War Against the Junta

Women Resistance Fighters Blow Themselves up to Avoid Arrest by Myanmar Junta

By Hein Htoo Zan 9 January 2023

Two female resistance fighters blew themselves up on January 7 rather than be searched by Myanmar military soldiers based in Kawlin Township, Sagaing Region, according to resistance fighters and local residents.

Daw Su Su Yee, 45, and Ma Hnin Si Hlaing, 20, both members of the Kawlin Revolution (KR) Team resistance group, were riding a motorcycle and carrying handmade bombs when they unexpectedly met a regime column that was patrolling in the township around 9am on January 7.

“The junta troops ordered them to stop and were about to search the women. But when the troops gathered around them, the women fighters blew themselves up rather than be arrested,” said the KR Team spokesperson.

Junta casualties from the blast are still unknown.

KR Team said in a statement that Daw Su Su Yi and Hnin Si Hlaing had sacrificed their lives for the revolution and honoured them.

“People tend to say women have weak dispositions, but that saying will be questioned now. They had a strong revolutionary creed and made the decision to take responsibility. Comrades, you even tried to show the three finger salute while you were dying,” said the KR Team’s statement.

The suicide attack followed clashes in Kawlin Township two days before, when 50-odd military regime soldiers started advancing towards Nat Kyi Khone Village and fighting broke out between them and the Kawlin People’s Defence Force (KLPDF) at around 8:30am on January 5.

KLPDF was able to retreat successfully, but made a plan with their allies, including KR Team, to plant landmines and time bombs to prevent further aggressive actions by junta forces. The two women who died on January 7 were carrying some of those bombs.

Later on January 5, junta troops moved into Myaung Kyi Village and torched homes, according to villagers. Regime forces have also launched recent arson attacks in other villages in Kawlin Township, including Kyun Khone, Nat Kyi Khone, Hnaw Khone, Mayoe Khone, Tuu Myaung, Kan Lal, Myaung Gyi, Tar Ywar, Hle Pwel, and Eain Tain Pone villages.

Around 6,000 residents from those villages and others nearby have fled junta forces, according to the Kawlin People’s Administrative Body, the National Unity Government’s administration in the township.