Myanmar-China Watch

Myanmar's Civilian Government Warns China to Respect Public Will

By NORA 4 May 2023

Myanmar’s civilian National Unity Government (NUG) warned China on Wednesday that the country will be unstable until the regime falls.

NUG spokesman U Kyaw Zaw criticized Tuesday’s visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang, saying the “terrorist” junta offers no stabilization with its brutal killings, arbitrary arrests and arson attacks.

Qin is the most senior Chinese representative to hold talks with junta boss Min Aung Hlaing in Naypyitaw. He also met former dictator Than Shwe.

Beijing said Qin’s visit was to support Myanmar’s efforts to maintain stability, revitalize the economy, improve people’s lives and realize sustainable development.

Qin urged the international community to respect Myanmar’s sovereignty and help it achieve peace and reconciliation. The meetings were widely criticized online by the public.

U Kyaw Zaw told a press conference, which was held to mark two years since the establishment of the NUG: “The sovereign power is not in the hands of the military junta. Sovereignty rests with the people of Myanmar.”

He said public consent was the only way to achieve long-term stability in Myanmar.

U Kyaw Zaw said the NUG recognized China’s wish to achieve stability in Myanmar and respect its sovereignty.

“However, if the process defies the wishes of the people of Burma, it may not be a positive action and have a negative effect, so we hope to make it consistent with the wishes of the people of Myanmar,” he said.

U Kyaw Zaw said the NUG, as the legitimate government, has opened the door to all neighboring countries for collaboration.

The regime has been shunned by much of the international community for frequent atrocities perpetrated on its civilians.

The NUG claimed that its armed forces now outnumber those of the junta and that it would increasingly take the fight to the regime, despite facing a disadvantage in firepower.