Myanmar Resistance Couple Die in Homemade Weapons Accident

By NORA 7 March 2023

A couple from a Sagaing Region resistance force died in a homemade weapons accident on Sunday.

The Myaung Township couple in their 20s were making bombs for drones.

“They were a married couple but they hadn’t held their wedding ceremony because they decided to celebrate their wedding after the revolution. I am really sorry for them,” said Bo Kyar Thit of the Civilian Defence and Security Organization of Myaung.

Ko Nway Oo from the organization said homemade weapons accidents are frequent, especially during testing.

“There have been multiple accidents. We have lost comrades while testing or using homemade weapons. We know there is no safety for us and cannot avoid these accidents. We risk our lives to protect our people,” Ko Nway Oo said.

Many Sagaing resistance groups make their own weapons and ammunition due to their limited funding and rising prices. Some resistance forces use unexploded junta shells.

In another accident, three resistance fighters in Ayadaw Township, about 40km from Myaung, died when salvaging a junta shell on February 27.

They found the 40mm shell near their village on February 26 and took it to their base.

“They knew how to handle the shell so it was a tragic accident. They were aged 18 to 20 and very hardworking. Losing our comrades broke my heart,” an Ayadaw resistance spokesman said.

He said their comrades are told not to use unexploded shells although he admitted that homemade weapons caused more accidents.

“We need to produce heavy weapons to compete with the regime. The larger the weapon, the higher the risk. We don’t have enough firearms or funding to buy weapons so we have to make on our own and take the risk,” he said.

Accidents caused by producing and testing homemade weapons killed at least 15 resistance members and injured about 30 in Myaung and Ayadaw townships last year, according to resistance forces.