Myanmar’s Civilian President Warns NUG Ministers not to Raise False Hopes

By The Irrawaddy 30 November 2022

Myanmar’s civilian National Unity Government (NUG) Acting President Duwa Lashi La cautioned ministers and deputies on Tuesday not to raise false hopes among the Myanmar people.

“We cannot forget that the citizens of Myanmar, both at home and abroad, are the primary source of support for the revolution and that it is difficult for governments that lack the support of the public to survive long-term,” Duwa Lashi La told the NUG’s cabinet on Tuesday.

The acting president told cabinet members that while it is important to gather public support and admiration, they need to restrain themselves from raising expectations that don’t match reality.

His warning came after some NUG ministers and deputy ministers drew criticism for extravagant or irrelevant public comments such as boasting about how resistance fighters have access to sophisticated arms like anti-aircraft weapons, or saying that the revolution is going to be won quickly and that resistance forces are preparing to launch attacks on towns, so civilians need to prepare emergency supplies.

A few NUG ministers have been condemned for making comments on issues outside their official remit, especially comments on defense and military strategy issues.

Duwa Lashi La has previously reminded ministers and deputies to stay grounded and not to toy with public opinion or let themselves become detached from the realities of the situation in Myanmar.

The majority of Myanmar’s people regard the NUG as their legitimate government. The NUG was formed in April last year and is largely made up of elected lawmakers from the ousted National League for Democracy government and their ethnic minority allies. Some NUG officials are operating outside Myanmar working to achieve diplomatic recognition for the NUG, while others operate inside the country.

With no material support from the international community, the NUG is entirely dependent on public donations to fund the revolution.

The military regime has branded the NUG a terrorist organization.