guys.

  13. Very poor state indeed. It is a very good example when your country is very weak in almost all perspectives, when a group of your peoples are worshipers of the global dictators (maybe without even knowing what they are doing), when you have no ownership of any one of the global platforms (media, technological, educational, banking and trade, economic, food, transport, management, etc.) and at the same time your life is depending on the products of the global dictators – we the so-called international community hear little of what you say but we hear ourselves most of the time.

    You are the victims of world’s media bias, multiple standards, hatred, lies, dictatorships, monopoly, etc… and your own past bad mistakes.

    As long as some of your peoples who enjoy access to the world’s popular media who are slaves of the west – your country likely will become slaves. Unfortunately these peoples seem to be the ones with the best language skills out of all Myanmar peoples. So they know their advantage. The loser is the truth. On top of that narrow mindedness, multiple standards and global big brother laws are all against unity, security and progress of your country. How your country could possibly escape from being slaves in this situations?

    Well, look at our countries and the history.

    We worked hard, we invented, we invaded, we explored, we went adventure, we bombed, we dropped atomic bombs, we dropped chemical bombs, we created hatred among global population, we make good use of peoples’s desires for our benefits, we teach all our children the world strongest nationalism, we are very smart and understand since the day one of our life that it is a struggle (meaning animal life or the rule of the fittest).

    We will do everything we can to make sure our continued superiority. We will never allow any single tiny thing to happen any time anywhere in the world if we see that that tiny little thing can in the future create something that can challenge our global dictatorial power. At this stage we own the world, we rule the world, our saying is the truth.

    Who can come close to us? Look around your country. Thailand is our long time slave (we call it friend).

    We hate you from our heart but we know how to pretend and we smile beautifully that can enslave. But whenever there is chance we try to kill you one part at a time in a smartest way. Finally we need you to become total slave. Our men want to overpower all your citizens in all contexts. We already have that at least to a limited extent.

    Now you are facing with a big problem at least partly due to your past bad mistake, and mainly due to our lies and bias in medias that we control. Yes it has been cooked by your former colonial powers too.
    Anyway that group of your peoples (including this magazine and many other so-called dissidents who have been eating our tax payers’ money for so long) also help us what we want to achieve.

    Okay, let us see what dangers your country is facing. It will take thousands of hours to debate the definitions of dangers and other worlds being used here. I will use them with some compromise, taking it less serious than my own country woulod us. So I am presenting much fewer dangers than you actually maybe having.

    Here are the dangers you have now, what the world’s great powers will do if it happens in their own country and suggestions.

    1) There is a possibility that your country will become (at least partly) under the control of certain new coming ethnicity that is seen as “unwanted” in any other part of the world

    1-1) If this possibility come out in any western country we will never allow it to grow. We will kill that possibility at its infancy. Do you understand the meaning? It also mean that if this possibility occurs in any other part of the world (for example it is happening in yours right now) we will never allow this to move to our own soil (notice the use of word “our own soil” – do not smile for now). So we will try our best at all cost to keep the problem in your soil.

    1-2) What you should do?
    Of course you do not have control of any single piece of the world’s media. You are also unrespected peoples. Your communication skills are very low. But don’t give up. Here are the ways you should try to fight for justice. It will take time, long time..

    – Use logical reasoning
    – Point our blantly and clearly the multiple standards the world powers have been using
    – Your country domestic media must be trained to write in both Myanmar and English, they must write without hatred, bias, and emotion. Always use logical reasoning
    – Be adventurious and skillful in writing. Think of it like a game but you always try to play like human. Do not lie.
    – Stop all the corruption in your army, police force and immigration system
    – Unite your country citizens by giving them chances to learn and become healthy peoples. You Myanmar peoples must be mentally and physically strong, adventure-type, inventer-type, educated. When they are getting the chances to become strong, healthy and happy and they really are in their own country they will love their country.
    – Try at all cost to make your media heard around the world. But of course most of the world’s medias will ingore and try to kill yours if it contains things they do not want. Keep trying.

