Bertil Lintner: ‘China is the Most Important Foreign Player in the Peace Process’ By

Burma expert Bertil Lintner discusses Suu Kyi’s China visit with The The Irrawaddy.

KBZ Bank Opens Office in Bangkok By

Kanbawza Bank (KBZ Bank) has opened a representative office in Bangkok, the first Burmese bank to establish an international presence.


Burma’s President’s Office says that security on State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi will increase, in response to reports that she was on an ISIS hit list in Malaysia.


Known locally as Mahachai, and by foreigners as ‘Little Burma,’ Thailand’s Samut Sakhon hosts up to 400,000 Burmese migrants working in factories and fisheries.


Thailand's military government sets up security centers around the country ahead of an August referendum on a new constitution, a government spokesman says.

Thai Elephant Gets New Prosthetic Leg By

Mosha the elephant, who stepped on a landmine along the Thai-Myanmar border 10 years ago, received her ninth prosthetic leg on Wednesday.

China Risks ‘Outlaw’ Status If It Rejects South China Sea Ruling: Lawyer By

An international ruling next month is expected to deprive China of its claim to most of the South China Sea, risking being seen as an ‘outlaw state’

Sluggish Economy Casts Shadow Over Mongolian Elections By

Unemployment and weak growth spawn youth disillusionment as politicians run out of options in North Asia’s ‘oasis of democracy’

Smiles and Selfies as Cambodia PM Tells Foreign Powers to Stop Interfering By

With a close fight between PM Hun Sen’s ruling party and the opposition on the horizon, Cambodia’s leader plays down tensions with opponents in hiding and exile.

US to Downgrade Burma in Annual Human Trafficking Report: Sources By ,

The US places Burma on a its list of worst offenders in human trafficking, to prod the country's new government to curb the use of child soldiers and forced labor.

Malaysia Rescues 29 Trafficked Filipino Women From Bars By

Malaysian police rescued the trafficked women from two bars in Sarawak State, as the country attempts to improve its record on curbing human trafficking.

Malaysia Detains 7 Suspected IS Members Plotting Attacks By

Malaysian police have detained seven men suspected of being an Islamic State militant cell that was plotting attacks, authorities say.

Police Fail to Arrest Popular Thai Monk After Tense Showdown By

Thai police raid a Buddhist temple complex to arrest a popular abbot accused of accepting embezzled money but are thwarted by his followers.

Obama, Dalai Lama Anger China with White House Meeting By

China has condemned US President Barack Obama’s meeting with the Dalai Lama, accusing the latter of trying to split the region from the rest of China.

Thai Police Prepare to Raid Scandal-Hit Temple, Arrest Abbot By

Police prepare to arrest the abbot of a Buddhist temple near Bangkok, the latest twist in a series of scandals that has shaken Thailand’s dominant faith.

Orlando Shooting Gives LGBT Singaporeans an Unlikely Opening By

A tragedy half a world away has created a small opening for a repressed community in Singapore, galvanizing the Southeast Asian city-state’s LGBT people.

Beheading in Philippines Draws Outrage But No End in Sight for Abu Sayyaf By

Enraged by the beheading of a Canadian hostage by Abu Sayyaf extremists, Philippine troops have pressed an offensive in the south against the insurgency.

Jakarta’s Traffic Trials Give Rise to a Tech Success By

Home-grown company has become Indonesia’s most visible technology success with an app that relieves some of the pain of its maddening traffic.

Thai Airline Apologizes After Pilot’s Chat About Crashing Plane By

An airline in Thailand has apologized after friends of a pilot joked in a group chat about crashing a plane with a former prime minister on board.

Bangladesh Arrests 85 Islamists in Crackdown After Wave of Killings By

Authorities in Bangladesh arrest at least 85 militants in a crackdown on Islamists after a wave of brutal attacks on minorities and liberal activists.
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