Nationalist Group Distributes Pamphlets Attacking Myanmar Govt in Mandalay

By De Hlaing Winn 8 October 2019

MANDALAY—Police are investigating the distribution of anti-government pamphlets in Maha Aung Myay Township in Mandalay.

Around 100 anti-government pamphlets were dropped along some of the busiest streets in Sein Pan Ward of Maha Aung Myay Township early on Monday morning, said a ward administrator.

“We are checking CCTV cameras to find out who dropped those papers,” said a Mandalay Police Force officer.

According to the text on the pamphlets, they were distributed by a group calling itself the All Myanmar People’s United Front To Fight All Forms of Repression.

The text on the pamphlets reads, “We don’t want a government that says one thing and does another, and doesn’t keep its promises; which appoints those who are not good at management.”

The group also accused the National League for Democracy (NLD)-led government of giving priority to issues concerning the “Kalar” (a racial slur for people of Indian origin, but which in a hate speech context mainly refers to Muslim people), and neglecting ethnic issues.

It also criticized the NLD government of failing to protect its own race and religion (Myanmar people and Buddhism), and oppressing nationalists who protect race and religion.

It also accused the government of paving the way for Rohingya to be able to live officially in Myanmar, in contrast to the efforts of all previous governments to prevent illegal immigration by Rohingya into the country.

While all sectors of the country lack development, the government only cares for increasing taxes to narrow the budget deficit, the pamphlet alleges.

The group called the current government corrupt, saying that while civil servants are imprisoned for bribery and corruption, ministers just need to resign and lawmakers just need to sign a pledge.

An NLD member reported the pamphlets to the police station after finding them scattered on the street.

On June 14 and Aug. 3, similar stickers were either dropped on streets or fixed to lampposts in downtown Mandalay.

Witnesses saw two bikers whose faces were covered with masks put up anti-government stickers in several places in Chan Mya Thazi Township on the evening of Aug. 3. Police have yet to identify them.

Authorities still have not been able to confirm what kind of organization the All Myanmar People’s United Front To Fight All Forms of Repression is.

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