Sagaing Resistance Groups Target Myanmar Junta Militias

By Hein Htoo Zan 27 January 2023

Resistance groups in Sagaing Region have attacked the junta-allied Pyu Saw Htee militia, including a failed assassination attempt on a monk who organized pro-regime forces.

Resistance forces said they killed at least 34 Pyu Saw Htee members.

On Saturday, Taze Revolution Force (TRF) and other groups attempted to assassinate U Wah Thawa, a monk in Kantbula who led the Pyu Saw Htee in the township.

The resistance groups attacked his vehicle with a remote-controlled bomb between Hmaw Taw to Taw Ka Shat villages. The TRF said the monk was in a different vehicle. A militia member was injured in the attack.

Resistance groups in Shwebo Township attacked a Pyu Saw Htee base in Tal Thee Taw village on Sunday.

Resistance groups, including Shwebo People’s Defense Force (PDF), the Northern Brotherhood Alliance Squad and Flying Dragon Force, were involved.

“The Pyu Saw Htee base in Tal Thee Taw village was led by a retired soldier and a militia leader, Maung San. We seized the camp, killed 20 Pyu Saw Htee members and injured 15,” said Bo Kyar Yine of Shwebo PDF.

The resistance fighters said they retreated in the evening without suffering any casualties.

The Irrawaddy could not independently verify the reports.

On Monday resistance troops in Pale Township attacked a Pyu Saw Htee base in Zee Pyu Kone village and killed at least four militia members, according to the Yoma Yarzar resistance group.

On Wednesday Shwebo PDF attacked a Pyu Saw Htee base in Myin See village in the township, which was led by an ex-soldier, Htay Aung Oo.

There were more than 30 militia members in the village and the resistance groups said at least 10 were killed.

“Two of our members were injured and we killed at least 10 and detained others,” said Bo Kyar Yine.