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Life in Bangladesh Refugee Camps

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The US State Department on Monday said it had taken actions against current and former Myanmar military leaders by cutting off travel waivers and was considering further actions to impose economic measures against those responsible for atrocities against Rohingya.

Furthermore, the statement said all units and officers involved in operations in northern Rakhine State to be ineligible to receive or participate in any US assistance programs as well as rescinding invitations for senior Burmese security forces to attend US-sponsored events while exploring accountability mechanisms available under U.S. law, including Global Magnitsky targeted sanctions.

The US actions against the Myanmar military came at a time when the army has been condemned by international community for alleged arbitrary killings, arson and rape against Rohingya amid their clearance operations in northern Rakhine State in response to a series of militant attacks in August.

Followed by the operations, hundreds of thousands of Muslims have fled to Bangladesh to escape from the atrocities. Currently, the number of the refugees in Bangladeshi camps is more than 600,000 according to international aid agencies. Here are pictures from the camps reflecting the plight of the refugees that prompted the United States to take actions.