A Vision of Gold and Light

Kyaw Phyo Tha The Irrawaddy

RANGOON — When the morning and evening light reaches the golden Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon, peeking past the pillars of rest pavilions on the sacred premises and casting shadows onto the floor, Win Tint captures the scene on his canvas. When the serenity of night falls and the marble-tiled walkways are illuminated with the pagoda’s golden reflection, the Burmese artist paints with thick brushstrokes, creating a dreamlike atmosphere.

Through his use of abstract realism—with strong lines, vertical and horizontal patterns and impasto brushwork—Win Tint offers a view of Shwedagon Pagoda that might never be apparent to occasional visitors at Burma’s most famous religious monument. The result is now on display, through 12 paintings, at his fourth solo art show at Lokanat gallery in Rangoon.

“My works are products of imagination and reality,” he says of the paintings at his “Light & Gold” art show. “They are symbols of our Burmese culture in a different form of artistic expression, a combination of light and shade with a touch of acrylic gold paint.”

Win Tint was inspired by the golden pagoda, but he does not depict the entire spire-like religious monument in his work, nor does he illustrate the men and women inhabiting the holy space. Only parts of the pagoda’s surroundings are partly visible.

“The absence of human figures allows viewers to concentrate on the paintings,” said the painter cum instructor of the State School of Fine Arts in Rangoon.

Win Tint’s Light & Gold art show is now open to the public at Lokanat Galleries on Pansodan Street in Rangoon from Sept. 2-7.