Resistance Kills 20 Myanmar Junta Troops in Magwe: Claim

By The Irrawaddy 9 June 2022

Around 20 Myanmar regime troops were reportedly killed in ambushes by the Yaw People Defense Force (PDF) in Gangaw Township, Magwe Region, on Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning, PDFs ambushed a military detachment of 150 troops and Pyu Saw Htee pro-regime militia members between Ye Hla and Hmawe Lal villages in the north of the township.

The PDFs said they used landmines, heavy weapons and drones to attack.

An aerial Hyper UAV Force video from the ambush shows the troops being attacked with bombs dropped by drones.

During 90 minutes of fighting about 15 regime troops were killed while many others were wounded, said Yaw Regional PDF Alliance (YRPA).

It said five troops were also killed when PDFs ambushed the same military detachment between Hmawe Lal and Yay Shin village in the afternoon.

The regime is largely confined to Gangaw town and struggles to control rural areas of the township, Ko Yaw Lay, a YRPA leader, told The Irrawaddy on Thursday.

Currently, three military detachments are operating in the township.

“We are resisting troops without proper weapons and ammunition,” said Ko Yaw Lay.

He urged the civilian National Unity Government and ethnic armed groups to provide proper weapons and commanders to the Yaw resistance.

The regime uses 120mm artillery, armored vehicles and helicopters against Yaw PDFs, which are mostly armed with homemade weapons, said Ko Yaw Lay.

On Saturday, eight regime soldiers from a convoy of 70 troops were killed by YPDF mines in Gangaw.

Between June 2 and 4, more than 120 houses were burned down when regime troops torched five villages on the Pale-Gangaw highway in the township. Since then at least 15 civilians, including a disabled person, have been detained by junta soldiers.

The military regime is committing war crimes and crimes against humanity with arbitrary arrests and killings, using human shields, shelling residential areas and looting and burning houses nearly every day, especially in Magwe and Sagaing regions and Chin, Kachin, Shan, Kayah and Karen states.

The regime faces daily attacks from PDFs and ethnic armed groups across the country.

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