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By The Irrawaddy 4 August 2012

Rohingya Issue Politicized by Foreigners: Govt

Mr. Aung Soe,

We Muslims in Myanmar are not with you illegal immigrants Bengali trouble makers. Period.
If you hate our country so much, then please surrender your illegally obtained Myanmar ID card and leave.
—Ne Htun

Rohingyas were recognised by the late Burmese Prime Minister U Nu as an ethnic group. Mind you, he was the only truly popularly elected democratic prime minister in the whole history of Burma. Their ethnic status was rudely revoked by the illegal “President” Ne Win. Sadly, some Burmese people have a penchant for rewriting history as they wish, following the tradition of General Ne Win.

Rohingyas used to have their own newspapers and they had a niche in state-owned Burmese broadcasting service, where only “major” ethnic races had the right to air programs. After their rights had been revoked, they turned to international media to present their grievances and “propaganda” to the world.
—David Abercrombie

What is the problem with the Myanmar army killing Muslim Rohingya? The Myanmar army kills everyone whether they are Muslims or Buddhists or Christians. Look at what is happening in other parts of the country. They even killed Buddhist monks right in the capital. After killing Rohingya the army will turn the gun on the Arakanese. Myanmar government’s claim is right—this is not about religion or race.
—Nyi Nyi

Review—Yangon: a City to Rescue

Dear Sai Lang Kham,
You are right. We have used a lot of photo processing on purpose. We wanted these images to be as dramatic as possible to move the viewers into action. See them all here: http://www.jjmcphoto.com/gallery/
—Jacques Maudy

These images, wonderful though they are, are not “as would be seen by the human eye.” They appear to be HDR (High Dynamic Range) images which are usually created by combining several images in specialist software.

Nevertheless they do publicize architecture which should be preserved rather than being torn down and replaced. The buildings of Yangon are unique in Southeast Asia and their conservation should not be overlooked in the rush to “modernize.”
—Sai Lang Kham

MPs Call for Complete Education Reform

Education is the first priority for every nation. Good education means good government, and if the country’s education system is good, then that country has a bright future. If the country has a bad education system, then that government is killing the future generation.
—Ko Khine

Burmese Officials Told to Declare Assets

First make everything transparent. The new government should announce official financial statements to the public. Government financial statements should be available for individual citizens to see on request. At the same time, the government should raise the salaries of government officials because current salaries are not realistic. It is too low for them to survive on without a second income.

The government also needs to investigate and confiscate all the assets of the generals and their cronies who got their wealth through corruption.

In other words, the entire cabinet, including the president, will have to voluntarily resign from their posts or end up in jail.
—M Haji

Why Burma’s Opposition Is Playing with Fire

Her father called us Burmese lazy, sleazy, dishonest, backward-thinking people in speech after speech. Yet it seems the whole country applauded him then and has never stopped loving him since.
—Chris Jericho

VP Nomination Delay Stirs Rumor Mill

It is easy to predict who will be the next V.P. Who is the most hard line among the names being floated?

—Nyi Nyi

Two Rangoon Journals Suspended Indefinitely

The illegal and underground publishing of all suppressed nations represents the most outstanding monuments to the people’s relentless struggle for freedom of expression.
—Terry Evans

It is wrong. If the journals violate the law, file a lawsuit and let the court decide. Suspending by censorship board, we no longer want to hear it again and again. It is still Dictatorship Way of Life.

Singapore Firm to Help Raise Sunken Bell

Good things happening. There were bells in the Irrawaddy but nobody heard them ringing. Till the big change in Myanmar came along.
This is a good omen. I am sure the Irrawaddy Media will be very proud because you chose the best name ever.
—Win Naing

Shan Peace Elusive Despite Ceasefire

Ceasefire mean let’s take a break and reload. It’s not a resolution