Three Chin State Ministers Slated for Removal

By Zarni Mann 8 May 2018

MANDALAY — Chin State is seeking approval from the President’s Office to reshuffle the state cabinet, the state Parliament’s speaker said.

U Zo Bwe told The Irrawaddy on Tuesday that three state ministers would be transferred to different ministries due to their poor performance.

“Their performances are poor; we have received complaints from locals. They have shown poor management and slow progress at state development projects for which they are responsible,” U Zo Bwe said.

“Parliament decided to reassign them to other ministries and will replace them with other ministers who can do the job,” he said.

According to the speaker, the state Parliament sent a letter to the President’s Office in Naypyitaw last week seeking approval for the reshuffle.

The three are Salai Isaac Khen, state minister for municipal works, electricity and industry; Pao Lwin Min Htan, minister for social affairs; and Pu Shwe Thio, minister for transportation.

However, the state parliament did not disclose what the new cabinet lineup would look like once the transfers were complete.

“We will announce the reorganized positions once we receive approval from the president, hopefully in two weeks,” the speaker said.

In Chin State, there are a total of six ministers, including the chief minister. The chief minister and two other ministers are members of the National League for Democracy (NLD).

The cabinet also includes a minister from the Zomi Congress for Democracy party. Two others are experts selected from among non-politicians.