War in Kachin

By The Irrawaddy 14 January 2013

Ethnic Groups Want to Hold Kachin Peace Meeting Abroad

A coalition of Burma’s armed ethnic groups wants to meet with the government in a foreign country next month to negotiate in the Kachin conflict.

Kachin Activists, Monks Begin 2-Month March

The peaceful protesters are walking to the town of Laiza in a demonstration against the continuing conflict in Burma’s northernmost state.

Despite Donor Love-in and Ceasefire Pledge, Kachin War Continues

Fighting raged near Laiza over the weekend, even as the government was telling international donors at a two-day conference that it would end the conflict.

Kachin Conflict a Conundrum for China

Chinese officials visited Burma to discuss the Kachin conflict that is raging near its border. The situation concerns China, but it lacks a clear response.

Fierce Clashes Continue at Kachin Hilltop Outpost

Fierce combat between Burmese government and Kachin rebels continued this weekend, despite the government’s ceasefire announcement. The Irrawaddy’s Steve Tickner photographed the front line clashes.

‘We’re Not Targeting Civilians’

President’s Office spokesperson Ye Htut tells The Irrawaddy why Burma’s armed forces is using airstrikes against the KIA, and why some refugees aren’t getting aid.

China Grows Wary as Kachin Conflict Intensifies

Authorities in China’s Yunnan Province are watching warily as the conflict in neighboring Kachin State raises fears of a crisis on the Sino-Burmese border.

Suu Kyi Says Kachin War Should ‘Stop Immediately’

Responding to criticism of her silence on the conflict in Kachin State, opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi urges an immediate end to the fighting.

Kachin Villagers Recall Terror of Laiza Shelling

Still in a state of shock, Sau Nam explains how she and her son nearly lost their lives when an artillery strike hit on Monday.

Airstrikes, Ground Fighting Continue Near Laiza

The Burmese government launched ground and air assaults on Kachin rebels near Laiza Tuesday. Elsewhere, three children of displaced villagers died when a bunker collapsed.

Tangled Webs: Kachin, Arakan, Cronies and The Lady

Burma’s pro-democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi is becoming increasingly entangled in the rights abuses and dirty deals that have long defined her country’s image.

Kachin Conflict Scenes

This video footage shows causalities of recent heavy fighting between ethnic Kachin rebels and the Burmese government. On Monday, three civilians were killed after the two artillery strikes hit the center of Laiza, the headquarters of the Kachin Independence Army.

US Limits Criticism after Laiza Shelling

The US has stopped short of criticizing the Burmese government over its handling of the Kachin conflict, despite growing concerns over local Kachin civilians’ safety.

Burma Military Not Responsible for Laiza Shelling: Govt Official

A government official has denied that the Burmese army is responsible for an artillery strike on Monday that killed three Kachin civilians and injured four.

Shelling Brings Horror of War to Laiza Civilians

Burmese army artillery strikes kill three civilians and injured four others in Laiza. The Irrawaddy’s photographer Steve Tickner was on the scene to cover events.

Burma Army Strike Hits Laiza, Three Civilians Killed

A Burmese government artillery attack on Laiza town on Monday morning kills three civilians, including one teenager, initial reports say, while four others are injured.

US Should ‘Stop Genocide’ in Burma, Kachin Americans Say

Scores of protesters rally over the weekend at the White House, urging US President Barack Obama to intervene as war escalates in north Burma.

Burmese Govt Helicopter Crashes in Kachin State

Kachin ethnic rebels battling the government in northern Burma say they have shot down a military helicopter, but the army says it crashed due to engine failure.

Video Footage Shows Grim Warfare in Kachin State

The Irrawaddy has obtained recent video footage that shows the heavy fighting between ethnic Kachin rebels and the Burmese government that occurred early January.

KIA Willing to Hold Talks: 88 Generation Group

The Kachin Independence Army is willing to hold conditional peace talks with the Burmese government, the 88 Generation Students group says, quoting a KIA general.

Chinese Kachin Protest against Burma’s Kachin War

Hundreds of Chinese ethnic Kachin gathered in a town at Yunnan Province’s border with Burma to demonstrate against the ongoing war in Kachin State.

Kachin Groups Urge US, Suu Kyi to Stop Kachin War

Overseas Kachin groups have urged the US and opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi to pressure the Burmese government to end fighting in Kachin State.

