3 Responses to War in Kachin: ‘This is a One-Sided Offensive’

  1. Civil war museum is needed in Burma. It will also include killings from ne win’s rule to than she’s rule. Ethnics were killed. Women were raped. Monks were gunned down. Students were slaughtered. Civilians were killed. War museum is very important thing we need to have. I will contribute at least $ 20,000 for this project if started today.

  2. Those who know, the resumption of war by Tatmadaw war mongers against the KIO/KIA, with the usual gross human rights violations and crime against humanity, is most appalling. Eighteen years ago power-mad war mongers led by the SPDC military dictatorship isolated the KNU/KNLA and tried to wipe out the Karen freedom movement for 17 years, without success. Now the war mongers in the Tatmadaw (maybe not President U Thein Sein, who is hankering after Nobel Peace Prize) isolate the KIO/KIA and try to wipe it out in two months, but the war has been going on for 3 years now. It is clear that these war mongers have jumped into a quagmire and do not know how to extricate themselves. Now they are slyly trying to get the resistance forces to sign the so-called nationwide ceasefire. The war mongers have to know that the overwhelming majority of even the Burman people no longer support the war of aggression and colonization. Federal union and genuine democracy are the only way to peace, stability and escape from poverty.

  3. “Ma May Sabe Phyu” makes the following statement, the best for revealing bama military life-long, their low altitude(ethic and moral character), cruel, selfish to all own/ordinary/simple Burmese people .

    i am always pity and sympathy on all ethnics. UK, US and EU wants to teach the military lessons for bama army not to rape and not to torture all ethnics with their higher graded weapons because bama army at all has no basic human knowledge/understanding apart from getting “free lunch”. Those thugs do not understand “which is good or which is bad” The output of DSA and OTS are the worst human, unfair opportunistic and finding easy and free-lunch from others from their guns they are the only right to have license to carry in Burma. Most thugs are very low in their education achievement so they try to join DSA and OTS for their selfishness with their connection. They all know bama army are not good( very bad reputation in history and now and then) before they join those. Ordinary soldiers are very poor mostly so they join bama army for living/earning/survival in the world poorest county, Burma.
    Are those bama soldiers are real Buddhist?

    MMSP said “They(Bama military thugs) always break their promises. They(Bama military thugs) just pressure others until they get the situation they want.”
    MMSP and KJ are well educated as the way they talk and the contents, the opinions they make and state. They are humble and state in very fairness in every angles and view points. From my view point, China is the only country to make Burma to get the real democracy. If China is not greedy and sincere enough for the sake of all ethnics, blood are very close to China, all ethnics have a chance to get what they are promised by late General Aung san. Let see how the future giant China will interpret the meaning and right of Panglong agreement. However, China might say they will not interfere other country affair, they only are interested in cheaper price or good and they do not understand the Panglong agreement, written in English ( i.e is Killer Chairman Moa’s principle and practice for human being). Kachin should negotiate to sell their land and resource in cheaper price to China for 50 years instead of being raped and robbed by fox than shwe’s group and his dirty/tricky and killing political strategy. Fox did not and does not honor Panglong agreement which have been already invalidated by bama military thugs so Kachin and all ethnics are free to choose what they should and can do. China should not mean by buying Kachin land and resource are invalid and it does not mean ” interfering other internal affair, like happening in “Wa state”. Wa has own autonomy, fortunately declared by Khin Nyunt for the sake of border guard or ? lucrative opium trade in both sides.

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