War Against the Junta

Karen Resistance Seizes Myanmar Junta Outpost: Report

By The Irrawaddy 7 December 2022

A Myanmar junta outpost was seized by Karen rebels during raids on three bases in Hpapun District, Karen State, on Tuesday morning, according to media reports.

The Karen National Union’s (KNU) armed wings, the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and Karen National Defense Organization, raided three regime outposts inside KNU Brigade 5 territory simultaneously on Tuesday.

Thee Yo Htar outpost on a bank of the Salween River near the Thai border was occupied after 20 minutes of fighting, the Salween Press reported, quoting a KNLA officer.

Around 13 regime soldiers and two Karen resistance fighters were killed in the raid, the officer told the media.

Other troops abandoned the base and fled.

The junta reportedly used fighter jets to defend the two other outposts. Their status has not yet been reported.

In November 116 clashes with regime forces were reported in Hpapun District, the KNU said on Tuesday.

Around 69 regime soldiers were killed and an estimated 51 injured, the group claimed.

In the district, 15 civilian buildings, including a school and church, were destroyed by junta shelling and airstrikes.

Two civilians were killed and another injured by landmines planted by regime forces, the KNU said.

It reported an estimated 290 clashes with regime forces in its territory in Mon and Karen states and Bago and Tanintharyi regions in November, killing around 333 junta soldiers and 30 resistance fighters.