Burma Govt Rejects ‘Unacceptable’ UN Statement on Rohingya Killings

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Chief Minister of Arakan State Hla Maung Tin leads a delegation, including UN representatives, on a visit to Du Chee Yar Tan village on Wednesday, in this photo posted on the website of Burma’s Ministry of Information. (Photo: MoI)

RANGOON — A Burmese government spokesman has said a statement by the United Nations claiming it had credible information that at least 48 Rohingya Muslims were killed in northern Arakan State this month was “unacceptable.”

In the statement released Thursday in New York, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay called for an investigation into the alleged deaths in Du Chee Yar Tan village, Maungdaw Township, reports of which Burmese authorities have strongly denied.

Ye Htut, spokesman for the office of President Thein Sein, told The Irrawaddy on Friday that the UN statement could worsen the situation in western Burma, and would lead to a loss of trust in the UN.

“It was sad to see a statement issued by the UN, not using information from their local office staff, but quoting unreliable information and issuing the statement. These accusations are unacceptable,” he told The Irrawaddy.

“By acting like this, it will mean the local people will have more concerns, doubts and less trust in the UN.”

The Burmese government on Wednesday took representatives of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights, local members of Parliament and religious leaders to visit Du Chee Yar Tan. Ye Htut insisted that the delegation found nothing wrong in the village during the trip and insisted that representatives were able to talk to local people, including Muslim leaders.

He suggested the reports of killings were designed to damage the Burma government’s reputation.

“I believe that these rumors were spread at the same time we were having the Asean meeting, and as well as while the UN envoy [to Burma] Mr. Vijay Nambiar visited the country,” said Ye Htut, referring to a meeting of regional foreign ministers that took place in Bagan on Jan. 17.

“Those who spread the rumor instigate to make tension where there is peace already in the village,” said Ye Htut.

Violence between Arakanese Buddhists and stateless Rohingya Muslims has broken out sporadically in Arakan State since mid-2012, leading to scores dead and at least 140,000 displaced, mostly Muslims. International rights groups say the violence, which has also hit non-Rohingya Muslims in other parts of the country, threatens to undermine the progress of reforms in Burma.

The latest killings allegedly took place both in the run up to, and following, the disappearance of a police officer on Jan. 13. That incident allegedly provoked a violent attack on Rohingya villagers by security forces and Arakanese Buddhists.

“The United Nations has received credible information that, on 9 January, eight Rohingya Muslim men were attacked and killed in Du Chee Yar Tan village by local [Arakanese],” the UN statement said. “This was followed by a clash on 13 January in the same village in which a police sergeant was captured and killed by the Rohingya villagers. Following this, on the same evening at least 40 Rohingya Muslim men, women and children were killed in Du Chee Yar Tan village by police and local [Arakanese].”

“I deplore the loss of life in Du Chee Yar Tan and call on the authorities to carry out a full, prompt and impartial investigation and ensure that victims and their families receive justice,” Pillay was quoted saying in the statement. “My Office stands ready to support this process.”

Pillay asked authorities to respond “quickly and decisively” to the reports, and to ensure that the rights of 10 Rohingya men who reportedly remain detained are respected. The statement said the UN had shared its information on the incident with the Burma government

The state-owned New Light of Myanmar on Thursday reported that only the disappearance of the police officer, and his firearm, was being investigated. The newspaper gave an account of the events that said a mob of 500 Rohingya confronted police and captured the officer. The police later returned to make arrests, but there were no reprisals, the report said.

But the Burma government is facing increasing pressure over the allegations and continued restrictions on access to the area in question. The embassies of the United States and Britain have already called for a transparent investigation, as has the UN’s special rapporteur on human rights in Burma, Tomás Ojea Quintana.

On Thursday, Valerie Amos, the UN’s under-secretary general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator, also called on the government “to immediately launch an impartial investigation into these events and to respect the rights of those arrested and detained in connection with this incident.”

On Friday, medical NGO Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), which works in Arakan State, issued a statement saying it had treated Rohingya injured during the incident.

MSF Myanmar Head of Mission Peter-Paul de Groote was quoted saying that “MSF has treated at least 22 patients, including several wounded, that are believed to be victims of the violence that erupted in Du Char Yar Tan village, in southern Maungdaw Township on January 14.

“MSF continues to be concerned by reports that there may be unmet medical needs among the affected population and stands ready to support local health authorities in providing medical care to those in need. We continue to request the Government of Myanmar to enable safe access to the affected population for humanitarian personnel and ensure the security of the civilian population in need of assistance.”