    2) Your country economic, food security, health, and other development factors are in great danger.

    2-1) If these happen in the west, for sure, we will never allow this. Even a tiny hints of this thing will be supressed at once and for all.

    Again it is simple truth.
    The world, our planet is not designed and built by any one of us. Nobody should own and control the world.
    We human being are one of the worse parasites. We say we develop, we have high technology, we create civilizations, etc. But the planet suffers a lot because of our action. We in the west probably consume the world’s resources 5 to 10 times (per person) more than the South Asians. But the damages made to the nature by any one anywhere will effect any place. There is no border.

    The resources of the planet should be shared fairly.
    Why a country with limited resources, limited food, limited transportation system, limited land has to take in such a large number of unskilled peoples? I have seen Myanmar immigrants in the US and Canada. They took amny years, have to sumit many documents, have to pass tests and gain scores, have to show skills thay have that pass our rules, etc. to come to live here. Peoples who come under the name of “refugees” (by the way who decided the definition of this word “refugee”?) are different. They enjoy free things in their first years. But according to my experience and from my friends probably about 80% are fake.

    So by logically, if we want to behave like human being (well, according to our own definition of human, different from animals) we need to share the world’s resources.

    These 1 million illegal peoples currently staying and producing off-springs at a great rate should be slowly sent in many groups to many different countries where there are food, jobs, schools to train them, medical facilities to take care of them, lands to live.

    There are at least several more serious problems you are facing.
    Instead of talking all of these I also want to point of few of your mistakes.

    There are peoples in your country who hate certain ethnicity or religion. Yes, that we need to learn the history to understand these problems. The British and other colonial powers have cooked much of the current problems you have. Current religious and ethnic problems we have in the west is also generating the similar attitudes in your country. But what I can tell is some of your peoples do not have logic and logical reasoning when doing something: writing or acting against things you do not like.

    I believe that to stop these problems proper education must be created urgently in all places continuously and available to all citizens. So this will take long time too. Here are few points:-

    – Education including health system must be improved
    – Homes, streets, rivers, farmlands, forests, towns and cities must be clean and green. Your peoples must be fully responsible
    – Your peoples must become strong, educated, deep and wide thinker, adventurers, harding working, honest, helping and open minded persons
    – You must be able to produce all basic life necessary (food and agriculture, power generating, house bulding, transport system, communication, management and rules and laws) yourself that will create sustainable and long lasting peaceful community
    – Promote arts, science, logical reasoning, communication skills, creativity, etc. available to all your peoples

    You have done a bis mistake for 1/2 a century. At this time when the world is ruled by global dictators you may have to play safe to avoid more danger that may come into your country sooner or later. You do not have powerful peoples to protect yourself. So play safe, use peoples with great communication skills, be united, and at the same time promote seriously education and health of all your peoples to become strong mentally and physically in the next 10 or 15 years.

    • Thank you, thak you, thank you, William. You are hundred percent right. What a great pity some Burmese poepl are so ignorant and yet talk from the mountain, not aware of realpolitik.

  14. Rohingya problems are created by more than half a century rules of the fascist military regimes, their corrupted administration with the help of equally corrupted immigration department. All the office administrations in Burma were invaded by army officers, removed the able civilian managements and rule with iron fist to get Burma to road to ruin. One saying about the military takeover of the respected civilian school in Rangoon. The missionary proudly built the St Paul`s education establishment in the centre of Rangoon. When the military took over power in 1960s, the educationally renown St Paul school was sysytematically ruined by appointment of the military master by ruling generals. The result was the Saint Paul became every parent` horror to send their kids for good education.
    The half a century old problems of corruption promoted Rohingya saga could not be sorted out by any means and that is what the military regimes wants to discredit any democratic leaders popular amoung the public. The issue had alredy silent the mouth piece of NLD. It immobilize Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.
    Public have to choose whether thay wants to live under the miliatry regimes with fear-down-the-spine program of saving the country from disintegration with iron fist or support our leader Daw Aung Suu Kyi`s program of establishment of rule of law.
    No one need to fear the danger of Rohingya`s plan of demanding separate states if the whole country is protected by rule of law.
    In democratic societies, we got millions of extremists who had the opened ideas of state separation but they were immobilised by rule of law. Racist attitude would be deciding factor in this game. If the general public choose the wrong path, the country will decend into oblivion again. You are the decider. I earnestly request the public to do the right thing now.

