Yangon Family Killed by Unknown Gunmen

By Hein Htoo Zan 24 February 2023

Gunmen killed a family of five in Hlegu Township on the outskirts of Yangon, an area surrounded by junta bases, on Wednesday.

Gunmen came to the family’s house on Mayga Waddy Street, killing two men, two women and a three-year-old, according to residents. The oldest victim was an 85-year-old man.

Yeikthar ward residents said they heard at least 12 gunshots and saw four gunmen from a notorious gang in Hlegu.

“We know the gunmen very well. They are from a group of thugs who would do anything for money. They are professional killers,” said a witness.

The adult victims were Daw San Nwe, U Maung Maung, Ma Win Nwe, and U Aung Maung, according to neighbors.

The residents said they were ordinary people who sold groceries in the market, selling dried fish and shrimp in a small, successful business.

“They were living well. We did not hear if they had links to resistance groups or the military. No one knows what sort of problems they had,” said a resident.

Junta media reported that they were killed by resistance groups.

Other reports suggested they were killed by the junta or Pyu Saw Htee militia members because a family member who was not at the scene is involving in a resistance group.

Hlegu People’s Defense Force denounced the killings on Thursday and extended its condolences to the remaining family members.

The group stated the killings may have been intended to spread disunity between resistance forces and the public.

“We will investigate to find the preparators of these inhumane and brutal killings and take serious action,” the group said.