Three Escapees Shot Dead in Failed Kyauk Mae Jailbreak

By Zarni Mann 28 July 2014

MANDALAY — Three people were shot dead and at least five police were injured on Saturday when detainees at a police station in Kyauk Mae, northern Shan State, attempted to escape, according to a local source.

A person who lives close to Kyuak Mae police station told The Irrawaddy that detainees faked a fight in the detention room, and then attacked police officers who came to break up the altercation.

“It was at about 7pm. They attacked the police and the police first fired warning shots,” said the person, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“They tried to escape and three detainees were shot dead. Later, seven detainees who tried to escape were apprehended, and the police charged them with hurting the police officers and trying to escape from detention.”

According to the source, the chief of the police station was seriously injured and receiving treatment at Mandalay General Hospital.

Among those detained were about 10 people who were apprehended in recent weeks for drug offences, the source said.