By The Irrawaddy 20 October 2012

Human Rights Dialogue with Burma ‘Very Positive’: US

Christian missionaries first came to Burma with hospitals, and then schools followed where Christian lessons and prayers were compulsory. Now OIC comes with humanitarian aid, and to hand out humanitarian assistance they need two offices, one at Rangoon, another Sittwe. Is it impossible for them to hand over the assistance to local NGOs or even the Burmese government to hand out the food supplies or any other relief materials? People are not naive nowadays, and OIC should learn to honour other people’s views and policies.
—Saif 88

Rangoon Lawyers Take to the Streets—Again

This is not at all acceptable. The Laws in Burma are only for the Burmese people to follow but not for the generals and their cronies? The world should know that we still can’t trust Thein Sein government and the generals. All they want is money and power but not for the good of the country and the people. What kind of a government would put The High Court on sale? I personally protest the sale of The High Court of Burma as I used to work there and this building is part of our heritage.
—Thamain Phone

These historic buildings need to be protected from the voracious greed of urban land developers who colluded with corrupted officials. The deals were made under the most opaque circumstances. The people have the right to protect their heritage edifices. It is a shame to see justice is being carried out in slums while developments are being planned,or even carried out in historic buildings. Shame on those who planned and executed them. Shame!!!

Lawyers should not have to worry about the selling of these buildings. With the proceeds new buildings with classic Myanmar/Burmese architecture can be built, creating new jobs and buoying up the economy. Use idle capital assets to stimulate demand and jobs. Go ahead. There will be spanking new buildings with classic Myanmar architecture.

Newspaper Defends Cartoon Criticizing Military

The Myawaddy Daily, and its boss should notice by now that dissent is the highest form of patriotism, not the enemy of the state as defined in their old book of dictatorship in 1988. If democracy means anything at all to any of you guys, old guards, it means the right to tell all of the citizens of Burma, including the armed forces, what all of us do not want to hear.
—The Burmese Freedom Fighter

The Untold Dreams of a KNU Peace Pioneer

It’s a great loss to the Karen National Union and the Democratic Ethnic Movement who have worked consistently on the ongoing peace and reconciliation process, on the passing away of Saw David Htaw. On different occasions during the past decades I had the opportunity to meet David, a true statesman and a humble leader not only of the Karen political movement but a committed fighter for the liberty, rights and freedom of all people exploited, excluded and dominated by the ruling class of Burma. My heartfelt condolences to his family.

—Myo Nyunt

KIO Accept Ruili Venue for Peace Talks

Gun Maw and his colleagues know what they are doing of course. Peace is non-negotiable for all people in Burma, and sincerity is the cornerstone in laying the foundation for lasting peace in Burma, no doubt.
Give and take—some say horse trading—are part and parcel of all negotiations as well of course.
However, the KIA should not give up their principles in peace talks with Thein Sein’s lot. Remember to fight another day and die another day should be the policy to uphold and the right thing to do at the moment as well. And men die only once. Only losers die a thousand times.
—George Than Setkyar Heine

OIC Blasts Burma Govt

To all OIC member countries: This is OUR country, our land, our sovereignty. It is the prerogative of our country whether to accept you or not. We do not need to answer you nor do we need to give any explanation why we do not allow you to open the OIC office. If you all love and are so concerned with those Bengalis, please feel free to take them home. We will be very much obliged for that.

—A Little Bit Better Than an Idiot

Pentagon Rules Out Military Ties with Burma

Having a good relationship will help economics, social, politics and military. Nothing wrong with that. Instead of having relationships with North Korea and Communist China, why not with USA, Australia, Canada and Europe? No government is a perfect government but USA and the Europe are different from N Korea and China. As human beings, some US soldiers committed mistakes, but they have been paying for it. Many American soldiers are behind bars because they committed crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. This kind of government is what we need in Burma. No one must be above the law including the President and a Private (Ordinary Soldier).


President Yields to Protesters, Says No to OIC Office

The separation of State and Religion is a fundamental tenet of a modern democracies.

—Adam Onge