War Against the Junta

Almost 70 Myanmar Regime Forces Reported Killed in Three Days of Resistance Attacks

By The Irrawaddy 8 February 2023

At least 67 Myanmar junta forces including pro-regime militia members were reported killed over the last three days, as People’s Defense Forces (PDFs) escalated their attacks on regime targets nationwide.

The incidents were reported in Magwe, Sagaing, Mandalay, Bago and Tanintharyi Regions.

The Irrawaddy has collected the following reports of significant attacks by PDFs.

Some military casualty figures could not be verified independently.

Ten regime forces killed in Magwe PDF ambush

Regime forces and a vehicle after being ambushed on Tuesday by Yesagyo-PDF on the Yesagyo-Pakokku Highway in Magwe Region. /Yesagyo-PDF

Yesagyo-PDF claimed to have killed 10 regime forces including pro-junta Pyu Saw Htee militia on Tuesday, and to have injured three others, when it ambushed regime forces travelling in two vehicles on the Yesagyo-Pakokku Highway in Magwe Region.

Seven junta troops were killed on the spot, while three others died in hospital. Only one escaped alive from the ambush, said Yesagyo-PDF.

Seven weapons, as well as grenades, ammunition and cellphones, were seized along with a damaged vehicle and the dead bodies of junta troops.

13 junta soldiers killed by PDF landmines in Magwe

An improvised heavy landmine made by Myaing-PDF. / Myaing-PDF.Insert

At least 13 military regime soldiers were reportedly killed on Tuesday in Pauk Township, Magwe Region when two PDF groups repeatedly ambushed a military detachment with land mines, said Myaing-PDF, which coordinated the attacks.

At around 1pm on Tuesday, the PDF used two landmines to ambush the military detachment near No.2 earth-oil drilling site. 10 regime forces are thought to have been killed in the attack. Another soldier was killed by a PDF sniper.

Two more regime troops were killed and three others injured when the two PDFs ambushed the detachment again with landmines around an hour after the first attack. PDF photos show blood and medical equipment found at the ambush site.

Five junta police killed in PDF ambush in Sagaing

Resistance fighters attacking regime police in Sagaing Township, Sagaing Region on Tuesday. / MNRF

Resistance group Moe Nyo Revolution Front claimed that it and two other PDFs killed five junta policemen and injured two more on Tuesday, when they used landmines and firearms to attack regime police from the Nyaung Pin Won police outpost in Sagaing Township, Sagaing Region.

The police were ambushed while traveling outside the police post. The PDFs also used explosives to attack the police outpost. A PDF video shows resistance fighters attacking the police and their outpost.

Military detachment attacked in Sagaing

At least 10 regime forces are believed to have been killed on Monday in Taze Township, Sagaing Region, when two PDF Battalions ambushed a detachment of 130 Myanmar military troops and Pyu Saw Htee militia near a village, according to Phoenix Defense Force-Taze which took part in the attack.

Junta bases in Sagaing bombed by PDF drones

A junta base in Ayadaw Township, Sagaing Region being bombed by PDF drones on Monday. / MRTF

At least eight regime forces were injured in Ayadaw Township, Sagaing Region on Monday when five PDFs used drones to bombard a junta camp in Sapartwin Village and a regime checkpoint in Thalalbar Village, said Middle Revolutionary Technical Front which coordinated the drone strikes.

A PDF video shows a drone dropping bombs on regime targets.

Junta camp attacked in Sagaing

Resistance fighters clashing with regime forces in Wetlet Township, Sagaing on Sunday. / GZ Special task Force-Wetlet

Two regime forces were confirmed killed on Sunday in Wetlet Township, Sagaing Region when four PDFs attacked 60 junta forces stationed at a village, claimed GZ Special Task Force-Wetlet which took part in the attack.

Seven regime forces killed in Sagaing by PDF landmines

Resistance fighters from Matahtaung Takaung Bwar-PDF who ambushed junta troops in Shwebo Township, Sagaing Region on Monday. / Matahtaung Takaung Bwar-PDF

At least seven junta forces including pro-regime Pyu Saw Htee militia were killed on Monday in Shwebo Township, Sagaing Region, when five PDFs used landmines to ambush a military detachment, according to the resistance groups.

The regime forces were ambushed while they were travelling from Talthee Taw Village to Zeephyu Kone Village.

A PDF video shows regime forces opening fire at random after the landmines detonated.

Seven junta soldiers killed, injured by PDF landmines in Sagaing

The entrance to Koetaungbo Village in Kantbalu Township, Sagaing Region. / CJ

At least seven regime troops were killed or injured on Monday in Kantbalu Township, Sagaing Region, when Kotaungbo Revolution Force used landmines to ambush a detachment of 70 soldiers deployed in Kotaungbo Village, according to the resistance group.

After the ambush, the Myanmar military troops retreated to their base carrying their dead and wounded.

Nine regime forces killed in Mandalay PDF ambush

The entrance to the town of Ngazun in Mandalay Region. / CJ

At least nine junta troops were killed and another injured on Sunday in Ngazun Township, Mandalay Region, when 13 PDFs attacked military regime patrols traveling on five motorbikes and in a vehicle, said Zarmani Guerrilla Force which took part in the attack.

The regime soldiers were patrolling three miles from the town of Ngazun when they were ambushed with landmines and heavy weapons by the PDFs.

Resistance fighters retreated without suffering any casualties after military reinforcements from two bases arrived in the area and attacked the PDFs, said Zarmani Guerrilla Force.

A PDF video shows intense fighting as night fell.

Junta troops in Mandalay bombed by PDF drones

A drone bombing regime targets in a monastery in Madaya Township, Mandalay Region on Monday. / Unicorn Guerrilla Force

Resistance group Unicorn Guerrilla Force said that on Monday it used three drones to drop five bombs on regime soldiers stationed at a monastery in a village in Madaya Township, Mandalay Region.

Two junta troops were reportedly injured by the drone strikes.

Regime soldiers ambushed with landmines in Bago  

Fighters from Taungoo District PDF Battalion 3501 seen on operations. / TDPDF-Battalion 3501

Two regime soldiers were killed and two others injured on Monday in Yedashe Township, Bago Region, when Taungoo District PDF Battalion 3501 used landmines to ambush junta troops in Si-Pie Village, said Bago Region PDF.

All the PDF fighters retreated from the area without suffering any casualties, despite junta soldiers opening fire at random.

Bago Region PDF said also that its member Gyobingauk-PDF assassinated Ko Than Chaung, a junta informant and pro-regime Pyu Saw Htee militia leader, on Tuesday in a village in Okpho Township, Bago Region.

The militia leader had been allowed to operate a gambling business by the regime. He had also vowed to uproot PDFs in the area, said Bago Region PDF.

Pro-regime militia members attacked, assassinated in Tanintharyi

Resistance fighters of Launglon-PDF, Tanintharyi Region. / Launglon-PDF

Launglon-PDF claimed that it killed Pyu Saw Htee militia member Tin Aye on Monday in a village in Launglon Township, Tanintharyi Region.

Also on Monday, the PDF used landmines to ambush Pyu Saw Htee militia traveling in two vehicles in Launglon Township. Militia casualties are unknown.