Speaking at a press conference in Naypyidaw on Thursday, Shwe Mann, the Lower House speaker in Burma’s Parliament said he had not received any reports about the incident in Maungdaw, and therefore could not discuss the possibility of a parliamentary investigation.

“We did not get any report from the ground. We do not know about it. If we get a report from the ground, we could discuss this issue in Parliament,” he said.

28 Responses to Burma Govt Rejects ‘Unacceptable’ UN Statement on Rohingya Killings

  1. No Rohingyas in Burmese History.

    Only Illegal Bengalis in Burma.


    • There were no historical records of Burman settling in Kachinland till British troops sailed up the Irrawaddy River, and more recently precious stones were found in large quantities. Yet look at the greedy claims by the Burman that Kachinland belongs to them. The Kachin has in many occasions told the Burman that they are not welcome.

      What would you call such unlikable people?

    • Who are they then – just came out of thin air. Grow up, act like humans, not animals !!

    • Rakhines don’t want them. Chins don’t like them. Myanmars don’t need them. Kachins, Shans, Mons, Karens and Kayahs do not love them. Myanmar is not a place for Rohingya.

    • Yes dear,
      No Rohingyas in Burmese History.
      No Karen in Burmese History.
      No Kachin in Burmese History.
      No Chin in Burmese History.
      No do many other tribes that are mentioned.

      And the illegal Bengalis that wasn’t included in our Burmese History are the descendants of the people who gave up their lives to protect our great grandfathers and mothers along with the countless British,Indian,Bengali,and so many other nationalities of soldiers that are buried so that you can live and write the rude,hateful statement below in Burglish.

      • Its absolutelY true. They think Burma is for Burmans. What a fooolish idea. Think twice. What about this planet? Do you want to say this universe is created for the Burmans. What else do you want to possess? We are also part of this planet and we are also part of this country. Our founding Father Bogyoke Aung San said on his visit to the Muslim Rohingyas, to Akyab [Sittwe] accompanied by Rohingya leaders Mr Abdul Ghaffar B.A.B.T. and Advocate U Pho Khine B.A.,B.L. from Akyab in Nineteen Forty Seven. His first words with the Rohingyas was I came here to give you a blank cheque. Take it or leave it. All the races and the ethnic minorities is ONE. We will live together and we will die together. He was unifying the whole country to demand Independence from the British. In spite of these promises of our great leader now you call us Bengalis.You took away our genuine NRC cards and NOW YOU CALL US bENGALIS? We are not Bengalis we are Rohingyas. Our ethnicity is Rohingya.Our identity is Rohingya and our religion is Islam. We ROHINGYAS are in the British Archives, in the UN Archives. The UN call us Rohingyas are the most persecuted minority in the world. The entire mankind call us Rohingyas.Do you want to say they are all idiots? — Except ‘great’ burmans.

        The great burmans are nothing but a big frog in a small pond. Come out and see for yourselves how beautiful this world is. I believe you are a decent person. Buddhism is a great religion of Peace and Harmony. It teaches LIVE AND LET LIVE not Live and let die.

        Lord Buddha has said What is Evil? Killing is evil. Lying is Evil. Slandering is Evil. Abuse is Evil. Gossip is Evil. Envy is Evil. Hatred is Evil. To cling to False Doctrines is Evil. All these things are Evil.

        And what is the root of Evil?

        Desire is the root of Evil. Illusion is the root of Evil.— LORD BUDDHA.

  2. u.n pressure has nothing before myanmar govt.the militery govt and unqualified local reking authorties don’t know what’s the human rights and democracy.deniel without inquiry and blocking access to the alleged areas mean some things are hiding if ye htut claim is right than what problems in international investigations.All myanmar authorities are bloodh=y liers .

  3. We do not know why so called Rohingars were taken care by people who know nothing about them except but are convinced by untrue facts. If you really want to sort out the problem, you please take them by changing your constitution of immigration law when you forced others to change the constitution.

    If UN is one side blind and making the situation worse, you should be there.

  4. Shame on you, Ko Ye Htut. You people are still lying. Grow up !
    No body can hide the reality.The world is watching .

  5. Little knowledge is dangerious. Both Buddhists and Muslims living in Mro Hong, the ancient capital of Arakan are called Roa-hong-thar that mean Rohingya. That is clear in the history standing, but in Arakan no Muslims claim themself as ” Rohingya ” as ethnic till 1958. Only Bama leadres Prime Minister U Nu and Brig. General Aung Gyi, the then Vice Cheif of Staff of Burma Army decleared that those Muslims living in the area of Buthidaung . Maungdaw and Kyauktaw are to be called ” Rohingyas” at Mujahid surrendered time.

