On This Day

The Day in 1980 When Color TV Arrived in Myanmar

By Wei Yan Aung 1 November 2019

YANGON – On this day 39 years ago, the first official transmission of color television took place in Myanmar. The broadcasts were funded with 350 million yen from Japan’s Matsushita, which founded Panasonic, and televisions were installed on streets for the public to watch.

Among the television programs aired were domestic and international news and films, cooking shows, English lessons, drama and opera, entertainment shows, serials, cartoons, vintage Myanmar films and national events.

The programs were aired daily from 7.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. The service became popular with Yangon residents and was extended to Mandalay two years later.

Today, the state-owned broadcaster Myanmar Radio and Television, overseen by the Ministry of Information, airs a wide range of programs across the country through numerous channels.