Myint Swe's VP Bid Postponed

By The Irrawaddy 17 July 2012

The nomination process for appointing Myint Swe as vice-president of Burma looks likely to be postponed as it appears at least one of his direct family members hold foreign citizenship, according to sources close to the presidential office.

One of Myint Swe’s children now reportedly lives in Australia and has become an Australian citizen. According to Burma’s 2008 Constitution, any Burmese national whose relatives are foreign citizens or hold foreign citizenship is not qualified to serve as president or vice-president.

Military appointees in Parliament on July 10 nominated ex-general Myint Swe, the chief minister of Rangoon Division, to be the new vice-president following the resignation of Tin Aung Myint Oo earlier this month. A parliamentary committee was formed to oversee the process for nominating a new vice-president.

Myint Swe became the chief minister for Rangoon Division after the 2012 general elections. Since early 2000s, he has held several key positions in Rangoon Division. A graduate of the 15th intake of the Defense Services Academy in 1971, Myint Swe, an ethnic Mon, rose steadily through the ranks to become commander of Light Infantry Division 11, which oversees security in Rangoon.