War Against the Junta

Myanmar Resistance Attacks, Ambushes Leave Nearly 30 Regime Forces Dead in Two Days

By The Irrawaddy 13 October 2022

Nearly 30 regime personnel were killed in the last two days as People’s Defense Force groups (PDFs) continued to attack and ambush regime targets in Sagaing, Magwe, Bago and Tanintharyi regions and Mon State.

Over 100 houses were burned down by junta forces in raids in Magwe and Sagaing regions, while three civilians were killed and at least 17 injured in an arbitrary attack in Mon State.

The Irrawaddy has rounded up the following reports of the PDFs’ attacks and the regime’s atrocities.

12 regime forces killed by PDF land mines in Sagaing

At least 12 regime soldiers were killed and more than five others injured in Chaung-U Township, Sagaing Region on Tuesday when Chaung-U PDF groups ambushed a military detachment raiding villages and burning houses in the township, the group said.

On Tuesday morning, 70 regime forces using 30 civilian detainees as human shields raided villages in the west of the township. The PDF group said it had to abandon its plan to ambush the detachment using mines, due to the presence of civilian human shields.

The regime forces burned down over 70 houses in Maethaekyokwin Village. Chuang-U PDF group started to attack regimes forces at noon while they were heading to Innma Village after the arson attack.

In the shootout, two junta soldiers were killed and some were injured. Due to the PDF ambush, the regime forces retreated to nearby Kinmonhtaw, a pro-regime village.

At 4 p.m. on that day, the PDF group used land mines to ambush the regime forces while they were traveling to the town of Chaung-U from the pro-regime village.

A military detachment is hit by a mine near a burning village in Chaung-U Township on Tuesday. / Video: Chaung-U PDF

In the attack, 10 more soldiers were killed and five others injured, said Chaung-U PDF.

A PDF aerial video shows the military detachment being hit by a mine attack near a burning village.

Five soldiers killed by PDF land mines in Sagaing

The PDF-South Monywa group claimed to have killed five regime soldiers in Monywa Township, Sagaing Region on Tuesday night when they used several land mines to ambush a military vehicle carrying injured soldiers from nearby Chaung-U Township on the Chaung-U-Monywa highway.

Two soldiers killed in PDF ambush in Sagaing

Two regime soldiers were killed and others injured in Monywa Township, Sagaing Region on Tuesday evening when the resistance group Brave Heart Army (BHA) used three land mines to ambush a military jammer vehicle carrying 30 soldiers on the Mandalay-Monywa highway, the PDF group said on Wednesday.

Resistance fighters escaped from the area without any casualties amid arbitrary attacks by the junta forces.

Two regime forces killed in PDF ambush on military flotilla in Sagaing

Two regime soldiers were reportedly killed in Mingin Township, Sagaing Region on Tuesday when Mingin-PDF and allied resistance groups ambushed a military flotilla of 12 motorboats on the Chindwin River.

In the attack, two regime soldiers were killed by 40-mm explosives fired by PDF groups.

At the same time, a camp of Mingin-PDF was raided by two military motorboats and around 100 foot soldiers, who occupied the camp. During the raid, regime forces burned down the PDF camp as well as 28 houses in a nearby village, the PDF group said.

Junta soldiers, police killed, injured in Mon State

Junta reinforcements at the foot of the mountain at the famous Kyaik Htee Yoe Golden Rock Pagoda in Mon State on Wednesday following the incident. / CJ

A number of junta soldiers and police officers were killed or injured in Kyaikto Township, Mon State on Wednesday morning when an armed group attacked regime forces standing guard at the bottom of the famous Kyaik Htee Yoe Golden Rock pagoda in Kin Mon Chaung village.

Three Buddhist pilgrims were killed and more than a dozen injured when regime forces randomly attacked the crowd of pilgrims with both firearms and two explosives.

Quoting witnesses, local news site Kyaikhto Information Team said on Thursday that the regime forces arbitrarily fired into the crowd minutes after the armed group retreated from the area in a vehicle.

Three junta soldiers killed, injured in Magwe

A junta soldier was killed and two others injured in the town of Yesagyo, Magwe Region on Tuesday afternoon when four PDF groups attacked three regime forces eating at a teashop, said Phoenix Special Guerrilla Force, which coordinated the attack.

Regime forces attacked in Magwe

Clashes broke out in Pakokku Township, Magwe Region for three days when PDF groups from Pakokku and Myaing townships jointly attacked a military detachment, the resistance group Young Force-UG, which was involved in the clashes, said on Wednesday.

On Monday, three hours of intense fighting broke out in the township when the combined PDF groups attacked regime forces who had raided villages near the border of Pakokku and Myaiing townships.

The PDF group said they had to retreat from the clash due to a lack of ammunition. Regime forces are believed to have been injured in the fighting.

PDF members fight regime forces in Pakokku Township, Magwe Region on Monday. / Video: Young Force-UG

On Sunday, the PDF groups also used drones to drop bombs on regime forces who were looting and burning houses in a village near the border. Military casualties were unknown.

The clash started in the township on Saturday when the PDF groups attacked the military detachment raiding villages between the two townships, according to PDF groups.

PDF videos show fierce clashes between the PDF groups and regime forces as well as regime forces being bombarded by PDF drones while raiding a village.

Three soldiers killed in PDF attacks in Tanintharyi

PDF fighters of Nagar Sitthe during an operation in Tanintharyi Region.

Three regime troops were killed during a shootout with combined resistance forces in Tanintharyi Township, Tanintharyi Region on Wednesday morning, the PDF group Nagar Sitthe, which coordinated the attack, said.

The 20-minute clash broke out near a village when the PDF groups ambushed the military detachment. No PDF casualties were reported.

Two regime forces killed in PDF attacks in Bago

Two junta soldiers were killed in five hours of fighting with two PDF groups in Nattalin Township, Bago Region on Tuesday, said Myanmar Revolution Force-Nattalin, which was involved in the clashes.

Around 9 a.m. on that morning, the combined PDF groups attacked a military detachment heading to a village in the township. The intense clash ended at 2 p.m. on that afternoon, the PDF group said.

On that evening, combined resistance forces were forced to retreat from the area as more military reinforcements arrived.

However, the PDF groups again attacked regime forces stationed at a nearby village at 10:30 p.m. Military casualties were unknown.