Resistance Groups Reports Over 30 Myanmar Junta Deaths

By The Irrawaddy 19 April 2022

More than 30 Myanmar junta soldiers were killed in two ambushes in Pale Township, Sagaing Region, on Monday, a resistance group claimed.

The Myanmar Royal Dragon Army (MRDA) said it twice ambushed around 100 regime soldiers approaching a village in Pale.

At least three junta soldiers were killed in the first ambush and around 30 in the second, according to the group. It said two resistance fighters were injured.

MRDA leader Bo Nagar told The Irrawaddy that the estimate of junta deaths was based on the accounts of resistance fighters.

He said junta soldiers burned their comrades’ corpses and torched civilian houses when they left the village.

Fighting continued on Tuesday morning and junta aircraft were reported in the area.

Bo Nagar used to be the leader of the Pale People’s Defense Force, has inflicted casualties on the regime troops in the area since last year. He became the commander of the MRDA since its formation early this year to accelerate attacks on regime targets.

Since seizing power on Feb. 1 last year, the junta has killed at least 1,769 people, including more than 100 children and arrested more than 13,000 people.

The regime has burned down at least 9,187 civilian homes, with the resistance stronghold of Sagaing Region suffering the heaviest damage, according to the independent research group Data for Myanmar. 

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