Resistance Ambush Kills 25 Myanmar Junta Troops: Kayah Rebels

By The Irrawaddy 9 May 2022

About 25 junta soldiers, including a lieutenant colonel, were killed when the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF) and Karenni Army (KA) attacked a military convoy on Saturday in Hpruso Township, Kayah State.

The convoy, including 20 military trucks, from Bawlakhe Township in the state, was attacked by the KNDF and KA at Law Kyal Khu village on Saturday morning and the fighting lasted around two hours, according to the KNDF.

The armed resistance group said the final four trucks were burned and around 18 regime soldiers, including a lieutenant colonel, were killed.

The Irrawaddy could not independently verify the report.

The KNDF said it found food, weapons and the bodies of 66 Light Infantry Division (LID) soldiers on the trucks.

Regime forces returned and two more hours of fighting took place in the afternoon.

“Around seven regime troops were killed, bringing the total to 25,” said a KNDF spokesman.

Junta weapons seized after two crashes in Hpruso Township, Kayah State, on May 7. / KNDF

An online video showed KNDF and KA troops firing near the military trucks. Some bodies of regime soldiers can be seen beside the road.

The KNDF said one of its fighters was lightly injured.

On December 24, 66 LID soldiers are believed to have massacred 35 civilians, including children, women and two members of the Save the Children, and burned seven vehicles in Hpruso Township.

The United Nations Security Council condemned the slaughter and called for all the violence to stop, calling for respect for human rights and safety for civilians and accountability for the killing.

Fighting began in Kayah State more than a year ago with the junta using airstrikes and artillery and a majority of the 200,000 residents being displaced.