Myanmar Urban Guerrillas Launch New Anti-Regime Attacks in Yangon

By The Irrawaddy 21 April 2022

Urban guerrilla forces in Yangon have conducted over a dozen attacks in 11 townships over the last two weeks, killing at least seven people including an army major, soldiers, police and a junta-appointed local administrator.

Yangon resistance groups under the control of the National Unity Government’s (NUG) Southern Military Command launched their latest anti-regime operation, named Nan Htike Aung, following the completion of their first operation, dubbed Pyan Hlwar Aung, on April 7. 

Since then, at least 15 guerrilla attacks have been carried out on junta bases, military convoys, security outposts, military-owned businesses and administrative targets.

The operation heated up a few days after its start, with a deadly attack on junta security forces manning an outpost at a residential compound on Inya Road where the junta-appointed ministers of Yangon Region live. At least one policeman was killed and several others wounded.

On April 10, Major Kaday Phyo Aung, the military administration officer for Yangon’s Lanmadaw Township was killed.

Other significant attacks of Operation Nan Htike Aung include an attack on a military convoy in Kawhmu Township on April 15 that killed one regime soldier and injured several more, a bomb attack on regime forces in Thaketa Township which reportedly killed two soldiers, the bombing of a Myanmar Beer factory in Mingaladon Township, and the shooting of a junta-appointed hundred household chief in South Dagon Township.

Following the junta’s brutal crackdowns on anti-coup protesters in March, regime targets in Yangon and other cities have been systematically attacked. Local administration offices have been burned down, junta collaborators killed and police stations and checkpoints attacked by guerrilla forces. The majority of Myanmar people have welcomed news of any losses suffered by the military regime. 

During Operation Pyan Hlwar Aung, 1,128 attacks were carried out on junta targets, resulting in 253 deaths and almost 300 junta personnel being wounded, including the Vice Governor of the regime-controlled Central Bank of Myanmar, according to the NUG’s Yangon Region Military Command.

Bo Moegyo, the spokesperson for the Yangon Region Military Command, told The Irrawaddy last week that they have prepared well for Operation Nan Htike Aung to be a success. 

“Under the operation, not only junta forces but anyone affiliated with the regime, including those who support the regime financially or work as informants, will be targeted,” he said.

Other guerrilla forces across southern Myanmar are also taking part in Operation Nan Htike Aung.

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