Yangon Guerrillas Kill Myanmar Junta Money Laundering Chief

By Hein Htoo Zan 25 March 2023

A Yangon guerrilla group says it has shot dead Minn Tayzar Nyunt Tin, a junta legal and money-laundering aide, in Yangon Region on Friday.

The 52-year-old founder of the Biz Law Consult Myanmar legal firm was shot at least 13 times on a Thanlyin Township street on Friday afternoon.

The Urban Owls claimed responsibility, saying the assassins waited until he was alone as they did not wish to kill his relatives.

Minn Tayzar Nyunt Tin operated firms in Thailand, India, Vietnam, Singapore and Cambodia. He has been accused of money laundering for the junta and its generals and his companies helped buy condos, land and establishing companies, the Urban Owls statement said.

Minn Tayza Nyunt Tin with a pistol in an undated picture. / Urban Owls

Money laundering raises the junta millions of dollars, it said.

“He was key to money laundering for the junta generals. We have all the evidence but we will not release it as we have urgent tasks,” an Urban Owls spokesman told The Irrawaddy.

He said the target boasted on social media about his relations with General Myat Hein, the former commander of Myanmar’s Air Force. “I owe all my riches to and will forever be grateful,” Minn Tayzar Nyunt Tin reportedly posted.

Minn Tayzar Nyunt Tin’s law firm was on the first post-coup, pro-democracy boycott list on February 13, 2021, after he praised the coup on social media.

On February 1 this year, on the second anniversary of the coup, he shared the 2021 boycott list; saying he made the correct decision.

Minn Tayzar Nyunt Tin was the director of U Nyunt Tin Associates and MSP Consultants Thailand Co Ltd.

He was a member of the legal advisory team at the Dawei Special Economic Zone.

Minn Tayzar Nyunt Tin helped draft the repressive Cyber Security Law, which was seen as violating digital rights, privacy and freedom of expression.

After the assassination, Yangon troops closed the roads and bridges to Thanlyin and troops inspected vehicles and pedestrians.

Junta-linked businesses have been targeted by anti-regime forces since November 4, 2021, when Thein Aung, the finance chief at military-owned Mytel Telecommunication Co and an ex-navy lieutenant commander, was shot by the Yangon Revolution Force.

The assassination of ex-brigadier general Ohn Thwin and his son-in-law Ye Tayza, a former army captain, was killed by the Inya Urban Force on September 24 last year.

The Urban Owls all warned anyone with junta ties.

“This is another warning to all regime tycoons and associates. We are among many guerrilla groups in Yangon who are aware of your money laundering schemes and blood money deals and shall spare no one standing against the revolution,” the Urban Owls said.