Myanmar Regime Killed Over 110 Civilians Including 10 Children in January

By The Irrawaddy 7 February 2023

Myanmar junta forces killed more than 110 civilians including 10 children in January, said the civilian National Unity Government (NUG).

The NUG’s Ministry of Justice said in its latest report that 116 civilians died in regime attacks in January, while at least 37 more people were injured.

The resistance stronghold of Sagaing Region suffered the highest casualties with 80 dead, followed by Mandalay Region with 11 killed and Magwe Region with eight dead.

In addition, junta forces in January burned down nearly 5,100 civilian houses in Sagaing, Magwe, Mandalay and Tanintharyi regions and Chin, Mon and Kayin states, according to the NUG report.

Military regime troops and pro-junta militia have been stepping up their attacks on civilian targets in Sagaing especially. Some 4,700 civilian homes were torched in Sagaing last month.

Over 95 people were also arbitrarily arrested by the junta in January, added the NUG report.

The NUG’s Ministry of Justice said that it has collected evidence of war crimes, human rights violations, and crimes against humanity, so that the perpetrators can be brought to justice.

The ministry also called on the public and revolutionary groups to submit evidence of such crimes to them.

Myanmar has been in political, economic and social turmoil since the Myanmar military’s coup in February 2021. Faced with a nationwide rebellion against its rule, the merciless junta is continuing to use brutal and lethal crackdowns in an attempt to crush resistance.

Rights group the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) said that it had confirmed 2,954 civilian deaths since the military takeover, while over 17,668 people have been arrested by the regime.

AAPP added that the actual number of deaths and detentions are likely much higher and that it will continue to update the figures.