US Ambassador Conveys Urgent Concern Over Kachin

As the government army continues air attacks, America’s top diplomat in Burma says he has spoken with the country’s top-brass leaders.

Heavy Fighting Continues Near Laiza

Burmese government forces continue to shell the Kachin Independence Army stronghold of Laiza amid heavy fighting around two nearby Kachin rebel outposts.

Govt Troops Move Closer to Laiza, as Planes Pound Targets

Following its recent meeting with Burmese President Thein Sein, the new Karen National Union leadership says it is committed to achieving peace with the government.

Kachin Rebels Allege Govt Attack on Laiza

Kachin rebels in northern Burma accuse government troops of launching artillery attacks against their Laiza headquarters on Sunday, but no damage or casualties were reported.

Plight of Displaced Kachin Worsens, Aid Groups Warn

Kachins living in makeshift camps described their terror at the army’s use of air power during fighting with Kachin rebels seeking more autonomy.

After A Week of Airstrikes, Kachin Fighting Rages On

The Burmese government army conducted airstrikes on Kachin rebel positions for the seventh consecutive day on Thursday, but on Friday no more airstrikes were reported.

UK Joins International Criticism of Kachin Conflict

The UK joins the growing international criticism of the conflict between the Burmese army and Kachin rebels, saying it was “deeply concerned” about the fighting.

As War Escalates, Thein Sein Deserves No Peace Prize: Kachin Groups

Kachin civil society organizations urge the International Crisis Group to reconsider its decision to honor Burma’s president at an annual peace award dinner.

Kachin Rebels Allege New Airstrikes by Burma Army

Kachin ethnic rebels say air attacks by the Tatmadaw against them are continuing, but insist they still hold key positions protecting their main base.

Resisting Naypyidaw’s Imperialism

The conflict in Kachin State will only end when Burma abandons its imperialistic attitude toward ethnic minorities.

US, UN Urge Burma to Stop Air Strikes on Kachin Rebels

The United States and the United Nations express serious concern over the government army’s recent air strikes in Burma’s northernmost state.

Burma Military Admits Airstrikes against Kachin Rebels

Burma’s military finally acknowledges launching airstrikes against Kachin rebels and says it has captured a hilltop from where the insurgents had attacked government supply convoys.

Kachin War Strays to Chinese Soil

As fighting heats up in northern Burma, local reporters and ethnic rebels say the government army has hit China’s Yunnan Province with rocket fire.

As War Intensifies, Tough Times for Kachin Women

Female soldiers in the Kachin Independence Army, and women throughout Burma’s northernmost region, make sacrifices and face daily struggles as an 18-month conflict escalates

The Killing in Kachin State Must Stop

Until Burma’s government calls the armed forces to heel, the country’s prospects of achieving lasting peace and progress look dim.

Update: KIA Under Heavy Attack Near Headquarters

The government’s army launches a mass air assault with five jet fighters and two helicopters near rebel headquarters in Laiza.

Far From Home, Arakan Rebels Fight on Kachin Frontline

Buddhist Arakanese are fighting alongside the mostly Christian Kachin against a majority-Buddhist Burma Army in the country’s far north.

One Dead, Three Hurt in Shelling Near KIA HQ

One man was killed and three people wounded after Burmese shelling close to Lajayang, a Kachin Independence Army outpost about 10 miles from Laiza.

18 Months into War, Life’s a Struggle in Kachin Camps

For many of the 100,000 or so displaced in Burma’s northernmost state, supplies are running low as daily clashes continue.

KIA Rebels Defend Their Headquarters

Near the road from Laiza, a KIA soldier points to the ground. “One Tatmadaw buried here,” he says, “two buried here, and 12 buried here.”

On Christmas, Burma Army’s Order Like a Call to War: Observers

As government troops tell armed rebels to leave their strategic position in Kachin State, an already bloody conflict seems poised to escalate.

No Christmas Armistice in Kachin State

Christmas lights are draped over buildings in Burma’s northernmost state, where the largely Christian population sees little solace amid a bloody civil war.

Govt Offers KIA Peace Talks amid Fighting

Despite fierce fighting with the Kachin Independence Army, the Burmese government suggests another round of peace talks in early January.