  6. Rohingyas have been living in their ancestral homeland from ages. This has been claimed unanimously by the world body. No regrets.

    • Saif Ali Khan. You can not intrude other peoples’ home and telling everyone this home is mine.

      Why don’t you go back to Bangladesh and shut your mouth?

      Master British Colony Government had rewarded Indian (included Bangali) for their slave service for British Empire with Chittagong Hill Tracts to East Pakistan (Bangladesh) and Assam and Manipur to India also Adman Island chain as well.
      You Bengalis are too greedy and you should satisfy with Chittagong Hill Tracts.

      I must suggest UN Human Right Commission and International Human Right Organization to relocate illegal Bengali migrants from Burma to one of Adman Islands.

      India does not own or no connection to Adman Islands in history before British Colony Government gave controlled on Adman Islands. Illegal Bengali migrants from Burma should be relocated to one of Adman Islands. Also before British colonized India the Bangladeshis are Indians.

      Why British Government is quiet about Bengalis invading to Burma?
      British Government should tell Bengalis “Hey, the Rakhine was not included in your reward and get out from Rakhine land now”

    • Which world body saif? Bangladesh I presume since that is the place from which the socalled rohingyas came? The fabricated news story soon after the killing of a police officer in Maungdaw by these socalled helpless rohingyas and false campaign of rohingya killing has already attracted a lot of attention at home and abroad. Now it has been proved beyond doubt who are behind the police killing, and who, to cover up the murder started arson in their own village and blame the Rakhine. And for your information the words ‘rohingya’ and ‘mog’ are Bengali words. Since the socalled rohingyas use the two words profusely, this alone proves that they are Bengalis and for this reason most are illegal entries to Burma. There may be some Bengalis in Rakhine state, they can be the old settlers. If they can prove their ancestry back to seven generations, fine, they are citizens, if not, they are tose ‘coolies’ brought by the British imperialists.

      • Don’t worry. The world is aware of all your dirty. filthy. diabolic tricks, your blackmail and lying Mister. Pls repent on what Lord Buddha has said. I LIKE BUDDHA BUT I DON’T LIKE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT LIKE BUDDHA.

  7. Allow thorough investigation from world body. Let the truth be revealed. Arguing may not reveal truth. Rohingya people always use pictures from the streets of Yangon from 2007 Monks rising against dictators as their own suffering. These Rohingya people may resettle near UN headquarters in New York and the whole world will find out in a few weeks that they are dirty people with crooked minds.

  8. It damages the perception of Buddhists by other cultures to become aware of denial and willful ignorance by Burmese Buddhists of the mistreatment and discrimination against non-Buddhists in Myanmar. You can lie to yourself, but you cannot lie to us without revealing your lies.
    No Rohingyas in Burmese history? Not even one?
    Shame on you.

  9. mynamar should take back illegal burmes from bangladesh like that chakma, marma, rakhaine (illegal burmes in bangladesh)

  10. Burmese Government systematically uprooted Muslims villages in Kyawk Pyu and Mikhtilla. Muslims from those villages are now in IDP camps. Whenever Burmese government wants to do dirty things, will dispatch their hate monger Wirathu to give hate coated speech. Recently he was sent to Rakhine Maung Daw and Buthidaung. What happened after his visit to Rakhine state, world came to know. Once President had requested UN to take unwanted Rohingya from his country but UN refused. So Government put systematic maneuver to force the people out of the Rakhine. state. Rakhine people has their rebel group who are fighting openly against the Burmese Govt. But president spokesmen will not utter a word for them. But unseen RSO rebel group of came out suddenly in their dream to fool outside world. Burmese Government thugs can fool Burmese people but not the world

  11. UN are always sided with Rohingya ignoring Myanmar people desire.

    Before Democratic government took over, UN had been urging military government to respect people desire.

    Please respect desire of Myanmar people.

  12. History
    Never Lie
    Heaven Forgives All Sins
    Except Lies
    Refresh Burmese History

  13. How dumb UN Human Right Chief Commissioner was. He is eating everything former illegal Bengali migrants group from Burma and now the Bengali base in Thailand.

    I’m favor of issuing Naturalized Citizenship to illegal Bengali migrant families and other illegal Bengali migrant to be issue with like Green card before they eligible for naturalized Citizenship but now I changed my mind and they should be deported to where their grandparent and parent come from.

    Accepting illegal Bengali migrants in Burma will create bad image for Burma and destabilize for Burmese society.
    Sorry I know how Bengali Families lives are difficult in Burma but some of their former illegal Bengali migrant groups are trying to hurt Burma and Buddhism in international stage. They are pushing all Burmese ethnics to against Muslims in Burma.

