On This Day

The Birth of the We Burmese Association

By Wei Yan Aung 30 May 2019

Today is the 89th birthday of Dobama Asiayone, or the We Burmese Association, an anti-British Burmese nationalist group that turned out political and military leaders to fight against British colonial rule.

The association, founded by Thakhin Ba Thaung, an instructor at Rangoon University, played a significant role in the country’s independence struggle by promoting anti-British nationalism during colonial rule.

Many of the Thirty Comrades who founded the modern Myanmar Army military and fought at the frontline for the country’s independence rose through Dobama Asiayone.

The generation of political actors turned out by the association between 1930 and the end of World War II led Myanmar to independence. Myanmar’s national hero, General Aung San, the first prime minister of independent Myanmar U Nu and military dictator Gen. Ne Win were all members of Dobama Asiayone.

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