Protest Fatalities at Hands of Myanmar Military Regime Now Stand at 327

By The Irrawaddy 26 March 2021

The deadly numbers keep climbing.

After seven more people were killed by security forces of Myanmar’s military regime on Friday and late Thursday night, the country’s protest-related death toll has reached 327.

As of early evening Thursday, the death toll stood at 320 people killed by the security forces of Myanmar’s military regime, according to the Assistance association for Political Prisoners (AAPP).

But four more were shot to death Friday, and three others were killed late Thursday night, bringing the current total to 327.

On Friday, security forces seized ambulances before opening fire on anti-regime protesters and bystanders in Tanintharyi Region’s Myeik Township.

At least four people were killed and at least two dozen were injured during the deadly crackdown. Several protesters were arrested.

Local residents told news media that security forces used two ambulances owned by the fire service department during the assault on protesters.

A rescue worker told The Irrawaddy on Friday that the anti-regime demonstrations were attacked Friday afternoon after they raised “the black flag.”

Videos show the body of an anti-regime protester being loaded onto a military truck and several people being beaten by security forces while being loaded onto a prison transport vehicle.

On Thursday night, two people were killed by security forces during a crackdown on night-time anti-regime protests in Yangon’s South Dagon Township. Several people were also injured in the shooting.

In addition, one man was shot dead and at least seven people were injured by gunfire from security forces against the residents in Sagaing Region’s Tamu Township on Thursday night.

Amid the intensified deadly crackdowns, tens of thousands of people across Myanmar have been taking to the streets day and night to show their defiance of the military regime.

Meanwhile, thousands of government staff and employees from the country’s essential business sectors are taking part in the nationwide civil disobedience movement by defying the military rules.

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