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By The Irrawaddy 29 September 2012

Thein Sein Congratulates Suu Kyi, Asks UN for Patience
It sounds uplifting and up-beat for the current rulers, but it’s not fast enough for Burmese people to meet the speed of his reform process to democracy. The civil-war is still ongoing, political prisoners are still behind bars for their beliefs, the farmers are losing their farm-lands; the restrictions are still very harsh on the birth right of freedom of assembly, peaceful protests and freedom of speech. The commitment of Burmese armed forces to reform process is still very vague and unpredictable.
U Thein Sein still needs to speed up his reform process by releasing all the political prisoners, lifting the travel ban restrictions on all Burmese citizens, implementing a timeframe for the nationwide ceasefires by seeking help and assistance from NLD and 88 Generation group, and creating a higher proportion of jobs in Burma.
The Burmese Freedom Fighter

‘I Didn’t Threaten Anyone’ Says USDP Gen-Sec
If USDP cannot tolerate disagreement in the party, it is still behaving and thinking like a dictatorship. Agreement must be achieved from disagreements. Disagreement must be respected in a democratic society.

After Decades of Waiting, Refugees Grow Anxious about Return
Kawthulay, the land of quiet, peaceful, lovely lives may be lost forever.
The Burmese army will not move at all to start with. Even if they do (which is never), the KNU deal is surely to “develop” the land. Nowadays, around the world, the word development is a code word for multinational companies to come in and do whatever they want to do and dictate to all the inhabitants where to live and how to live. They by default own the land, air, water and all the animal and human inhabitants. Sort of modern-day slavery, just more intense but with the added bonus of being able to watch the endless re-runs of “Friends” and “Two and a half men” on latest model Smart TV while drinking real Coke texting on 4G to someone you never met!!!
In short, you can leave America, but America will never leave you alone any more. The current talks, one has to remember, are between one gun-carrying group and another gun-carrying group. There is no one with true community or egalitarian spirit there. Take the guns away and they are simply mud.”Money talks” among the gunners. That’s all.

Arakan Public Forum Draws 3,000 Spectators
It’s a relief that people are at last talking about coexistence and beginning to discuss this (or at least, have talks about talks)… but are the *ahem* ‘other community’ involved in these discussions? From the article, it sounds like they aren’t. Why not?
Dave 1789

Chin Protesters Demand Closure of CNF Liaison Office
The majority of Tedim townspeople welcome the CN Liaison Office to be opened in their town. That is why the CNF and the government finally agreed to open it. But there are still a few people who oppose this program. I think it’s OK to protest and show off their intention in a democratic country as long as they do not disrupt peace and tranquility. These people will eventually understand that the CNF is truly working for all the Chin tribes and the betterment of Burma.
Myatye Moe

Lifting Burma Import Ban Close: US Official
Even though they’ve eased on sanctions, and there is a lot of activities all over the world that the cronies are taking full advantage of by legalizing their money. This is totally beneficial for them but not for our country. Not yet, but it could be, who knows? Years later. For now, everything is for the benefit of the junta and its cronies. Totally a ‘Win-Win’ situation for them.
Suu Maung