    UN Human Right Commissioner and International Human right organization must understand all Burmese ethnics are behind elected Burmese president U Thein Sein and we support Burmese Government solution for illegal migrant problems in Burma. UN and NGO interfering in illegal Bengali migrants issue will be created distrust between Burmese peoples and UN Human Right commission, International Human Right Organization & NGO who working in Burma.
    We Burmese peoples are grateful and thankful to UN and other Human Right organizations for contributing for democracy movement in Burma but we do not accept baseless accusation to our religion and our peoples in Rakhine state.
    If UN and International Human Right organization believe whatever Muslim organizations are telling to them and then they should find place for relocation or moving back of all illegal Bengali Migrants in Rakhine state and other parts of Burma to their homeland Bangladesh.

  14. NGOs in Rakhine should give Bengalis boats and let them go where they want to go.

  15. George Than Setkyar Heine

    They are simply BANGALIS from neighboring BANGLADESH, INVADING the Arakan State of Burma and DEMANDING CITIZENSHIP of the country today.
    DECADES of NEGLECT and FAILURE to PROTECT/SECURE the BORDERS on the part of Than Shwe led military rule have CULMINATED in this SORRY STATE of AFFAIRS: ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS (Rohingya) POPULATION BALLOONING to a MILLION or MORE and OVERWHELMING the NATIVE (Arakanese) POPULATION amongst many woes prevailing in the Arakan State and in mainland Burma today.
    The so self-dubbed Rohingya are ATTACKING even the LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS today as evidenced.
    The HUGE INFLUX of Muslim BANGALI POPULATION into Arakan State and spreading to Rangoon and upper Burma has POSED a THREAT on NATIONAL SECURITY and EVENTUAL TAKEOVER of BURMA by BANGALIS from Bangladesh in case the UN is given a BLANK CHECK to MEDDLE in the INTERNAL AFFAIRS of BURMA and but also SUPPORT and RUBBER STAMP Rohingya INVASION/INFILTRATION of the country as LEGAL within the CONFINES of and under the PRETEXT of HUMAN RIGHTS for the worst, folks!
    BURMA IS AN INDEPENDENT STATE and HAS ITS OWN IMMIGRATION LAWS/POLICY as well, in case UN envoy [to Burma] Mr. Vijay Nambiar and his cronies at the UN failed to note yet.
    The USE of FORCE/NUMBERS on the part of the so-called ROHINGYA on POLICE and NATIVE PEOPLE certainly REQUIRED/WARRANTED RECIPROCATION of the SAME KIND and LETHAL FORCE as well by the NATIVES and LAW ENFORCEMENT PEOPLE naturally in addition to all due process of LAW as well no doubt.
    ROHINGYA PROBLEM in BURMA is SIMPLY a CASE of LACK of LAW ENFORCEMENT and FAILURE or NEGLECT of SECURING the BORDERS on the part of the previous ruling military junta led by Than Shwe and his chosen lot at Naypyidaw running BURMA today, don’t argue man!
    Of course the ROHINGYAS are DIGGING IN in Burma’s Arakan State and SEEKING LEGITIMACY and OFFICIAL RECOGNITION OVER THEIR UNLAWFUL – illegal entry – PRESENCE IN ARAKAN STATE and BURMA no less today.
    And the UN as well is GOING ALL OUT to SUPPORT/OBLIGE the ROHINGYA CAUSE (invasion of Burma) of course by DANCING to the TUNE of the OIC and SUCCUMBING to the SMELL/STRENGTH of the MUCH NEEDED “DOUGH” THROWN by the oil rich ISLAMIC STATES, at the ever starving world body, wanna bet?
    Hence, BURMA has to CHALLENGE/CONTEND with the CHINESE INFLUX/INVASION on the north and BANGALI INFILTRATION on the west as well lest people forget.
    The Chinese communists’ ONSLAUGHT ON BURMA is MULTIFACETED and WIDE RANGING as well no doubt.
    In cohorts with the past and present rulers of Burma currently bivouacked at the Naypyidaw the CHINESE ARE OCCUPYING BURMA’S LANDS and DICTATING BUSINESSES and WAY of LIFE not to mention TAKING NATIVE WOMEN FOLK as their CONCUBINES to MULTIPLY THEIR NUMBERS like the ROHINGYA are DOING in Arakan State as well today.
    POLITICAL INSTABILITY, LACK of PEACE and most disastrously UNITY AMONG the PEOPLE of the COUNTRY has LED to EXTREME POVERTY and COLLAPSE of MORAL VALUES among the people of the country as well, as MANUFACTURED and ORCHESTRATED by the Chinese communists since decades ago, while SELLING their VETO WEAPON and PROTECTING the ILLEGAL and LAWLESS JUNTA and RULE in BURMA at the UN/UNSC today .