  15. Every person have a right to a nationality …?,What about giving me a us citizenship.

    • Giving Myanmar ID card to them dont solve the problem. They claimed there are living in border area for decades, none of them speaks Burmese language, non of them use Myanmar currency. They dont know anything about our culture. My idea is put them in heavily guarded camps and feed them from money received from donation.

  16. I am also a Muslim from Myanmar.
    We must not accept these Illegal Bengali Immigrants and must deport them to Bangladesh or to Pakistan (if they are so concern).
    We do not have a word of Rohingya in our ethnic minority. They speaks Bengali, and they crossed border illegally during Ne Win time by paying bribes to Myanmar immigration officer. There are lots of illegal immigrants Bengalis in Yangon and other major cities. We must catch and deport these trouble makers to Bangladesh. Period.

    • Congratulation, Ne Htun. That is precisely the point. Buddhists just to be Buddhists whilst tolerating all other religions.
      Who cares if you are Muslim or Buddhist. You are a patriotic Burmese/Myanmar. That you are a muslim is an irrelevant coincidence.

      three cheers!

  17. We must first establish the rule of effective immigration law that must be strictly enforced. All illegal immigrants in any cities, towns, and villages in Myanmar/Burma including Yangon must be arrested and detained for deportation.

    All corrupt Myanmar/Burma government, immigration and other officials must be arrested and severely punished now and future with a strict law because allowing illegal immigrants by taking bribes is the same as treason against Burma or destruction of Burma’s sovereignty.

    All Rohingyas without authentic proof of legal status, i.e., including those who obtained legal status in Burma by bribing Burmese immigration officials, police and other Myanmar/Burmese government officials must be arrested and detained.

    All those member countries of OIC, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, should, instead of reading and believing public relation lies and propaganda produced by Rohingyas or Bengalis and accusing the government of Burma of atrocities, be welcoming their fellow Muslims in their member countries for legal residence; with 40 nations of OIC, it will be only on average 20,000 for each member nation. As most OIC members are oil-rich nations unlike Burma, where people are very poor without jobs, the OIC nations will be doing a noble and charitable task for their fellow muslims. It will take less time than asking for the Bengalis or Rohingyas to be given legal status in Myanmar.

  18. I love all comments. One final thing to say as follows:

    Rohingyas are not our ethinc people and must be caned and deported to Bangadesh. Any muslim contries want to take them, be it we will arrange to send them for good.

    Best arrangment for now, let Rohigyas stay in border camps since they are illegal. If new illegal immigrants try to sneak in this time shoot them or tow away to their original place/ sea. No mercy please. Tough action to be taken.

    All illegal Bengalis inside Myanmar will be indentified including MPs from Naypyidaw & deport to their country of birth if proved that their citizenship was obtained illegally or incorrect information.

    Solutions are simple and according to internation code of condut.

  19. The present problem can only be minimised with both the Bengladesh government and the Myanmar government coming to a negotiated long term solution. Bengladesh is more developed and presentlycan offer to its population better life opportunities than Myanmar. But with high population growth and limited land area it considers that with Myanmars economic opening up to be integrated into global economic nexus it would slowly catch up economically and give its citizen a better life chance and improved quality of life. The Rakhines and the Myanmar people must also defend its national sovereignity and protect the future generation from perpetual poverty and conquest by others.

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