Sagaing Resistance Groups Hail River Attacks on Myanmar Junta

By Hein Htoo Zan 6 January 2023

Resistance groups in Kani Township, Sagaing Region, say they attacked a Myanmar junta supply ship and motorboat this week, killing at least 25 troops.

Kyauk Lone Gyi People’s Defense Force (PDF), the Anti-Dictatorship People’s Revolution Army (DRPA) and Saya San PDF attacked a supply ship stranded near Nyaung Pin Wun village on the Chindwin River on Tuesday.

Five ships used to transport troops were nearby but the resistance groups said they targeted the supply ship carrying around 20 soldiers.

The resistance groups killed 19 troops and one escaped, the groups claimed.

“They no longer use roads to supply troops in our township and rely on the waterways instead,” said Ko Sitt Min Naing of Kyauk Lone Gyi PDF.

Rice bags and bulletproof vests seized from the regime’s supply ship.

Junta ships often dock at villages and troops seize villagers because of alleged resistance sympathies and torch homes, he added.

Ko Sitt Min Naing said two days of strikes on junta boats had been effective, gaining a competitive edge over the regime forces.

Resistance fighters said they seized bags of rice and other essentials from the boat before sinking it.

On Wednesday resistance groups said they attacked a surveillance motorboat near Moat Htaw village and killed six troops during an hour’s fighting. One soldier escaped. The groups said they sank the boat.

At least two supply ships have been seized on the Chindwin in Kani Township and several boats have been sunk in the last year, according to the DRPA.