War Against the Junta

Karen Resistance Forces Seize Myanmar Junta Base, Capture 17 Soldiers

By The Irrawaddy 27 October 2022

Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA)-led resistance forces seized a junta base in Kyarinseikgyi Township, Karen State on Wednesday, a KNLA Brigade 6 colonel reported.

Resistance forces attacked the Kwee Lone Taing outpost in Kyaikdone sub-township, a junta base for Light Infantry Battalion 339 under the 13th Military Operations Command.

The offensive was carried out by KNLA battalions 17, 18 and 27, the Special Operations Force, and the Federal Wings Drone unit. Resistance forces managed to seize the outpost despite regime forces sending airborne reinforcements and carrying out several airstrikes.

Regime soldiers captured in the Kwee Lone Taing operation.

Seventeen junta soldiers surrendered and 43 weapons and some ammunition were seized from the outpost, the KNLA colonel said.

On Wednesday morning, KNLA troops and resistance fighters from the Black Panther group also attacked an Asian Highway junta checkpoint that had reportedly been extorting money from travelers. Four firearms were seized in the attack, said the colonel.

On September 28, KNLA and allied forces also seized the regime’s Paya Taung outpost in Kyarinseikgyi Township. Eleven junta soldiers including a deputy battalion commander were killed and weapons were seized in the operation, according to the Karen National Union.