What Our Readers Say

By The Irrawaddy 28 April 2012

UNHCR and Govt Discuss IDP Resettlement

This is crazy by the UNHCR. Why can’t it wait for one more year after the ceasefires? Has political stability been restored? How about Kachin State? The battles from this area are just starting to reach a turning point. Yes, only one thing is possible. Just repatriate all Burma Army soldiers from ethnic soil war zones to Naypyidaw. Then there will be peace immediately.—Chan Mon

Suu Kyi Hopeful Oath Issue Will Soon Be Resolved

Hindstrom wrote “The NLD has taken the strategic decision to enter politics; now they must start thinking like politicians.” This statement is a huge over-simplification of the issues at stake. Did the government not change the wording in the final hour? To me, there seems like no better time to take a stand on an important issue while the world is watching. How can the NLD legally fight to change a flawed Constitution when they have sworn to protect it? If they accept it then when they enter Parliament they won’t have the leverage that exists now with the Western media closely watching. In this case timing is everything. DASSK is thinking like a politician, one that firmly stands behind the basic principles of the thousands who voted for her because they believed she alone could bring change to the country.—Dave Bourne

Firms Look Abroad to Plunder SEA Rivers

The cheapest commodity in China is human life and the merciless communist regime is ready to risk Myanmar peoples’ lives as well as the lives of animal inhabitants to build dams to fulfill their energy needs, regardless of ecological and environmental disasters. But the present military-led government is equally responsible to rescue our country from cruel destruction as they are always saying in a loud manner about internal and external enemies of Myanmar.—M Haji

Human Rights Experts Urge US Not to Drop Sanctions

The US’s positive engagement with Thein Sein clearly condemn the Kachins. Thein Sein now assumes that he has been given a freehand to commit a genocidal war in Kachin State. The Kachins are defending their ancestors’ land and their people—their family alone. The brutal monster army of Thein Sein is now about to gulp down the Kachins. Better to be living under the military dictators than under Thein Sein’s democratic guise brutal government. Under the military dictators, we at least can sleep well.—Uraw Gam

Judicial Corruption Inquiry Approved by Parliament

Under this fake democratic government, everything is still fake—including the judicial branch. We need democratically elected representatives with no soldiers in the houses.—Mualcin

Three Hurt in Kachin State Bomb Blast

Without knowing the responsible group/person, how can the Burmese government blame the KIA? The Burmese government has been the group which has always planted bombs in the past.—Mualcin

Burma Could Be Next Asian Tiger: UN Adviser

Hello Mr. Nambiar—This must be a joke. How much did you get paid from the Thein Sein government for making this comment? When? Next millennium? Are you trying to get attention from foreign countries to do investment in Burma. So far, I see the blood-thirsty Chinese and Indian demons are the two foreign countries which are willing to invest in Burma. I am not surprised what kind of advisers are working for the UN. There is no credible political system, no infrastructure, no reliable banking system, no solid and decent education system, no justice, no transparency, no accountability, no basic human rights, and no corruption controls in Burma. How can you say that Burma will be next Asian Tiger? Please use your brain, not just your eyes and ears to make this kind of comment again.—KKK

NMSP Looks to Sell Import Licenses

The NMSP have failed to protect the Mon people. Most of the leaders of the NMSP have nothing to do with Mon affairs now. They are mostly focusing on personal business.—Tom Mya

Ban Ki-moon to Visit Burma to Observe ‘Transition’

Ban Ki-moon’s upcoming visit has little value—he has not been influential in bringing about change and he will not in the future. So what’s his point of going other than to get a free tour of Rangoon? “Observe” the transition? What a lame excuse. You are not needed.—Ttnut