Police Arrest ATM Theft Suspect

By Hintharnee 1 June 2017

MOULMEIN, Mon State — Police have arrested a suspect in the case of several ATM withdrawals with a forged card from Ayeyarwady Bank branches in Moulmein.

“We arrested him around at his home around 7 p.m. on May 30. We seized a forged ATM card and a real ATM card from Ayeyarwady Bank,” police captain Maung Maung of the Moulmein Central Police Station confirmed.

After checking CCTV footage, police suspected Kaung Myat Ko Ko, 22, living in Moulmein’s Mayangone Township, and subsequently made the arrest. Police handed him over to the Criminal Investigation Department for further investigation.

Kaung Myat Ko Ko is suspected of withdrawing more than 1.5 million kyats (US$1,100) from Ayeyarwady Branch No. 1 on Strand Road as well as some 1.2 million kyats ($900) from Branch No. 2 in Zaykyo Ward between March and May.

The suspect was arrested one week after assistant general manager Daw Yu Yu Aung of Ayeyarwady Bank filed the case of theft and forgery with the township police station.

Police Captain Maung Maung said the suspect, if found guilty, was likely to be charged under the Electronic Transactions Law in addition to laws covering theft and forgery.