What Our Readers Say

By The Irrawaddy 13 October 2012

Can Suu Kyi Lead?

Right on the money, as far as the need to begin to nurture future leaders of her party. But, then, we must not forget that she has been under house arrest for so many years and out and about for less than two years, moving from the world of hope and admiration as a democracy icon to the world of realpolitik, learning the ropes along the way—the art of diplomacy and how to be a good politician in trying to lead the country and the people towards a democratic goal. It’s a tall order for her or anyone, in making it work.

Let us give her due support and some time and a good dose of patience in her endeavor to make Burma the peaceful and prosperous nation it deserves to be.

—KM Htay

Rakhine Women, Monks Protest OIC

The lack of self determination on the land of the ethnic peoples will always cause this kind of protest and civil disobedience in Burma. The federal government is supposed to tackle the border security, but Rakhine affairs must be decided by the Rakhines alone, not by Thein Sein or Naypyidaw.


Veteran Journalist Gets First Burma Visa in More than 20 Years

All should warmly welcome Bertil Lintner’s return to Burma.  He is one of the very few legitimate experts on that country. His sympathies for the aspirations and concerns for all Union residents have never beclouded the accuracy of his observations or the soundness of his judgments.  I for one look forward to reading more of them.


‘I Have the Courage to be President’: Suu Kyi

So much to do, so little done!

—Terry Evans

Exiled Comrade Dies

[Kyaw Zaw] lived to a ripe old age like Ne Win, his erstwhile comrade in arms and commander, but what a difference. Selfless, dedicated, and deeply patriotic, he never wavered in his political convictions and sense of duty to the Burmese people he loved. One of the giants of his generation and a great role model to the younger generations, his devout Buddhist upbringing and Marxist beliefs were perfectly compatible. Kudos to him and sincere condolences to the family. He now belongs to the pantheon of Burma’s heroes along with Thakin Kodaw Hmaing and Aung San. May he rise to the higher planes of existence and reach Nibbana.

—Moe Aung

‘Abu Ghraib’ Case Pending in Myitkyina

This new government is the same as the last government. They’ve just changed some of their rules to attract global attention, including relaxing media controls. That’s why you can see this kind of news. You can change your outside appearance, but you can’t change inside blood. From the top to the bottom, they are all the same blood. When the opposition party wins in the election, then we can call this is a new government.


Letpadaung Farmers to Sue Copper Mine

We all have to stand up for our birthrights or another generation of Burmese people will suffer. Our farmers in the Letpadaung area of Sagaing Division have been put in harm’s way constantly for the last two decades. Putting profit before our ordinary people is totally disgusting.

We all have to fight back against these injustices. If we don’t defend our rights and fight against land grabs by military cronies, we will all become modern slaves in the new democratic country of Burma. Stand up against all forms of modern slavery!

—The Burmese Freedom Fighter

Abducted Kachin Woman was Murdered, Says Lawyer

No one is above the law. If the Burmese judicial system is fair and independent, it must answer this call—and not only this one. How many murders remain unaccounted for in war-torn remote areas, committed by both the Burmese military and rebel? The judicial system should not yield to anyone.