Myanmar Resistance Landmines Kill Junta Troops After Attack on Power Line

By The Irrawaddy 18 August 2021

Around seven junta soldiers were reportedly killed by landmines planted by the civilian resistance fighters from Shan and Kayah states while regime troops were inspecting a destroyed power cable in Shan State on Monday.

The People’s Defense Forces (PDF) in Pekon Township, Shan State, mined two pylons supporting power lines from Lawpita Hydropower Plant in Kayah State to military bases in Naypyitaw on August 12.

The two towers near the border of Pekon Township were blown up by resistance forces.

The PDF in Pekon and the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF) said the cable powers military bases in the capital.

PDF videos show the pylons falling after explosions at their base and the cables being cut by a man with a cutting tool.

Naypyitaw residents have not reported any power disruption at military bases.

On Monday, junta soldiers triggered PDF landmines near the destroyed pylons.

The KNDF told The Irrawaddy on Wednesday that there were at least seven military casualties.

The Irrawaddy was unable to independently confirm the figures.

The PDF said the area has seen heavy junta reinforcements.

On August 14, a fierce shootout occurred in the township when PDF from Pekon and Demoso and Moe Bye in Kayah State and personnel from the KNDF and Karenni Army, the armed wing of the Karenni National Progressive Party, attacked junta forces and the Pa-O National Organization (PNO) ahead of an alleged raid on the PDF in Pekon.

In the shootouts, 11 junta and PNO troops were reportedly killed.

On August 15, a fierce firefight occurred when the PDF ambushed around 400 junta reinforcements arriving in the township from Loikaw, Kayah State. The fighting resulted in many military casualties and a civilian fighter was injured, according to the PDF.

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