Suu Kyi Calls for ‘Clean Politics’ in 70th Birthday Message

By The Irrawaddy 19 June 2015

RANGOON—Burma’s opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has used a video message recorded for her 70th birthday on Friday to call for ‘clean politics’ ahead of the general election this year.

In the 10-minute, Burmese language message posted on the National League for Democracy Facebook page, Suu Kyi thanked the public for their support and urged them to act lawfully and in unity to ensure Burma’s stability and development.

“Please don’t cheat people. Please avoid dishonest means for your party’s success. This year is very important,” she said.

The Nobel laureate said that the poll would determine the future of the country for the years to come and the country was at a crossroads on par with that of 1947’s independence declaration.

“How the election will be held, what the results will be and what Burma will look like after the elections will decide Burma’s future for years to come, not only for this year,” she said. “People will have to decide which road they want Burma to take. Please take a long view, whatever you do.”

She added that she has learned after near 30 years on the political stage that every person had an ability to make a contribution to their country and the world.

“Whether you are in a humble or high position, please think seriously about what you could do for the country. Don’t think about what you need. Think about the people around you, the world and mankind. We can’t be isolated from the outside world,” she said. “If I get the chance to live for another 20 years, I want to see Burma developed and I want the Burmese people to be respected by the world.”

Suu Kyi will celebrate her birthday in Naypyidaw today before traveling to Rangoon for a meeting of the NLD central executive committee on Saturday.