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Indonesian Prosecutors Seek 16 Years for Briton

17 December 2013

Prosecutors sought a 16-year prison sentence on Monday for a British woman charged with trafficking illegal drugs in Indonesia’s second-largest city. In their sentencing request at Surabaya District Court, prosecutors said Andrea Ruth Waldeck should also pay a fine of 2 billion rupiah (US $166,000). Waldeck, 43, was arrested in April after authorities reportedly found 1,472 grams (3.25 pounds) of crystal methamphetamine in her underwear at her hotel room in Surabaya, the capital of East Java Province. Her trial started in September, a month after Indonesia’s Supreme Court upheld a death sentence for Lindsay Sandiford, another British woman who was convicted of smuggling 3.8 kilograms (8.4 pounds) of cocaine into the resort island of Bali.—AP