  16. When someone call UN, UNHCR and NGO as foolish, they become quite respectful to me, assuming that they are highly qualified to make ZERO to such organizations. When Obama, the president, mentioned the name Rohingya, I was surprised how could a President do this. Is he also dumb. I believe he has researchers to research the word Rohingya. From 1950 to 1962 Rohingya were darling for Burmese. Now all Rohingyas become Bengali as military Junta dictate us. Before blaming others, I ask myself who am I.

  17. We Rohingya Muslims are in fact the indigenous race of Myanmar. We were recognized by the first constitution of the Union of Burma as full fledged citizens of this country in 1948, like other 144 indigenous ethnic races. And we were recognized by the founding father of this nation Bogyoke Aung San in 1947, when he came to Arakan with two Rohingya MPs U Pho Khine B.A;B.L. from Akyab and Mr Abdul Ghaffar B.A.B.T,from Buthidaung. We were represented from our constituencies under every government and we had the right to cast our ballot in every election. In 1982,under the dictatorship of Gen. Ne Win,citizenship law classified us as Aliens unconstitutionally. At present also we were represented by our five MPs in this government. Since 2012 july our people were massacred and we became the target of horrendous violence.
    The UN says that the Rohingyas are the most oppressed people on Earth. They continue to suffer vicious attacks and systematic abuse by Myanmar’s apartheid regime, fleeing violence, over 140,000 Rohngyas live in what many describe as concentration camps.
    Denied use of their name in the last census, Myanmar government wants to fully erase their existence,asking the US,the UN and the rest of the world not to even use the word Rohingya.
    On November 20, 2014, the Myanmar Parliament or Pyithu Hluttaw passed the Resolution that the white card holders are not eligible to vote in the upcoming election scheduled for May, 2015. In fact these white cards were issued to our Rohingyas in 1996, confiscating our green NRC cards with the name of the race Rohingya on it, promising that it will be replaced by the genuine Citizen Scrutinizing Pink cards as other ethnics. The UN financed this project and UN stood as witness on that event. The promise was never fulfilled. And now they say we are Aliens, illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. What a Blind Justice!
    Deteriorating conditions have put Myanmar on a downward trajectory that could end in the world’s next genocide without immediate action by the United States and international community.
    Hamlet west Arakan


  18. Thanks Ko Zaw Win.
    We know
    Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed.
    With the support of seven billion people on this earth who call us ROHINGYAS, we will fight to our last breath for our rights!!!

  19. Dear U Kular Gyi;
    Wake up from your “Rip Van Winkle” dream. This is 21st century, and you are still in the dark ages, I presume. You are just ONE like me on this planet. Why you people don’t understand LIVE AND LET LIVE …NOT…LIVE AND LET DIE. You people are just ONE DROP in the ocean of more than Seven Billion Mankind.
    We Rohingyas are not from the CHITTAGONG HILL TRACKS OR COX’S BAZAR. THE BRITISH MAJOR wILLIAM COX GAVE YOU THESE LANDS . Do you know your Master Vet.Aye Maung boAsting leader of RNDP is from Banderband, Chittagong Hill Tracks, Bangladesh who illegally entered Burma during the AFPFL government with his family in the 1950s with his family. We were long before in our Homeland before his arrival since 8th century. Does he has a history to prove that he is from Burma. The best thing is you go and ask him yourself. Don’t be so NAIVE my friend.
    Read history written by Dr Than Htun, Bomhu Ba Shin and other Myammar Maurice Collis. AND DON’T FORGET TO READ SCOTTISH SURGEON FRANCIS BUCHANAN-HAMILTON, WHO WORKED IN BRITISH RULED BURMA, and researched languages in the country, wrote in a book that in Arakan he had met n “Rooinga” Muslims in 1796. For centuries the Rohingyas have lived in Burma. History is on their side……UNDERSTOOD! MY GOOD FRIEND U Kalar Gyi I’m waiting for your reply.

  20. And you see Vet Aye Maung is a traitor and an affiliate to Bangladesh, his native country. He still loves it and his loyalty to Bangladesh is unquestionable. He has given an ultimatum to the Myanmar government that he would seek Bangladesh assistance to liberate his country from Burma. YOU SEE NOW who is loyal to his country these Bangladeshi Maughs or we Rohingyas. There are still hundred thousands 0f Bengali Maughs as you say in the Chittagong Hill tracks!

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