War Against the Junta

Over 70 Myanmar Junta Troops Killed in Four Days of Resistance Attacks

By The Irrawaddy 13 March 2023

At least 74 Myanmar junta forces were killed in the last four days as People’s Defense Forces (PDFs) and ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) continued to attack regime targets across the country.

Currently, the Myanmar junta is deploying large numbers of troops in Sagaing Region and Chin and Kayah states.

Incidents were reported in Mandalay and Sagaing regions and Chin, Kayah and Mon states.

The Irrawaddy has collected the following reports of significant attacks from PDFs and EAOs.

Some military casualties could not be independently verified.

Military detachment faces land-mine ambushes in Mandalay

A PDF fighter of Tawgyi Mwaybawe poses with a rocket-propelled grenade. / Tawgyi Mwaybawe PDF

Local PDF group Tawgyi Mwaybawe claimed to have killed 17 regime troops in Madaya Township, Mandalay Region on Saturday as it ambushed a military detachment twice.

First, the detachment was ambushed with land mines between Mway Taline and Mway Hintha villages on Friday night, killing eight soldiers.

On Saturday, nine more soldiers were killed when the PDF groups again used land mines to ambush the same detachment heading to Sakyin Village in the township.

Later, ambulances transported the killed and injured soldiers, the PDF group said.

Regime targets bombed by PDF drones in Mandalay 

PDF drones drop bombs on regime targets in Myingyan District last week. / MDDS

Local PDF group Myingyan District Drone Strike Team said it and other resistance groups conducted drone strikes on a military vehicle factory outside the town of Myingyan in Mandalay Region on Saturday.

The factory building was damaged after being hit by four bombs.

Last Thursday, the group also used drones to drop 12 bombs on a police outpost in Kokkae Village, killing two police officers.

Military convoy carrying 1,000 troops faces repeated ambushes in Mandalay

Wild Elephant Guerrilla Force produces improvised land mines. / WEGF

Local PDF group Wild Elephant Guerrilla Force claimed it and another PDF group killed at least 20 regime troops as they repeatedly ambushed a military convoy of 49 vehicles carrying around 1,000 reinforcements in Thabaikkyin Township, Mandalay Region last Friday.

The PDF groups used land mines and firearms in three ambushes against the convoy.

The convoy was traveling from Mandalay to Sagaing Region.

Military convoy ambushed in upper Sagaing

At least 10 junta troops are believed to have been killed in Indaw Township, Sagaing Region on Sunday when Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and PDF forces ambushed a military convoy of 46 vehicles from the military’s Battalion 309 in Katha Township, said Indaw Revolution, the media wing of local PDF groups.

The combined group used land mines and firearms to attack the convoy traveling in Indaw township, in which two vehicles were destroyed.

Regime forces bombarded in Sagaing

Local PDF group Black Wolf Army said it used mortar shells to bomb regime forces stationed in Han Lin Village in Wetlet Township, Sagaing Region on Saturday night. Military casualties were unknown.

Junta troops responded with heavy explosives, but all PDF fighters retreated from the area without casualties.

Regime troops ambushed with land mines in Sagaing

Troops of Royal Tiger Guerrilla Force during an operation / RTGF

At least three regime forces were thought to have been killed and some others injured in Khin-U Township, Sagaing Region on Sunday when Royal Tiger Guerrilla Forces and another urban PDF group used land mines to ambush a military detachment of 100 troops, the PDF groups said.

The detachment left from the town of Ye-U and was ambushed while entering the town of Khin-U.

Three military detachments ambushed in Kayah  

Resistance fighters of KA and KNDF during an operation / KMIC

At least 16 regime forces were killed and many others injured in Demoso Township, Kayah State last Friday when the Karenni Army (KA) and Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF) ambushed three military detachments attempting to raid resistance bases in Demoso, said the Karenni Military Information Center, the media unit of the KA.

At 6 a.m. on Friday, the combined resistance forces clashed with a military detachment at Daw Thae Village in the township. Fourteen soldiers were killed and others injured. Junta helicopter gunships bombed the village the next day.

Resistance forces also ambushed another military detachment on a hill in the eastern part of the township, killing two soldiers last Friday.

On the same morning, the KA and KNDF ambushed one more military detachment from Bawlakhe Township while it was traveling to raid villages in Demoso. There were some military casualties. Fighting continued in the area the next day.

Police outpost bombed by PDF drones in Mon

A PDF drone drops bombs on a police outpost in Paung Township on Saturday. / S.O.F

Some regime forces were killed or injured in Paung Township, Mon State on Saturday when PDF group Special Operation Force used drones to drop two bombs on a police outpost in Yin Nyein Village, the group said.

An ambulance transported the killed or injured junta forces from the police outpost.

Military detachments ambushed in Chin State 

Troops of Civic Defense Militia-CDM-Siyin in Chin State / CDM-Siyin

Local resistance group Civic Defense Militia-CDM-Siyin said it and two other PDF groups killed six soldiers and injured 21 others as they conducted 10 ambushes using land mines against a military detachment marching to Chin State on the Kale-Falam highway on Saturday.

Regime forces raided in Chin

Military equipment and ammunition seized by PDF Zoland during a raid on regime forces in Tedim town on Sunday / PDF-Zoland

Local resistance group PDF Zoland said it attacked regime forces stationed at the public hospital in Tedim Township, Chin State on Sunday night.

After facing an hourlong attack from PDFs, the regime forces fled after abandoning their base at the hospital. Military equipment, weapons and ammunition were seized by the PDF forces.

The number of military casualties was unknown.