Myanmar's Veteran Student Leaders Demand Boycott of Myanmar Military Businesses

By The Irrawaddy 5 February 2021

YANGON — Myanmar’s long-respected former student leaders have called for people to take multiple approaches, including a boycott of military-run businesses, to oppose military rule.

Praising the ongoing civil disobedience movements, like the refusal by government staff to work for the military regime, Ko Min Ko Naing and Ko Jimmy of the 88 Generation Peace and Open Society said strikes by farmers, students, workers and other groups are on the way.

People must find other ways to reduce military revenue, they said in a statement.

The military is involved in areas like banking, breweries, buses, telecoms, tobacco and TV channels.

“People should stop using their services and boycott shops where their products are sold,” said the leaders.

Since Monday’s coup, people across the country have expressed their opposition to the takeover in different ways.

Ministerial staff and students launched a red-ribbon campaign against the coup and citizens have banged pots and pans at 8pm every night since Tuesday to oppose military rule.

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